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You know your obsessed with shugo chara when......
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Posted 8/26/10
You Know Your Obsessed With Shugo Chara When..

1: You feel uncomfortable cracking eggs after watching the show.
2: You automatically love plaid after watching the show
3: When you do sports/drawing/cooking you say I wish I had Ran/Miki/Suu
4:You buy everything in the color themes of Ran Miki Suu and Dia
5: Cause of KusuKusu you no longer fear clowns.
6: Every night you pray to reborn as a better self hoping for eggs
7: Watching Shugo Chara Anime or Reading the Manga is the highlight of your day.
8: Every time you play cards you think of Shugo Chara.
9: You want your school to get outfits like Seiyo Elementary, and you would dress up as Amu.
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Posted 11/27/10
When you dream about it
when i can quote whole episodes
when ur home page is the page of shugo chara episodes
when you write 15 page shugo chara fanfics in like a day
when you "convert" people to shugo chara
when you "unlock your heart"alongf with the charecters
when you run and jump around your house screaming "I'M BLACK LYNX!!!!"
When you tell people to "stop being such a yoru"
When you have all the shugo chara themes on ur ipod
when you scream and punch your computer when bad things happen in the episodes (ex:Tadase )
when your parents have ha to limit how much shugo chara you watch a day
When your on the shugo chara forum at 1:30 in the morning
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21 / F / In your mind! I c...
Posted 11/28/10
lol!! when you spend 20 euro (approx. $22.00) on shugo chara stuff at an anime convention! I got a blue humpty lock and dumpty key neck lace (I wear 'em everywhere, lol!!!) and 3 posters!!! IKUTO IS ON MY WALL XDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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20 / F / The US of A
Posted 11/28/10
When you go on Shugo Chara! on CR everyday.
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21 / M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 11/29/10
1. when u start to think about life in the show
2. U have ur own chara.
3. U pray to God to be reborn in hopes to have an egg in ur bed next morning.
4. U yell chara change! when u change ur mood.
5. U have all the character songs and u know the lyrics of the songs ur fav characters sing
6. U have written shugo chara fanfics
7. U dream about shugo chara and sometimes ur in the dream
8. U punch the person who says shugo chara is 4 kids straight in the jaw.(unless he/she talks bout season 3)
9. U are reading this forum to how much u are obsessed with shugo chara.
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27 / F / W-o-n-d-e-r-l-a-n-d-
Posted 1/22/11
You know you're obbsessed when:
You imagine you'reself as amu aand all the guardians and iktuo live with you
You think eggs are in you're beed when you wake up
You Hum the opening :o!
When you have a fit that book 9 isent in borders D: [ iFINALLY Preordered mine!]
You have dreams about it
You've Sung the openins
You've learned all they lyrics! o;
When you see a Amuto moment you scream like a fangirl.
When you see a tadamu moment you vomit
When you see a hot amuto moment you BLUSH<3!

That is all C:
Posted 1/23/11
When you and your friend are drawing pictures on paint in ICT and you copy and paste a picture of Tadase in a skirt in the corner. :3
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108 / F / Hinamizawa
Posted 1/24/11
When you:

~Have every song from the soundtrack on your phone/ ipod
~You pretend to have Shugo Charas
~You made your own Chara Eggs out of clay
~You ordered Shugo chara stuff online
~You screamed when a guy in your school dyed his hair navy blue
~You pray to be reborn as your true self every night and hope you find eggs the next day (I live in hope!!!)
~You draw Shugo Chara pics on everything
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F / In your closet. :D
Posted 1/24/11
You know you're obsessed with shugo chara when:

-You know the lyrics to all the openings and endings by heart.
-You dream about it.
-You randomly get hyper and act like Tadase under a chara-change while talking to a friend who also watches Shugo Chara.
-You have Tadamu/Amuto fights with your friend (i prefer Tadamu )
-You immediately go straight to the computer after you get back home from school to watch Shugo Chara and post on the forums
- You attempt to do Bala-Balance at school and your teacher is staring at you like
- You imagine that the characters are living with you.
- you draw the Guardians and the Guardian Character's symbols all over your folder during science and math class.
- You attempt to make shugo chara avatars for yourself but fail -_-
- You rewatch your favorite episodes over and over and over again until your little bro (who apparently also watches SC) gets annoyed and tells you to stop (^_^" Party episode 7 and 8)
-Your friend regrets she ever showed you Shugo Chara
- You imagine that the Guardians are in all your classes ( srsly, in every single class, there's always 3 or 4 empty seats next to me o_o)
- You try to learn the openings on the violin
- you want to cosplay as Nagi/Beat Jumper or Nadeshiko
- When you attempt to make Amu's X clip but fails
- You end up writing Tadamu fanfiction when you're not trying to

