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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 7/14/09

Ironoside Back to Fight

Friday 16/01/2009

(Nora stopped her attack)
Ren - Ironoside Ironoside Ironoside...
Brast - why a princess must worry about her bodygurd?
Ren - he wasn't my bodyguard he was just a boy lost in forest
Nora - oh no.. poor boy
Brast - so what? He wanted to fight first.
Ren - but he didn't know anything
Brast - it is never mind any more so let's back to our main mission
Ren - ...
Brast - so princess are you going come with us by yourself or by a little force?
Ren - ...
Nora - I think she will come with us without any force.....
(from Nora's heart place a sword come out [it look like someone attacked her from behind])
Ironoside - now I know how to fight
(Ironoside was behind Nora and one of his hand was on the sword which was inside Nora's heart)
Nora - i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e....
(Nora slowly slowly turned her head to see her back)
Brast - I can't believe it... How this can be happen?
Ironoside - hmmm this is the fight that you wanted. Fight until death so it has nothing to be surprise
(Ironoside pullback his sword from Nora's heart and he step back a little)
Ironoside - now it's your turn to die Mrs.brast
Brast - my turn to die hahahahahahaha..
Ironoside - is this funny?
Brast - and who said you can kill us hahahahahaha.
Nora - how could you... look what you did to my body?
Ironoside - what the hell... how can you talk ..
Nora - huh?
Ironoside - I am sure I hit my sword in your heart.
Brast - so what if you did that?
Ironoside - as I know, heart is the most important part of the body and if the heart damaged means immediate death but ....
Brast - that's why I was telling you that an idiot like you can't kill us
Ironoside - Ren?
(And he looked at Ren)
Ren - I heard about this but I didn't believe it.
Ironoside - what this supposed to mean?
Ren - listen Ironoside in level 1 you learn Ultimate Power techniques until you become master of all basic techniques
Ironoside - ...
Ren - after you learn all basics you go in level 2, you will train by yourself and you will learn new techniques, or at least they can improve their power
Ironoside -...
Ren - when you become in level 3 your body will be your power too
Ironoside - body will be power?
Ren - I didn't believe it too but now I saw it with my eyes when you attack Nora's heart, her heart……
Ironoside - you mean there is no way to kill ultimate power level 3?!!!!!
Ren - no there is some ways but it is impossible for us to kill them now.
Ironoside - just tell me the how!
Ren - as I heard Lv3 to mend their body they need time. I think like this damage it will take 10 minute to reparation
Ironoside - then?
Ren - but this damage is like scratch for her means if you want to kill her completely you must destroy all her body very fast so she can't repair it
Ironoside - hmm so I can kill them after all.
Brast - do you think this is easy for you?
Ironoside - if this is the way to kill you both, I will make it easy
(In a sky that was too far from the forest)
(Kagomi was flying fast to rich Ironoside’s place)
Kagomi - {I must be there on time}
(A voice she heard in her ears)
Ironohide - Kagomi father is going to return.
Kagomi - father?
Ironohide - yes I am now waiting for him
Kagomi- I hope he is fine
Ironohide - hurry up and stop Ironoside as fast as you can
Kagomi - i will...
Ironohide - no meter what I won’t let father go after waves again.
Kogomi - ...
(Back to forest)
Brast - so you say killing us is easy?
ironoside - ...
Brast - Nora stand back I want to fight him alone.
(Ironoside looked at Ren and move his head)
Ironoside - {I hope Ren run away this time}
Brast - but first I have to do something.
(Brast looked at Ren and he disappeared)
Ironoside - what?
(Brast show up behind Ren)
Brast - I must make sure you will not go anywhere
(He put his hand on Ren's head)
Brast - Full Ice...
(In no time Ren become frozen body covered by ice)
ironoside - oh nooooooooooooooooooooo................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter05

Writer : Ironoside

Editor : dani_zz
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????? ?????
Posted 1/16/09
ahhhhhh when is next friday comming the suspense is annoying me i want to know what will happen next
cool chapter ironoside!!
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
u should worry about ur self buddy. i'm telling u the princess will be fine becuz she is one of the main charecter. i have six sense its telling me that she will be allright
so far its good ^^ . go go ironoside
Posted 1/17/09
that was a good chapter
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30 / F / i could be anywhe...
Posted 1/20/09
o.k the story gets better . keep going ironoside
Posted 7/3/09
oh U evil Mr "ironoside" why u had to stop the chapter like that
oh no worries for me lolllllllllllll ... i can jump to read the next one ..btw Minna this writre is haveing a good future lol..* i'm giving u advertising man..thank me later Sayonara
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
ohhh i can see this becoming a manga!! it should be!
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Posted 5/14/10 , edited 5/14/10
great jop ironoside ..i love ur story more and more Yay
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