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Posted 1/15/09
The boys talk about the origin of their names, volley ball, how they are doing right now, the Summary concert, and the new song "Your Seed".

My name is… Takaki Yuya
Names with one letter [kanji] that have 2 sounds are cool.

To be honest, I’ve never actually got to know the origin of my name properly. Actually, I’ve never thought about deeply about names (laughs). But, I like the name “雄也/Yuya” itself. It’s just that, my friends have been calling me “高木/Takaki”, since I was little. Most people still call me that so I was really surprised when Junta and Kiriyama started calling me “雄也/Yuya” (laughs). But, it was very new/fresh and I remember I was very happy to be called that. Also, if I ever get a girlfriend, I want her to call me by “Yuya.” It just feel have special feeling. What other names do I admire? I don’t have any particular “I like this name” thing but, I think names with one kanji that have 2 sounds are cool. Like “廉 /Ren” from Gokusen. In the future, when I get married and have a boy, maybe I’ll name him like that!? If it was a girl… (thinks about it) I’m sorry, I can’t think of one (laughs). I just want to name her something that‘ll suit her.

Just recently, with everyone from Hey! Say! JUMP, we went to games to cheer for the Japanese team, as a “Beijing Olympic Volley Ball world last preliminary” supporters. It was so much fun heating up the place each game~! I’m really happy that both the male and female teams are able to go the Olympic. I hope they can do their best in Beijing, too!

The release of our 3rd single “Your Seed” is another good news. This song has the message “Do your best to believe in yourself”. Personally, I think it’s important to believe in yourself so, I sang with all my heart so everyone can feel that feeling! I hope many people will listen to it. And there’s “Summary” in August. We haven’t decided theme of it but, since we are the main performers, we’ll do our best to make it an enjoyable time!

My name is … Yamada Ryosuke
I want to be a person who can judge things coolly.

As you know from the word “涼/Ryo”, they named me “亮介/Ryosuke” because they wanted me to be a cool laid back person and cool in a good way. Maybe the reason why I get many opportunities having the cool roles is thanks to this name? (laughs). In reality, I have times I’m a mischief but, I think I’m more cool compared to the 7 members. I always want to be cool by judging things calmly when it’s necessary. Have I ever admired other names? I always liked the name “翼/Tsubasa”. It’s like spreading the wings into the sky, isn’t that good? So if, in the future, I have a boy, I want to name him “Tsuabasa”! If it was a girl… something like “空"(Sora) would be good. After all, I like names that have carefree feeling that let’s you feel the Nature. Anyway, I even named my dog “空"(Ku). I was called “Yama” since I was little. That’s why, if I get a girlfriend in the future, I want just her to call me “Ryosuke”. Isn’t it good because it have a special meaning? ♥

Next is how I’m doing these days. Recently, I’m really into putting rhinestones on my accessories but I have clumsy hands so, I can’t do it very well… But, I’ll keep sticking them on without giving up (laughs). About “Summary”, full detail about the theme isn’t decided but, we’ll give out what we are about and make the performance a little different from what the other seniors did. I want everyone to look forward to it and I’m also looking forward to how much I can challenge myself.

The new song “Your Seed” will go on sale! I really like the message “Believe in yourself” in this song. Because I’m always thinking “who will believe in me if I don’t believe in myself first!?”. I’ll be happy if everyone listen to this song and feel some other different feelings.

My name is … Inoo Kei
If possible, I wanted a middle name!?

In the kanji “慧/Kei” have the meaning “ to be smart” in it. That’s why, I think they named me this name so, I’ll grow up to be a intelligent child. But, honestly, I don’t know about the details (laughs). But, I think one kanji names are good. I like this name myself but, if I could, I wanted a middle name (laughs). Doesn’t Inoo * something * Kei sounds cool? Well, it’s not a possibility because I’m not foreign person (laughs). Also, doesn’t “慧/Kei” have too much number of strokes? I remember being so tired of writing my name as a child (laughs). I especially hated the calligraphy class. When I had to write my name with the writing brush, “慧/Kei” was always written in a giant size (laughs). Looking back at it now, it’s a cute memory. In the future, if I were to name my own child, I want a one kanji name like mine. The number of strokes worries me. A name is something that’s with you for life, so I want to carefully thing about it for them. Other stories about naming is … when 2 dogs came to my house, I wanted to name them something like “Charlotte” or “Patricia” but, I remember being surprised that they were named “Jam” and “An” before I knew it (laughs). Well, I think it’s a cute easy name to call them by.

