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The American dream is now something of a nightmare, the initial location of the 2012 outbreak. The entire country is under seige by the undead.

Welcome to the United States of America

The good ol’ US of A. Home to many marvels of both human engineering and natural phenomena. Among these are the Grand Canyon. The Rocky Mountains. The Empire State Building. And of course, hoards of the undead.

The country was thrown into a state of unrest when the capitol city, Washington DC, was infected. A plane failed to follow proper landing procedures, and when the doors were opened, the army of undead spilled out. They feasted on anyone they could find, and eventually the infection spread to the entire town. It has also spread heavily in Chicago and of course Raccoon City. Numerous smaller towns or settlements have reported outbreaks as well.

Status: Completely Overrun

Washington DC
Chicago Illinois
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oak Harbor

Post here if you go one of this places...

Posted 2/22/09
*flies to Chicago with a chopper*
Posted 6/28/11
-flies to dc with a chopper-
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