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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 2/6/09
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An outbreak occurred inside the city of Madrid reaching out into the rural areas of Spain. Neighboring countries were quick to aid in quarantine of Spain, denying any passage between borders from anyone inside the city and otherwise keeping the entire country under lockdown.

Welcome to Spain

The country of Spain can be rather dark at times with the constant state of overcast; however this can quickly be ignored with the quiet and tranquil locations throughout the landscape. What silence you experience though will always contain the sound of a moan, lately the grey has been accompanied by overwhelming red as zombies mindlessly stumble through forests and fields for their next victim. Lately the amount of rain in the region has been rather intense, this should mask your scent and dumb down vision for ghouls hopefully, it'll do the same for you though too.

Status: Under Quarantine

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