“Summary” in August is different compared to the usual concerts, some show type factors are included, too. I think I’ll be something that guests can enjoy by watching and something that will make them clap unintentionally. I hope it’ll become everyone’s summer memory.

For last, a talk about the new song “Your Seed”. I think this song is a support song for everyone. If people who are lost or confused listen to this song and get even a little happier or think “I believe in myself and do my best again”, I’ll be really happy!

My name is … Nakajima Yuto
Like my name, I want to spread my wings!

I don’t know the origin of the kanji "裕Yu” but, for “翔” , the hopes from my parents that I’ll fly into my dreams, meaning is in it. There are many other people with the name “Yuto” but I haven’t met another person with the same kanji so, it must be uncommon. Of course I like it, it’s my favorite name. I’m not sure if I’m actually spreading my wings like the name yet (laughs). I think I just taken off of the runaway right now. From now on I’ll put all my strength and fly higher up into the big sky! A name I want to name my child in the future? Of course, I want the kanji “翔” for both girl and boy. Besides that name, other exquisite uncommon name would be… hmmm, that’s too hard! (laughs) but, it’s one in a life thing so, I think I’ll do my best to think of a good name. By the way, I thought of the names of all the pets at my house! The medaka [Japanese killifish] is “Medakacchi” and dojyou [dojo loach] is Dojo kun… in short, I just named it by just looks… (laughs). Well, I just like as it is (laughs).

I’ll do my best again for “Summary” this summer! When KAT-TUN was performing this first, I jumped around on the stage with a bunny headgear (laughs). Then times passed and I’m really thankful that we are able to be the main this time. Of course, the feeling “I have to perform something good no matter what!” is strong and I don’t want to think that as a pressure. While making it enjoyable for fans, at the same time I’m never going to forget to have fun ourselves before getting on the stage. Let’s heat up the place together!

At the end, about the new song “Your Seed”. This song is an image song for the movie “Kang Fu Panada” so, associating with that, there’s Kang Fu dance moves and I think it’s a very fun song. I want to dance with the guests soon!

My name is … Yabu Kota
I was named “仁美/Hitomi” if I was a girl.

First, the kanji “宏/Kou” is given with hopes of living with a big heart. Then, the “太/Ta” is… actually my older brother has a name that have “太/Ta” in it. That’s why as a little brother, they decided to go with that letter (laughs). Well, it’s “**/Kouta” with both together. I’m doing my best to live up to the actual hopes of having a big heart but, it’s rather a hard thing to do (laughs). By the way, if I was a girl, I was supposed to be named “仁美/Hitomi”. When I hear about it now, I feel strange. Me, Hitomi?… (laughs). Names I admired when I was little are. 悟空/Goku and 翼/Tsubasa. They are both names of character from anime I used to like. That reminds me, there’s a kid named “Goku” in Kansai Jr. right? To be honest, I’m envious! Name I want to name my kids in the future? I haven’t cared about it yet. When the times comes, I’ll consult with my wife (laughs).

Next is how I’m doing and the other day, I met up with 5 of my friends from high school and we talked for hours (laughs). I think about 6 hours? It’s not like we met in a long time but, we never ran out of stories, no matter how much we talked. Friends are good to have after all! I hope I can value such a time.

Specific direction plans aren’t decided for “Summary” yet but, I really want to try flying! The feeling of flying over the guests is really good. It’s like “Woah, I’m alive!” (laughs). I think it’ll be a big highlight so, I want to fly again by all means~.

And last but not least, about the new song “Your Seed”. It’s very cool and I think it’s a song that’ll stay in your head so, I want many people to listen to it and enjoy it. Like in the lyrics, I’ll be happy if people can feel the values of never giving up or keep challenging yourselves.

My name is … Chinen Yuri.
Names I want to name my child are, 智/Satoshi ・ 翔/Sho ・潤/Jun!?

