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CR bucks for anime !
Posted 1/15/09
LOL mudka.
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Posted 1/15/09

mudka_x wrote:

I shouldve thought this through more..
someone should close this thread..
ill ask BK

Just report it and it'll be closed ... Bk is on his away msg atm, so he probably won't get it until later
Posted 1/15/09

mokney wrote:

SeductiveGerbil wrote:

mokney wrote:

mudka_x wrote:

Dammit... i feel like such an idiot now...
@- SeductivegGerbil , you dont need to be so irritating,
like really? nobody cares about your groceries..

I do.

What'd you buy?

Bananas and peanut butter.

Crunchy or smooth?

Posted 1/15/09
This can be a good suggestion.

Please use the suggestion thread

Suggestions **Read the First Post**

~ Locked
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