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You know your obsessed with shugo chara when......
Posted 5/22/11
when you realize the blister on your wrist is from having your hand practically glued to the keyboard, posting at places like this...
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20 / F / Scotland
Posted 7/29/11
You know you're obsessed when...

You scream when someone says 'chara' wrong.
You go up to an emo and do 'open heart.'
You can't play cards without thinking about Ran, Miki, Su and Dia.
You read the manga on your iPhone in class, and your friends think you're weird.
You draw hearts, spades, clovers and diamonds on your matts jotter.
For a project to make an imaginary island, you made 'Shugo Chara' island.
You force your cousins to watch the episodes, amvs, parodies and cosplay videos.
You squeal in delight when Ikuto and Yoru appear on the screen.
You laugh, blush or sweatdrop at your favourite couples moments.
You have four charas, one of them childish, and you chara change by accident in class, and start acting like Yaya, embarrassing yourself.

Yep. I do all these and more. I'm a loser who is nuts for Shugo Chara.

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19 / F / Germany
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 9/9/11
You know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara!, when...

... "Drew, draw, drawn" is written on you pencil case.
... you talk with you Charas.
... you say "Atashi no kokoro - unlock" in German/English lessons.
... everything you draw is Shugo Chara.
... you wear clothes in Amu-style just because of her.
... you shout "Hop, step, jump" in sports lessons and jump higher than normal.
... you bake just x-, ♥-, ♦-, ♠- and ♣-cookies.
... you say "Chips, syrup, whipcream" while baking those cookies.
... you desperately look for x-, ♥-, ♦-, ♠- and ♣-hairclips.
... you everytime you hear the word "easter" scream "Run for your life".
... you wince when somebody says "Useless".
... you practice the Bala-Balance.
... you would call your cat Ikuto or Yoru.
... you compare you and your friends with the Shugo Chara characters.
... you sometimes think that your Chara speaks with you.
... your friends tell you that you speak just about Shugo Chara.
... you REALLY speak just about Shugo Chara.
... you think about it all the day.
... you dream to go to the cinema with Utau-chan.
... you want to have the Humpty Lock.
... you force everyone you know to read the manga, even you best friend who hates mangas.
... your best friend who hates Manga likes it.
... you secretly hope to meet someone who is just like Ikuto.
... you want to play violin because of him.
... you made your OC, her/his Shugo Charas, the Chara-Naris and their attacks.
... you spend most of your time on the internet watching Shugo Chara or talking to people who like it too because in RL noone you know likes mangas or animes.
... you call your band in Sims3 Late Night "Shugo Chara!".
... you have all the openings and endings on your iPod.
... all the pictures on your iPod are Shugo Chara.
... you look around when someone says "Prince" - seeing if Tadase is here and chara-changes.
... your avatars and signatures in every forum and social network are Shugo Chara-related.
... most of your favourite videos on YouTube are Shugo Chara.
... you google "Shugo Chara!" every day.
... in most of your projects in art class are the characters of Shugo Chara seen... (Really, in my last project there was a "Suu cooking school", a "Miki art school" and a "Dia karaoke land" while Ran was playing with Amu outside.)
... you really think you have a Shugo Chara... No, you're SURE that you have a Shugo Chara. Three in fact.
... you and your best friend make a list - who in our class is like who from Shugo Chara.
... you cover the openings and endings in german and put them on YouTube, even though you know you absolutely CAN'T SING and your lyrics suck anyways.

I do all of these and NO, I'm not proud of it...
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19 / F / California
Posted 1/5/12
Chu are obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
You have OCs (A character you made up)
You're running out of space for your computer when you download episodes (I know how you feel bro xD)
You make AMVs of it on Youtube
You are on Meez and you wanna make your avatar look like a character and then you just realize it doesn't look good in 3D (Understanding you well bro :P)
You want to dress up like Amu
You want to cosplay as one of the Shugo Chara characters, but they're too expensive on eBay and you're to lazy to shop for it somewhere else
You are enjoying your Ikuto yaoi and very "interesting" images of him ;3
You try to sing to the songs but you're not good at singing Japanese
You pray to God you want a guardian character but you just end up with really nothing (feeling you right now bro)
You try to make you're mom make/buy Amu's X accessories (My mom made Amu's cat hat from the back of book one :D)
You force your parents to get you an iPod so you can download Shugo Chara songs
You make your art projects with heart, spade, clover, and diamond designs
You have your reading folder filled with hearts, X-, spades, clovers, and diamonds
You want to have a life like your favorite character.

These are all what I do xD
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22 / F
Posted 1/15/12
When you've bought the boxset off ebay.
You fantasize about the amuto moments from the manga being in the anime
You write Ikuto in japanese on your hand
You write shugo chara in japanese on your hand
you draw ikuto in the back of your art sketch book
you expect to find an egg in your bed one day.
you get pissed off because of the ending of shugo chara party how Ikuto just leaves :l
You name your fish Ran,Miki,Suu and Dia
you swear down on your life if you get or have a cat you'll call it Yoru or Ikuto
you've got all the books
you've got at least 3 posters
you stay up 'til 3am watching amuto episodes
you cry at the last episode.
:( &I could put so much more,but I can't. Gonna go watch Shugo Chara again upstairs.
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21 / F / Strawberry Fields
Posted 1/15/12
I just love the first theme song.
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Posted 4/7/12
You know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
Your computer wallpaper is Ikuto
You have all the opening and endings on your ipod
You know every word to said opening and endings and sing them whenever possible

WHEN HE LEFT, JUST 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。
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20 / F / california or am I
Posted 4/8/12
You know when your obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
~You sing Utau's songs in public as a duet with your friends/siblings
~You see a Nagihiko cosplayer and hug him(I luv Nagi)
~You attempt to do Remake Honey with your kitchen wisk
~You force your 12 year old sister to dress like Amu
~You do or attempt to do a Chara Nari when you see an X-egg
~You waste your money on everything Shugo Chara
~You wake up with eggs in your bed which turn into Shugo Chara
~You see an Utau cosplayer and tell her to sing you one of her songs
~You dress like an angel and attempt to do Angels Cradel
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23 / F / Wonderland
Posted 4/8/12
When You fear easter
When you dye your hair the color of your fave character
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22 / F
Posted 8/24/12
You know you're obsessed when...

You have your own chara's :'D
You have designed what you look like if your chara changed
You wrote your own fanfiction of being "cool and spicy"
You act like Amu at school ( I acted like Amu before i knew Shugo Chara existed.. xD )
You want Shugo Chara merchandise!
You have "Doki Doki" in your head
You know all the Shugo Chara music
You Wish you could have a cat stalker boy xD
You think the school president are really guardians for your school
You keep to yourself about stuff
You want to the play the violin
You love cats >w<
You wish you could be in the shugo chara life

I'm new here so please add me somebody :3
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23 / F
Posted 1/5/13
When you desperately began to find a way to go to the Shugo Chara World.
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20 / F / Sniper Island
Posted 3/10/13
You don't eat scrambled/fried eggs---ever
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23 / M / TX, USA
Posted 3/11/13
Man when you finally realize out of the 616+ anime series you've watched so far that Shugo Chara is the one you can watch multiple times. Also when you're pretty you're in love with Amu...... Even though you ship Ikuto..
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21 / F
Posted 6/2/13
You know you're really obsessed when you cry while reading the manga.
You know you're really obsessed when you scream "IKUTO-NYA!!"
I'm pretty in love with Ikuto.. even though I ship him with Amu. ;n;
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 12/1/13
Closed because inactive for six months or more.
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