Origin of your name? I haven’t asked about at all. (℗ Isn’t it an uncommon name?) Surprisingly, no, there are people with the name “Yuri”. I used to think “there are no other people with this name” but, then I found out that there was several other people with the name “Yuri” at the same school (laughs). Well, I do think the kanji “有李/Yuri” is definitely uncommon. About this kanji? I like it because it’s easy to write. I could write it in kanji with no problem since I was little. If this was “龍太郎/Ryutaro” then, it would have hard to write (laughs). Most people around me calls me by “Chinen”. Everyone in JUMP calls me “Chinen”, too… Any feelings of having called “Yuri” by everyone? No, not at all! (laughs) If people started calling me that all the sudden, I think I’ll feel out of place. But, if I ever get a girlfriend, I want just her to call me “Yuri”. It has a certain specialty kind of feeling. In the future, a name I want to name my child is… I would like to be a one kanji names. For boys, 智/Satoshi or 翔/Sho or 潤/Jun or 和/Kazu or 雅/Masa (Everyone: “That’s the names of Arashi members!”) Yeah. In short, it just tells you I love Arashi (laughs). But, really, I have a strong feeling about naming a child with one kanji.

Next, about how I’m doing these days. A little while ago when I had was working for many hours, I saw Keito eating every time we had a break and I realized then, that he’s actually a big eater! I hear that he sometimes eat 5 to 6 bentos a day… myself being surprised to hear that is how I’m doing these days (laughs).

Then, the “Summary” in August is a little different from the usual concerts and what’s striking this time is that it’s about “showing” various performance to the guests. I hope I can work my best to show the new sides of us. The new song “Your Seed” is our first mature song so, it feels new even singing it! I hope we can singing it and heat up the place together!

My name is … Arioka Daiki
I still admire the name Reon

When I was born, there was a hero kind show that my brother really liked and the hero’s name was “大貴/Daiki”. Then, my mother heard my brother saying “let’s name this kid Daiki” jokingly and they did a research on fortune-telling based on the number of strokes needed to write a name in kanji. The name turned out to be under a really good star and decided to name me this. This is the origin of my name (laughs). I like this name. It’s easy to understand when I explain my name in kanji by telling them “It’s daiki with ki from 貴族/kizoku [nobles]. If it was something like “伊野尾慧/Inoo Kei”, it’d be hard to explain (laughs). But, besides the name “Daiki”, I also like the name “Reon”. When I input game names, I always put in “Reon”, still (laughs). In the future, when I have a child, maybe I’ll name my child “Reon”. For kanji… What about “麗音/Reon”? Oh, but there’s too much number of strokes and it could be hassle to write that out (laughs). What people call me by? A lot of “Dai chan” since I was little. I don’t think no one ever call me by just my name [without chan/kun] But, when I get a girlfriend, maybe I want her to call me by “Daiki”? or a name that she can only call me by is good, too♥ (Yaotome: “What about Daiki-man?”) Never (laughs).

Next, how I’m doing these days. I was very touched and happy that both male and female Japanese Volley Ball teams are able to go to Olympic! I hope they’ll do their best in Olympics, too and get good results!

Then, about “Summary”. It’s really great that we are able to be the main performers! I want to do something big that’ll always stay in everyone’s memories.

The new song “Your Seed” is a single that has a whole new vibe from other songs. It’s something danceable with everyone and maybe it’ll become the standard song in other concerts later on.

My name is … Okamoto Keito
If a girl is born, I want to give her a name of an flower.

First, the origin of my name. My father’s mother’s name was “圭子/Keiko”, then got a kanji for person and it become “圭人/Keito”. I like this name myself. It’s just that, including my last name, it’s all made up of easy kanji. I think you could at least have one difficult kanji in there (laughs). The visual impression of it seems a bit wimpy…. (laughs). Well, it’s a name they named me by so I want to value it and I think I want to name my child a name with the kanji “圭/Kei” in it. Either that or the kanji “健/Ken” is good, too. “Ken” sounds really good. Also, if it’s a girl, then I think a name of an flower is good. With hopes of growing up to be a kind child and beautifully like a flower. People usually calls me “Keito”. But, Chinen kun is the only one who calls me “Katie” (laughs). “Katie” is a girl’s name in overseas but, I’m fine as long as it’s easy to call me by. By the way when you read “Keito” with English accent it becomes “Keitu”, just for your information (laughs).

