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24 hours after the plane crash carrying the T-Virus the outbreak had taken over half of Jerusalem, a further 24 hours found the city of Jerusalem completely overrun with further contamination stretching out into the less dense parts of Israel.

Welcome to Israel

Israel is in a state of chaos. Jerusalem, its biggest city, was overrun by the infection in two days time after a plane crashed inside of it. The infection has spread further, and the whole country is under quarantine. Many religious sanctuaries have been taken over by the undead while others have defenses set up against them. With the lack of understanding though, more of the sanctuaries will likely succumb to the madness as people already bitten will turn on the inside. In these places, ignorance certainly isn't bliss; praying probably would do little as well.

Status: State of Chaos

Israeli Army Bioweapons Research Base

Post here if you go to any of this locations....

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