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You know your obsessed with shugo chara when......
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22 / F / In your closet~
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
-You spend 100 dollars at the anime store just to get a Rima keychain in the yen teasers T___T
[I did that today. I got everyone, Ikuto, Tadase, Amu, Dia, Utau, and Rima. After getting Utau 6 times, the kind guy at the anime store opened the teaser and let me trade me Utau's for a Rima. Dx]

-You scream whenever you see a Shugo Chara cosplay at conventions, and go up to them and go, "OMG! I WAN'T YOUR AUTO-GRAPH!"
[Not mine and my sister's best idea. We were dressed up as The Lesbian Fish Sisters-- err, I mean, The Black Beauty Sisters. xD And the Kusu-kusu cosplayer was all.."...o.o Okay...." xD]

-You scream and shout at the computer screen and at the character when you want something to happen.
[Yeah. Mostly in that one episode where Nagi was all, "I'm actually Nade-" and Tadase covered his mouth. I screamed and my dad was like wtf. My daughter is going crazy.]

-You constently talk about your favorite character and put him/her on your school binder and go around showing random people
[Nagi. I'll go, "YOU WANNA SEE HIM?! HE'S SO PRETTY!"]

-You dream of it.

All done.
That's how I know I'm obsessed with Shugo Chara.
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34 / F / kendall
Posted 4/9/09
I hope that she picks ikuto and not tadase anybody know when episode 78 is coming out.
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22 / F / In the forest hel...
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/10/09
When you recommend it to all your anime loving friends.
You start drawing your own chara for yourself and it's chara-nari.
You also start drawing a chara and chara-nari for your friends.
You start wishing you were part of the anime.
You join every group you see that has something to do with Shugo Chara.
You start fangirling each time you think of a Shugo Chara moment.
All you can talk about is Shugo Chara to some of your friends.
You try to do Bala-Balance (which my friends and I can't do right).
You try to learn how to do the heart Amu does when doing Open Heart.
You start watching Shugo Chara while your in computer class (My friend does that not me since I don't have that class)
You can't sleep without finishing the new episode or chapter.
Each time someone says Easter you think of the Easter Co.
You start getting obssesed with Card patterns.
You wish you had Guardians in your school.
You wish your school had the same uniform as Seiyo Academy.
You make your friends love the same couple you do. (Not saying because I don't want haters)
You always think of Amu each time someone starts looking "Cool and Spicy".
Your avii is always about Shugo Chara.
You start comparing your style to Amu (It's almost the same)
You remember each name of the opening and ending songs
You listen to them each day
You memorize each name of Utau's songs
You memorize all of Utau's songs
You search up Nana Mizuki because you love her voice and songs
You listen to them everyday, too
You added each of the chara-naris and attacks as your favorites on your youtube account.
You wish you had your own chara and chara-nari.
You squeal and gets excited everytime you find out a Shugo Chara seiyu also seiyu's another of your favorite animes.
You get excited each time your favorite chara-nari happens
You start drawing ♥♦♠♣♦ on your folders and hope no one thinks your crazy and too obssesed even though you know you are
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22 / F / canada /québec
Posted 4/9/09
when you saw a boy who play violin and call him ikuto
when you dye your hair in pink
when you always add a '' nya '' at the end of your sentence
when you always eat chocolate ice cream
when you rewatch all te ep every day

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25 / F / LaLa Land :)
Posted 4/9/09
when you go to crunchyroll shugo chara even though you know there arent any new eps
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22 / F / In the forest hel...
Posted 4/10/09

Amuko wrote:

-When you rename Windows XP to Windows Amu
-When you rename My Computer to My Tadase/Ikuto
-When you rename Control Panel to Control Universe
-When you rename Printers and Faxes to Nadehiko and Nagihiko
-When you rename Winzip to X-zip
-When you rename anti-virus to anti-Easter
-When you rename Windows Movie Maker to Tadamuto Maker
-When you rename Windows Live Messenger to Tadamuto Messenger
-When you rename Add or Remove Programs to Add or Remove Shugo Chara
-When you rename Crunchyroll to Crunchychara

Hehe. cool! another tadamuto fan! ^^ yay!