Fortunately, the tickets are sold out for “Summary” in August and I’m very happy about that. Thank you very much! The real preparations haven’t started yet but since many people are looking forward to it, I definitely want to meet up to the expectations. I hope we can show other sides of us that you’ve never seen.

At last, the new song “Your Seed” is a single that have different vibe from the others and it’s a really cool kind of song! I think we can have fun if we danced together so, I can hardly wait the day we sing it at the concert. Since the dances have big part of it, I’ll do my best to practice the moves (laughs).

My name is … Yaotome Hikaru
I always want to be under the light to shine.

The origin of my name… they tell me jokingly “we named you Hikaru because your head was shining when you were born (laughs), but actually it’s because 6 stroked kanji would be good appearance and became “光/Hikaru”. I’m not sure if I’m living, shining on the lights like the name though(laughs). But, I always have thoughts of being shining under the spotlight lights. Actually, I think my goal is to be a star that shines from the aura that I’ll give out instead of from lights!? But, to be honest, I didn’t like the name “Hikaru” when I was little. I wanted a bit more powerful name. That reminds me, my father wanted to name me “武蔵/Musashi” at first. But, my family refused to it big time (laughs), in the end it was decided to be “Hikaru”. If I was “Musashi”, I wonder what kind of person I turned out to be…!? A name I want to name my child in the future? A manly strong name for a boy and kind softy type of name for a girl. Actually, I think any name I name my girl would have a kind vibe. Since the kanji “乙女/Otome [maiden/girly]” is in the last name (laughs).

I really like making new songs, lately. I really enjoy working with laptops and guitars. I’m not planning on performing in front of everyone since it is just a hobby, but if I ever get the chance !?

Then, my eagerness about “Summary”. I’m actually practicing a trick that I’ll be performing at the concert right now. I want to keep it as secret until you see for yourselves and I’m currently doing my best to skill up (laughs). I’m going make it perfect during the actual performance, so please look forward to it! I hope we can perform something over the top compared to the seniors who have done this concert before!

The new song “Your Seed” is a cool song and I think it’s an easy song to remember. I’d love to dance it together!

My name is … Morimoto Ryutaro
3 letter kanji names is a hassle to write

The origin of my name? I think my parents were saying they wanted me to grow up as big and strong like a dragon. I think “龍/Ryu” is a strong kanji and I like it myself but, it’s troublesome because there’s so many numbers of strokes (laughs). Also, “太郎/Tarou” comes right after it. It’s really a hassle when I have to write my name in school. It’s like “hmm.. It takes time to write it out” (laughs). I would have wanted simple one kanji name for that reason… But, I think when I grow up, there would be a day that I’ll think, I’m glad to have a tough name. Actually, I have to put in all my effort to grow! A name you want to give to your feature child? If it’s a girl, I want a name with beautiful impression like “空/Sora”. Or “りんご/Ringo [Apple]” with a cute vibe could be cute, too ♥ Well, I haven’t got any clue since it’s too far in the future (laughs).

For “Summary”, comparing to other concerts, I think the big theme is showing how much we have improved. We had to have improved on our dance and singing so, I think we have to keep appealing that part of us. It is summer after all, I hope we can all get enthusiastic about it together!

The new song “Your Seed” has more dance moves so far so, it seems like a song that would heat up at concerts. I hope the fans would dance with us. The message in the lyric “Believe in yourself” is good, too. I want to do my best to positively believe in myself anytime. At the same time, I don’t want to forget the feeling of not losing to the other members. I want to improve more by competing with each other as rivals!
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25 / F / M.C.D's bed!
Posted 1/20/09
it is nice but si long.. gonna copy this and read it when i have time...
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F / Wishing to be in...
Posted 1/20/09
Kyaaaaa~ Yuri* really loves Arashi ne~? XD

* He wants his girlfriend to call him Yuri x3
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24 / F / ~i dunno~
Posted 1/21/09
aaahhh!!! kawaii!!!!!!! Chinen's children would be like the junior Arashi!!!
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