I do all of these plus more but i can't think of anything else yet
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
-When you sing to the theme song
-When you get all your other friends to like shugo chara
-When you see a funny moment you bust out laughing WAAY harder than ur supposed to
-When your friends tell you that your becoming pyscho
-When your dream in life is to find a way to transport yourself into the shugo chara anime
-This one time when i was deeply discussing shugo chara with my friend and she insulted kukai and i went tottaly beserk. and i made her apologize. yea....
-when your tottaly failing at something and you yell "CHARA-CHANGE- and you make a popping sound as if your character barret or something is changing and you get really innto whatever ur doing
-when you go "watashiwa kokora, unlock!!!" just randomly
-when you have your on guardian character and chara-change and character transformations
-when you scream and kick stuff when something bad happens in the show
-when you get all fangirl-ish and go CRAZY when you see someone dressed as your fav character at a con
-when you drag your friends around for 3 hours at a con just to buy shugo chara merchaindise and they call you and otaku and yell then stomp around grumbling about how they dont know how they manage to be friends with someone as pyscho as you
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
When you hum the theme songs on a daily basis
When you hum Utau's songs on a daily basis
When you daydream futures and conflicts and review episodes during class instead of paying attention.
When you keep a notebook at school for your shugo chara fanfics ideas
When you refuse to crack another egg
When you wake up and hope to see an egg in your bed.
When you make up your own shugo charas and chara changes and transformations. (Hi Isa!)
When you know an episode by heart. (I know me i need a life)
When you force your friends to watch shugo chara
When you draw hearts, spades, clovers, diamonds, and X's (like Amu's hair clips) all over your art project...(luckily my teacher didn't know Shugo Chara... But I did get an A!))
When you doodle shugo chara characters.
When your friend regrets reminding you shugo chara exists. (I forgot for about two years-a 'friend' of mine lent me the first five mangas during camp. A cousin of mine showed it to me.)
When you watch the whole series in a week.
When you overthink someone telling you 'You need to believe in yourself' ( )
When you think of shugo chara everytime someone says:
believe in yourself
World domination
When you think of shugo chara just about all the time anyway.

This and more All apply to me!
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
You know your obsessed with Shugo Chara when you..

Create multiple charas for yourself (I have like eight )

Visit the local bookstore whenever you can hoping the next Shugo Chara book is there.

Buy Shugo Chara related things for yourself and/or friends (I got this heart clip for my friend and because it wasnt red-pink I painted it before giving it to her && I also got a headband that looks alot like 'Dark Jewel's' hair accesory)

Name your stuffies after Shugo Chara characters (Ive got a kitty stuffie name Ikuto and a pink teddy bear named Amu)

Squeal when you see a drawing of a heart, spade, clover or diamond (I did that in class ocne.. This guy drew them on his desk and I squealed and freaked him out because of it... he tore up the paper )

Try to pose like Amu infront of the mirror (Hehe, Im guilty for that)

Your MP3/Ipod is filled with Shugo Chara songs, Amuto/Tadamu/Kutau(etc.) fanmade amvs (Again, guilty)

Have bought notebooks/sketchbooks just for Shugo Chara drawings/ralted themes (And once again, guilty as charged)
Posted 3/29/11
I've got more!

You know you HAVE been obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
-You can only associate world domination with Tadase and Tadase only, you hate reading other books with that clichéd villain motivation in it, and when you do see/read it you facepalm and say "How original, they just pulled a Tadase."
-You participate in Shugo Chara-related RP's
-You make plans to write a novel with one of the OC's you made in one of those RP's
-You have said OC in a Shugo Chara fanfic (in preparation for the future novel)
-You make up storylines for the SC characters
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 3/29/11
Most of Aimz's apply to me.

-Shugo Chara Dreams
Posted 3/29/11
Yes, can't forget the dreams xD My Shugo Chara related dreams usually have to do with IkutoxTadase or future scenes in the fic xD
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