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23 / F / Vancouver, Canada
Posted 4/10/09
You have an imaginary Shugo Chara. That's all i could think of that i'm sure would connect with a lot of people here
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22 / F / Swindon, England,...
Posted 4/18/09 , edited 5/29/09
You know you are obssed with shugo chara when:
1. You see a stranger on the street that looks upset and you shout out " Negative Harto ni, LOCK ON! OPEN HARTO!"
2. You start wearing capes.
3.You shout out "HOP,STEP,JUMP!" in the middle of P.E.
4. You get upset and start crying like yaya when you dont get wings on your hands and feet and start floating.
5. You shout out "DREW, DRAW, DRAWN!" in the middle of art class.
6. You get upset and start crying like yaya when you still don't like the drawing you were doing.
7. You shout out "CHIP, SYRUP, WHIP!" in cooking when you are actually making pizza.
8. You get upset and start crying like yaya when you accidently burn the food.
9. You bring different hair clips into school and change them according to the different situations
10. You are about to confess to the boy you like when you ask him to wait a second so you put a heart shaped hair clip in.
11. If someone comes up behind you and makes you jump you fall to the floor with one leg twitching.
12. You put 3 eggs in your bag and wait for someone to grab your shoulder and ask you to join their club
13. You imagine Ikuto chara-nari with ran dancing to "I'm a kitty cat!" ( but that might just be me...)
14. You shout to your friend "THE USUAL!" and you get up on the desks and shout out "BARA-BARANSU!"
15. You have a friend that pretends to be a girl
16. You see someone that looks like Lulu de Morcef (?) and attack her shouting "I HATE F------ FILLERS!!!!!!!!!!"
17. You do the "pyon! pyon! fumu! fumu! yeah! yeah! howa! howa! kira! kira! yeah! yeah!" dance in front of your teachers.
18. You talk to yourself expecting something to answer back.
19. All you listen to is shugo chara songs
20. All you watch is shugo chara videos
21. You have a picture of tadase in a skirt as your screensaver on your phone, computer... and pretty much everywhere!
22. You have memorised all of the episodes word for word and start telling one of your friends about the episode.
23. If someone says "Useless" you jump under the table.
24. Whenever you write a question you leave off the question mark because you are flipping sick of seeing the ruddy things!
25. You don't end a letter with " Love from --------- x x x" Because you think the x's will attack you.
26. You have actually made your own chara out of clay.
27. You have tried to chara-nari with your cat thinking it was yoru.
28. When doing a "CERTAIN" subject in science you insist an embryo is a magical egg that grants wishes.
29. If someone falls off something you grab a stick and shout out "HOLY CROWN!"
30. You do a project in music which means you have to form a band and sing a song, and you torture the other members of the band until they agree to do a song from shugo chara.
31. You dye your hair pink, then blue, then green then yellow and then back again.
32. If someone says princess(i'm a girl) you put a crown on your head and tell the commoner you are a queen! HAHAHAHA!
33. If you get angry someone puts a bucket on your head and counts to 5.
34. You truely believe that shugo charas exist and have prayed for courage to be your would be self since you saw the first episode!
35. You get a suitcase and carry it over your shoulder.
36. You go into a greenhouse and insist it is the royal garden
37. You see a 4 leaf clover and think that the humpty lock has gone eco-friendly
38. you go into a planetarium and wonder why the sky isnt changing colours.
39. You have created your own character, guardian chara, character change, chara-nari, attacks, and even created your own pep talk to say at the end of the fight.
40. you and your friends call yourself the guardians
41. If you get a cross on a question (answer it wrong) you try to purify your test.
42. You swear your teacher pronounces your name wrong.
43. You decorate EVERYTHING with
44. You day dream about tadase Non-stop and when the teacher asks you a question you answer it with "All hail the prince!" Then hide under the desk because you don't have a bucket!( I Have been known to do this repeatedly in one day :sweatingbullets:)
45. You end every sentance with either nya!, desu! or one of ran's sqeals
46.At the easter holiday you refused to eat your easter eggs because you thought they were x eggs in disguise and would steal your hearts egg.
47.When you read the above point and screamed when you saw the word easter*AAAAGGGGHHH*
48. You saw buckingham palace and thought it was seiyo elementary.
49. You repeatedly check over oyur shoulder to see if there is a shugo chara behind you.
50. You have to bite your fist to stop fangirl screams at every tadamu moment (thanks to this i can now get my whole fist in my mouth!)
51.If you see one of the shugo chara symbols you scream and stare at it for at least 15 minutes
52. When you get someone you know to watch shugo chara and when they say what episode they are on you have to go outside and scream because you really want to them what happens next.
53. Someone says either "heart", "spade", "clover/club" or "diamond" you scream WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! at the top of your lungs
54. Everyone thinks you are scottish because you have made your entire wardrobe filled with the pattern on their school uniform(well i am half scottish....)
55. You sneak out of class to search for the embryo
56. You have got all of the weapons the use in chara-nari and character change.
57 You have all of the accesories that appear on their heads when they character change
58 You have all of the cosplay of every single outfit in shugo chara.
59. If someone is in a competition of some sort you dress as a pink cheerleader and shout out "GANBARE! GANBARE!(insert nickname here--->)-CHAN/KUN!!!
60. You dress your cat in a cross t-shirt and shorts.
61. Whenever you see a baby you think it is pepe in disguise.
62. You give your teacher a lecture about how ict lessons could be used to watch anime by using the exscuse that the 2nd language is educational.
63. You have a whole book of your fanarts that is tied up with a ribbon with a x clip holding it together
64. You have got a picture of the windows symbol on your phone because it in the colours of amus eggs!(Red,blue,green and yellow!)

