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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/16/09
Yes, this is one of my researches in otaku culture. I was drinking with my colleagues from college the other day when they said that people who are obsessed with anime are a disgrace to society; this all started when one of them saw the online news about some anime-otaku criticizing about the lies and avarice of the real world.(Sorry, I didn't really know where this online news came from. If you do please PM me the link... Thanks!!!)

This is a little insulting on my part since I watch anime during my free time at work and at the same time I am also insulted by what that the anime-otaku said because I am also a member of "the real world" aka society.

The contents of my research will be as follows:
1. How much a person(ani-ota "anime otaku") can be obsessed with anime.
2. If anime can really affect a persons view of reality and viewing it in a very pessimistic way.
3. If anime otakus are really a disgrace to society.
etc.... This poll will only answer numbers 1 to 3 anyways, why bother putting up the rest..

References/Slang words:
1. NEET - Not in education, employment or training.
- Simply a person who does not go to school or work, a drop-out of school. And someone who still relies in his parents even if he/she is already above the age of 20. Also this is a person who do not seek efford to find any means of earning his own livng. (Just another stone i the road :P)

2. Hikikomori - A japanese word which I learned which literally means "a person who suffers from social withdrawal" or in other words, he/she refuses to meet/talk other people, answer his calls and go outside of his/her own home.
- This is probably due to a traumatic event in the past where the person was greatly embarrassed. At the same time afraid to commit suicide and thus decided to seek seclusion from the rest of the world. etc. etc. etc...(Huh? A lone wolf you say? Pretty cool eh? Well not really... )

3."ani-ota" - Literally means an anime otaku or someone who is a big fan of anime.

Things you people need to make sure of before answering this poll.
1. Honesty
- Please do not answer if you are lying or delusional.

I know this poll will not satisfy even 10% of my research, and the probability of dishonesty from users is high maybe because they are; a) Too shy to even answer a poll wherein their real identity will never be exposed and b) Not interested. etc...

There you go I expect to see both positive and negative results on this matter. Once this poll gets around 5,000+ votes then the mods can delete this.

I am not really implying anything in this poll.
I am not insulting anybody/anything /anywhere in this poll.
Since this is my research, I will read every good and bad comments/PM's, death threats. But I will not read chain letters, love letters, letters of challenge to a duel, and any other pointless, useless and meaningless comments/PM's.

~Thank you!
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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/16/09
wat am i supposed to do?
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Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/22/09
........ uhh ur poll is messed and i dont know what ur asking, but with honestly im an otaku and a real one wouldnt be shy or embarrassed about it, though hiki's and NEETs might deny it..
Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/26/09
This isn't a poll. ^^
And, nice research.
I'm definitely not an otaku though.
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