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i knew it
Posted 1/15/09

akosiedda wrote:

Okazu606 wrote:

akosiedda wrote:

Okazu606 wrote:

akosiedda wrote:

Kenshin1986 wrote:

akosiedda wrote:

maplesupersun wrote:

I don't really get this

then i'll get you. D:

okay lemme explain

everytime i post or quote, nobody responds.
and idk if you have jet lags, or just lazy, or idk!!

was that enough?

its cause ur posts sucks, get it?

no, it's because you touch yourself at night D:


Give us more material like this and we'll quote you all the time <3

in your pants :p
xD i am a minor

Your avatar says 18... >_> ?

13 here..
but don't mind it,...
i just don't want my parents knowing that i am on this site.


Posted 1/15/09
Too many quotes are the same as chatting. The forum is for discussion. Quoting is for agree, disagree, or adding extra detail. If you want to do some posting and getting a respond right away, go to the chat. It is created for that purpose

~ Locked
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