65. You joined the cheerleading club in school because you wanted to be like amulet heart
66. You joined an art club in school because you wanted to be lke amulet spade
67. You joined the cooking club in school because you wanted to be like amulet spade
68. You joined a music club in school beause you wanted to be like amulet dia
69. You have drawn over 50 shugo chara fanarts
70 you never stop drawing shugo chara fanarts....ever......even in school and on testpapers
71. You actually HAVE a shugo chara (2 in fact)
72. You only just realised you were obsessed when you got half way through this list.
73. You write a list this long, and still have a lot of ideas.
74. You have read this WHOLE list. =^-^=
I should add that I have done EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 74 things I put up here.小さい誓いなさい! 私の中心を交差させなさい!(Pinky Swear! Cross My Heart! )
yes even number 15 but thats not me that does it! Its one of my guy friends who has...something wrong in the head !
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22 / F / Swindon, England,...
Posted 4/18/09 , edited 4/19/09
oh yeah I should add that I also have a Tadase version of the list but that is WAY to long to post I think my laptop might break if i did ... OMG I have realised that if you quickly run the mouse over the crunchyroll logo over and over again it looks like it is eating the dots!!WEEEEEE!! ( very easily entertained ) ooh a fly! *jumps out window following the fly*..........whoops
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21 / F / Earth
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
+When you sing the songs of shugo chara
+ When your wallpaper of your computer/laptop is shugo chara
+ When the gang goes to your dreams
+When you think about all day.... [ this happens to me all the time :))]
+When you scream when amu and Ikuto are together
+when you tell all your friends about the new episode
+When you have a lot of pictures of shugo chara
+When you copy the voices of one of the characters... ( i do that... i copy Miki's voice :D)
+When you scream so loud when the new episode is not out yet... ( i do that sometimes)
+When you say "my heart unlock" :D

Well some of this happens to me but not all... :))
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28 / F
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
you think about it everyday
you have picked at least one hot Shugo Chara guy to obbsess over (ikuto for me :D)
your computer backround is shugo chara
you made an ikuto (or Tadase, kukai, Nagi, etc.) collage
when your friend freaks out and whines you say "Dont be such a yaya!"
you've learned 4 or more japanese words/phrases
your actually look at the shugo chara forums and write on them
you go to ebay to look at keychains you want
you have watched all the episodes and are anticipating the next
you die a little inside when ikuto and tadase get sad
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21 / F / will you stalk me...
Posted 4/24/09
when you think of chicken eggs as shugo chara eggs...

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22 / F / Canada
Posted 4/24/09
When you talk about shugo chara to your friends when they don't even watch the anime
When you want the next episode so badly
When you tell everyonee that you got a crush on ikuto (<<LOL *dun do that*)
When you talk non-stop about shugo chara
When you want a shugo chara freak to talk about Amuto
When you can't stop thinking a bout shugo chara
When you go on google at school bored and can;t think of anything to search but shugo chara
When you check the timer on when the next ep comes out every 5 mins
When you can't stop thinking about shugo
When you wish to meet ikuto<3

*I am 90% of those*

*in my point of view*
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22 / F / I'm Not Sure...Do...
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
-When you doodle all over your books about shugo chara
-When you begged on your knees for your parents to buy you shugo chara merchandise
-When you pretend to be Utau and sing her songs
-When you pretend to be amulet spade and go around whacking people with your brothers inflatable bat while yelling Shugo chara attacks
-When you hear someone say they love eggs you say "you monster!How dare you eat peoples would be selves!"
-When you want candy you start yelling like Yaya
-When you try to do Sayaa's weird laugh
-When your about to play an instrument you say "Miki, chara change" and expect to be really good at playing
-When you grab a guitar and when you play you yell "devil's tune"
-When you go with your shugo chara crazed friend down the street and start yelling shugo chara songs

And that's only a little of what I do! XD
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22 / F / in your closet.
Posted 4/25/09
When you draw pictures in class
When you know almost all the lyrics for the openings and endings
When you have it on your desktop background
When you stay up all the way until 2 in the morning watching Shugo Chara
When you JUST HAVE TO tell spoilers to all your friends even when they don't want to hear
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