Minna i need your help!
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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09
Hello guys! i hope youre all having a wonderful day (:

iknow this is sooo unrelated to dramas.
but im having a 1 year project in this final year of mine.
im a design & technology student and i really need your help.

The theme im having is TIDINESS.
what comes into your mind when youu hear that word?
youu can help me by posting up pictures here.
on anything thats messy.
(eg; acessories, make-up, clothes, books, ect)
or even any picture that youu think may help me.
i gotta design & make a product thats why.

hey even pictures of actors,actresses wearing many acessories is fine!
please do help me. i really want to pass this subject of mine.
arigatou minna ^.^

anything PM me yeah? thank youu! i appreciate it alot!
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Posted 1/15/09
oh i'l help.
edit later for pics(:
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Posted 1/15/09
no Advertising yourself or personal threads... useless thread
Posted 1/15/09
You can ask for help with your homework/project in this group

Drama question please use the drama help thread

The Drama/Moive HELP Thread

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