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You know your obsessed with shugo chara when......
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Posted 5/17/09
you know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
you stay up on the computer and watch the episodes over again, fall asleep and dream of shugo chara, wake up shouting "negative heart lock on!", jump up and start singing the latest shugo chara theme song while getting dressed in clothes amu would wear, continuing singing as you eat you breakfest occasionally talking to some invisable object next to you, then get back on the computer and for 3 hours search on youtube for any of the words- shugo chara, amuto, amu, ikuto, SPOILERS- then procede to go on mangafox, onemanga, crunchyroll, ect to find the newest episode jumping up and down while doing so and watching the show while screaming silently to yourself and occasionally yelling at the computer when tadase and amu hug telling tadase to get the f*** away from her, then before bed you wish to have a shugo chara as you fall asleep hoping when you wake up the world will be animated and ikuto is right next to you sleeping.
sadly I have done all of the above.
in one day too
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Posted 5/25/09
you know your obsessed with Shugo Chara when:
-you see your favorite character pop up in front of your eyes and start to have a conversation with them (happened to me with Ikuto )
-You think Easter is just a plan to find the embryo
-you randomly think of it when your bored
-you draw the same character over and over for days (happens to me)
-you have a bulletin board with shugo chara pics (I do with only Ikuto drawings and printout pics )
-you can't stop talking about shugo chara on these forums
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Posted 5/29/09
U noe ur obsessed when
U think abt it all the time
Its the first thing u think when u get bored
Sing/hum the op n ed when u need music
Start to think Shugo charas exist
Think u can have ur own shugo chara
Draw any character from the series
Look 4 pics on the internet
Watch all the episodes( all availlable anyways )
The worst is when u cosplay tat is the point of almost no return!
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Posted 5/29/09
Thinking of Ikuto 24/7
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F / Stalking Him.
Posted 5/29/09
when u think of amu or any other characters when someone does something simliar to them
when u dream about shugo chara
when u draw shugo chara
when u have a wall full of shugo chara
when ur avi is usually on shugo chara
when u want to do anything possilble with shugo chara
when u sing songs from shugo chara
when u say "open heart" and "my own heart unlock!"
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Posted 5/30/09
You know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara when... see a red "X" shaped clip at the mall and know you've got to buy it! find out your mom is preparing eggs for breakfast and you tell her, "No! Tamago!! Peach-Pit are going to be pissed when they find out about this!"
...the brat of the school comments on your stupidity and you tell her, "I'm not gonna let you overcome ME, you little Yamabuki Saaya~!! ask your parents to buy tickets to a Nana Mizuki concert for your birthday.
...the date you look for has dark blue/black hair and has a chara named 'Night'. wake up from a dream and scream, "Oh My Gawd, it's the embryo!"
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Posted 5/31/09
When you claim Ikuto to be yours...
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
You know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara when...
-You start wishing the stuff in the fanfiction would happen in the anime/manga
-When your friends act in a certain way, you think "Yep, they're acting like a [insert Shugo Chara character here]"
-You have a collection of Shugo Chara chibis you've drawn in the back of your planner (4 so far)
-The first thing you do when you come home from school is update the CR Shugo Chara fan fiction games
-You have Shugo Chara pics as album art on your iPod
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Posted 5/31/09
You know your obsessed with Shugo Chara when...
Scream when you see all the Amuto moments
You talk about it so much to your friends that they start ignoring you(happened twice before)
Keep watching/reading all your favourite Shugo Chara moments
Sing all the theme songs ^^
Daydreaming about Shugo Chara during class
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Posted 5/31/09
You humm the character album and OST all day
blame the shugo charas for your mistakes
out of random yell "my own heart, UNLOCK!"
when you see someone depressed and do the open heart.
You make the open heart with your hands every time something romantic happens
you blame the faults in our world on Easter.
you draw hearts, spades, clovers, and diamonds on EVERYTHING
you call your friends names
you act like the characters
you spend all day writing fanfctions
you watch the episodes over and over
you jump up and do the bala-balance at any given moment
theres way more people XD

Posted 5/31/09
You know you're obsessed when:
You try to get your friends to do the bala-balance with you. (I am guilty of that...)
You use the heart, spade, clover and diamond design way too much on things.
You learn the songs and dances and hum then or sing them on the bus.
You say open heart and do the unlock my heart motion often.
You're considering dressing up as Amu for Halloween and getting your friends to do the same.
You hang posters on your wall/locker/everywhere.
If you see a store with anime stuff the first thing that comes to mind is "I wonder if they have Shugo Chara stuff...they better"
You think on how this person would look good in that outfit in SC.
You get the manga and figurines.
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25 / F / Heart of Asia
Posted 6/1/09
When you think of shugo chara 24/7
when i think too mcuh of already going home from school just to rewatch it . lol xD
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21 / F / somewhere on the...
Posted 6/5/09
You know when you're obsessed when you use these 4 colors a lot!!
Pink/Red (Ran)
Blue (Miki)
Green (Suu)
Yellow/Orange (Dia)
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21 / F / somewhere on the...
Posted 6/5/09
and some more!

when you and your friend say, "My own heart, UNLOCK!"

when you print out the coloring sheets and color the charas and pretend they're real

when you buy the japanese manga books and bring them to school

when you put all the OST songs and OP & ED singles on your iPod

and there is still more!

Posted 6/6/09
You know you're obsessed with Shugo Chara when....

♥ you end up having fights with your friends about Ikuto being your future husband. xD
♥ you end up getting in trouble during class because you pass notes to others saying "Ikuto's mine" and that "Ikuto is much more better looking than Tadase". ;D
♥ you stare at images of your Shugo Chara crush online everyday. <3
♥ images of your favorite Shugo Chara scenes just pop up in your head randomly. xP
♥ you want to learn the violin because of Ikuto.
♥ you take your friend's sibling's fake pans and whisks and go, "Remake honey!" [:
♥ you have to draw something, you wish you had a Shugo Chara like Miki.
♥ you love the person who got you into Shugo Chara TO DEATH. xD
♥ your friends think you're insane for fighting over Ikuto and whether Ikuto or Tadase's better.
♥ you come back to this forum whenever you can to read them 'cause you know they're true. :P
♥ you can make a bajillion of these "when you're obsessed with Shugo Chara" statements.
♥ you hope that Amu ends up with Tadase 'cause you KNOW that Ikuto will end up with you (and vice versa). xDDD
♥ you finished whatever's online of the manga in two days.
♥ you now think that your friend in the student council is a guardian and you wanna see her Shugo Chara. xD
♥ you laugh out of nowhere because you thought of the part where Amu walks in on Tadase in a skirt.
♥ you're in bed, you wish that Ikuto was sleeping next to you. ~<3
♥ you attend a pottery painting class, you paint an egg white and wanna put glitter on it to make it an embryo. xDD (I so would've done this if I had known about Shugo Chara at the time...)
♥ you stare at these heart bullets and instantly think of Ran. :D
♥ you beg your parents to buy Shugo Chara items and bother them until they can't stand your constant whining and end up buying you what you wanted. (Hehe, I'm gonna collect the books now!)
♥ your friends haven't watched/read the newest episode/chapter, you end up spoiling it for them 'cause you just HAVE to rant about something that happened. xD
♥ you've suddenly made a heart out of your fingers out of nowhere and/or think "My heart, unlock!"
♥ you can't wait for school to end so that you can spend the WHOLEEE rest of the day watching/reading Shugo Chara (again)! Wheeee!

There's still much more. All of these apply to me. xD I enjoy reading the comments to this thread.
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