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Which of the memebers from KAT-TUN would u like for...?
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29 / F / Poland
Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09
I've been re-watching Cartoon KAT-TUN Show and there often is question which of members would you like for:
1. Husband
2. Lover
3. Brother
4. Cousin
5. Friend
6. Pet

and why...
So I'm curious what your answers would be ^^
as for me it would be:

1. Kame - it feels like he would take good care of me
2. Jin - he's sexy and it seems like he could make all dates memorable
3. Koki - he's like all boys in my family so we would have no problems with communicating, what's more he seems like guy who would help me when having problems
4. Ueda
5. Junnosuke - always there to listen to me and making me laugh, we would have good time together
6. Yuichi - uwa, so sweet, adorable :)

Dunno whether this topic is in some other forums so don't mind me repeating it.
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
he'll be a cool big bro and others will think "you have a HOT brother"

I'll be proud to have him as my cousin and I'm sure he'll lighten up reunions...

best friend- UEDA TATSUYA
I would like to have a weird but cool best friend once in a while.

when my friends walk into our house, they'll be welcomed by a RAPPING PARROT!

being with maru will surely be fun.. he'll know when to be sweet, when to say jokes and when will he lighten up the mood... and i surely like him

I LOVE HIM and I want to marry him
well... besides that... he seems responsible, sweet and understanding... I would love to call him "dear"
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29 / F / Uedas' Sparking W...
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/17/09
1. Husband: Ueda - Because he's my ichiban, duh? xp
2. Lover: Koki - He'd make one hell of a lover XD
3. Brother: Maru? - because he looks brotherly^^
4. Cousin: Kame - idk.....
5. Friend: Jin - I think he'd be awesome as a BF (best friend ROFL)
6. Pet: - JUNNO! XDDD who doesn't want this guy as a pet??
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28 / F
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
1. Husband- akanishi jin, for beautiful genes.. bwahahahahaha!!!!
2. Lover- kamenashi kazuya, he's a smexy teaser!!!! ahihihihi!!!
3. Brother- Maru, he's very nice to be a brother....
4. Cousin- ueda,,, i dunno why... maybe he's always be in this category on 100q of ctkt
5. Friend- junno,,, he'll surely make me laugh when i'm upset...
6. Pet- koki...
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24 / F / united arab emarites
Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
husband - J!N akanishi
lover - J!N akanishi
brother - J!N akanishi
cousin - J!N akanishi
friend - J!N akanishi
pet - Nothing .........
i choose J!N because i love him he is my life , he is my heart , he is my dream , he is everything i have
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23 / F / guarding the forb...
Posted 4/23/09 , edited 4/24/09

haha^^ i can see that you're not THAT obsessed with jin^^
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23 / F / guarding the forb...
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
1. Husband - hmm...i think kame's gonna be a good husband ..actually i can picture him going to the roof and fixing it..hehe^^ or waking me up with a kiss and say (with an apron on) " it's already late honey! get up~ " then kiss me again to cook~ then~*dies of lack'f blood*
2. Lover - hands down, jin. he'd be a great lover in my point of view...though it's highly unlikely he'll like a black-haired like me.
3. Brother - i think koki's my kinda brother-type, gastah look with a pillow heart.
4. Cousin - i think it'll probably be jun'no..cuz i like cousins who are so lighthearted,,and can carry me on his back (sucker for guys who can piggy back ride me )..
5. Friend - definitely ueda,,i don't go much with talkative people,,i like to be with people who, even though we don't talk at each other or converse but when i leave, i feel like i had the most fun talk...something like that,,or someone who's cuddly enough to let me sleep on his lap..whenever i feel like napping.
6. Pet - nakamaru for me, he'll make a good pet^^ haha^^ sorry nakamaru!
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23 / F / infront of the lap
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
Lover= Tanaka .. i think he would love me so much .. he would be fun to hang around with
older brother= Maru ..i think he'll protect me .. hes going to be on my side even wen im wrong =P
Cuzin= Kame .. he would be my closest frend as well .. ill be proud of him
Best Frend = Junno .. he'll be there wen i need him .. he would know wat frendship means
Pet= Ueda ... hes just tooo cuuute .. wen i see him ill just be happy =D
Husband= of course JinJin would be the one
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23 / F / Bigbang's and Suj...
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Cousin= Koki - I want to have a cousin who's musically inclined like a guy who can rap good, like him :)
Older brother= Kame - I think he would be there in times that I need him, and I think he's a responsible big brother :D
Best Friend= Maru - I want to have a best friend that who knows how to beat box, and I think I will be comfortable with him around. And I think he's really reliable :)
Lover= Jin - I really like him so much. I think he's really nice to hang out with, and he's really musically inclined (like playing the guitar and can sing well).
Husband= Ueda - I think he's an interesting husband. Besides that I'm really Truly Madly Deeply inlove with him, I think that he's loyal and responsible :)
Pet= Junno - I think he's cuuutee!....He always make me smile.
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26 / F
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
Lover: Yuichi --->b/c i like him
Brother: Tatsuya
Friends: Koki, Junno
Cousin: Jin
Pet & Husband: 0
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09
Husband- Akanishi Jin: becuz he seem like a person who i won't get bored of and he will make a good father

Lover- Taguchi Junnosuke: he can always make me smile and laugh with out even trying

Brother- Ueda Tatsuya: he seems like a good sibling

pet: Kame Kazuya: he can cheer me up

cousin- Koki Tanaka: he can be a good family member

Best friend- Nakamaru Yuichi: i can tell him anything~!
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26 / F
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/18/09
Husband:Akanishi Jin.Why?I really like him,and he has good fatherly aura ^^

Lover:Kamenashi Kazuya Why?He can cook and ffs...he's sweet,cute,

Brother:Koki Tanaka Oh god,oh gooood!My friends would think "Oh my gosh,your brother is so cool!"

2nd Best friend -_-" Ditto Nakamaru^^

1stBest friend: Nakamaru Yuichi It seems that he forgive quickly and he takes good care of his friends.

Pet:Ueda Tatsuya I can have him all~ my life :x.I love him,you know...
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25 / F / come find me!!
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
husband: Koki Tanaka cuz he has a lot of fun

Lover: Ueda Tatsuya cuz hes so nice and cutie looking

Brother: Kamenashi Kazuya cuz hes so opening to

Cousin:Nakamaru Yuichi cuz he would be so fun to hang out with

Friend:Akanishi Jin cuz you can play around and have fun togeather

Pet:Taguchi Junnosuke cuz hes so weird

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28 / F / Here, There, and...
Posted 11/18/09 , edited 11/19/09
1.Husband- Jin He seems like he would be devoted and trustworthy
2. Lover- Taguchi I like to laugh and he's nice to stare at.
3. Brother- Koki It would fun to hang out and just do whatever
4. Cousin- Ueda it would be nice to have a cousin like him
5. Friend-Kamenashi he seems like a fun friend
6. Pet- nakamaru He just looks like one to me.
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23 / F / My World
Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/11/09
1. Husband- Kame because hes just so sweet and cute, i also bet he would make a great dad
2. Lover- Taguchi because he seems sweet and like someone who will really treasure his girlfriend
3. Brother- Nakamaru because he seems so nice, and i dont think i would fight with him, and we could hang out and stuff
4. Cousin- Koki cousins are naturally close in my family, i can see myself hanging out with koki everytime theres a family get-together
5. Best Friend- Ueda because he is a quiet person like me and if he was my best friend then we could open up to each other and be really close(problem is i might end up falling in love with my best friend )
6. Pet- Jin, if he was a pet i would imagine him to be a fancy breed of dog who needed constant care lol
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