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This is NEWS May 2004

Born November 11th, 1987.
Scorpio Constellation - Year of the Rabbit
Hometown Kanagawa Prefecture - Blood type B
166cm tall 52 kg
Shoe size 25.5cm

(Fashion you’re into)
Today’s theme is, honestly, “Go against the coldness”. The outer jacket is something my mother bought. The black clothes underneath are something that was just at home, so I don’t know who’s it is. The pants are a style with 6 pockets and are comfortable.

Reason for long hair
Looking at pictures from Tegoshi’s childhood there are a lot in which he has female-like long hair.
“My hair was long until about 3rd or 4th grade. I tied it up in like a ponytail in the back. After all it was a pain to go get it cut. It’s not because I admired a soccer player with long hair. In 5th grade I wanted to be the cheering leader for the athletic festival, so I cut it. As you might expect, I got it totally cut. Ahaha.”

Family Members: Father, mother
Hobbies: Soccer, karaoke (I’m good at “Sakura (Dokusho)“, singing the high part)
Special skills/Qualifications: I can fall asleep fast
Strong point: I can do exercise
Weak point: Fickle He means he changes his interests, affection, loyalty frequently
Bad habits: Chewing my lip
Charm Point: Eyes
Type of girl you like: A cute and earnest girl
Phrase you like: PERFECT (In games, songs and soccer. I won’t lose to anyone in soccer games)
Treasure: My dog, friends, family, and fans
Liked food: Ramen, gyudon (Matsuya’s. If like BBQ flavor!)
Disliked food: Peppers
Collection Mystery Books: (Since Harry Potter I’ve been into books. I’ve read over 10 of Nishimura Kyoutaro’s books)
Weak point: I’m very ticklish
Liked manga: “This is Katsushikaku Kameari Koudanmae Hashutsujo”, “Dragonball”
Place you frequently go to: Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku
Something bought recently: Clothes
Person you respect: Yamashita-kun, Kimura-kun
Transportation you like: Roller coasters (Generally I like fast things)
If you didn’t become a Jr.: A normal student
Special technique: Pulling someone’s arm into a cross lock
Costume you’d like to try wearing on stage: A sparkling outfit Kuri's note: Ah is this why NEWS costumes look so sparkly? O_O We found the culprit! -jkjkjk-
Liked smell: Sweet smells
Guardian Spirit: Uchi-kun
Liked Direction: East (I like how the kanji looks)

[By picture] Pulling arm into a cross lock!

Memories of a new school semester
A girl who I had liked since my first year of elementary school, in fourth grade we got put in the same class ♥ So then, in the third semester I confessed “I’ve liked you since before so…” and she just rejected me “Sorry, there’s someone else I like”. By the way, before graduating elementary school I had confessed 3 times, all complete defeat.

[by picture] First confession like the falling of a cherry blossom

Translator's notes:

*こちら葛飾区亀有公團前派出所 The manga with a long name he likes


This is NEWSBONUS May 2004

NEWS [Bonus ♥] 9 Mysteries
Regarding NEWS, the members have cleared up the answers to some really simple questions once and for all. After being so curious you couldn’t sleep at night, you can now sleep soundly!? And watch out for the bonus Kusano put his heart into!

Mystery 1: Why is it only Yamapi’s outfit that has shorts?
“Because it brings out an energetic and fresh feeling maybe” says Yamapi. “In winter though, legs get cold from the breeze… honestly I’d be relived if I had a costume with long pants.” Says the shorts-challenging senpai Nagase from TOKIO.

Mystery 2: Does Nishikido actually have knowledge of calligraphy?
After the New Year’s concert, the New Year’s announcement was Nishikido’s brushwork. “I don’t have any knowlege of calligraphy. It must be because of Nakagawa-sensei’s teachings on practicing kanji writing during 1st and 2nd grade. I’m grateful.”

Mystery 3: Why do things that seem like a lie happen around Uchi?
There are a lot of mysterious things around Uchi; he’s seen a UFO, he was told his guardian spirit is the famous commander Juushoku-san. “My mother’s maiden name was Nakaooji. Seems kind of noble, doesn’t it. Since my ancestors were elite people I’m burdened with this destiny.” The Uchi family pet Leon even has the ability to sense the supernatural.

Mystery 4: What are the rules that shadow leader Koyama has made?
“It’s not that I’ve made them” says the shadow leader (Also “NEWS’ mom” says Nishikido) Koyama. “Since there are so many of us, everyone has to try and cooperate, this is something just implicitly understood by us. Like if while we’re talking a weird pause comes up, someone will go in and restore the rhythm of the conversation.”

Mystery 5: Does Shige still wear the leather boots and pants that in the 2002 March edition he said he’d only wear once in his life?
“I wore the leather pants 3 times, but haven’t worn them at all other that that!! Why I bought these is a mystery even to myself.” Must be what they call youthful indiscretion. As for those boots you said you’d give to your future son? “I wear them on occasion.”

Mystery 6: Is Kusano’s shoe size really 29cm!?
The size printed inside of his shoes is 11 (=29cm). Seriously huge! “I have both width and length to my feet so it’s really hard to find shoes. But these shoes I found quickly, are comfortable, they’re the shoes I was destined for.”

Mystery 7: Why is Massu’s hair silky like a girl’s?
“That’s a straight perm” says Nishikido, and there are a lot of voices that say so, suspicious that Massu has a straight perm. “It’s not, I’m telling you. I’ve had hair like this since I was born. Though until middle school since I was into swimming so I had my hair so short the tips pointed out everywhere.”

Mystery 8: Does Tegoshi still get clothes that his mom picks for him?
“Now I go shopping with my friends” he says, does this mean he’s graduated from his mother!? “No, I still sometimes go with my mother. But I pick the clothes we buy myself. Lately I bought a loose khaki Tshirt.” Hee.

Mystery 9: Why does Massu swim?
Everyone might think of backstroke and breaststroke but, “Actually I’m skilled a freestyle (crawl). Since I’ve always swam I have a lot of confidence in it.” So it seems to just be because he’s skilled in it and has the confidence to show his body (seems to be the reason).

Bonus Corner
Tegoshi -> Waving hand
Nishikido -> Anger mark
Uchi -> Sparkle
Yamashita -> Hot spring
Koyama -> Mountain
Kato -> Glasses
Kusano -> Feather or Clover
Masuda -> Muscles

NEWS as emoticons according to Kusano…
The above faces and emoticons are something Kusano drew at a Family Restaurant in 2 minutes and gave to us. Shige doesn’t wear glasses right? Why’s Nishikido an angry mark? “Art is on feelings right? I didn’t think that deeply about it (cries)!” [says Kusano]


1,000 questions with NEWS November 2004

377.What’s your charm point?
Eyes? That I like music?
378. If you had to say something about your personality, what would it be?
I’m huggable. And I’m only involved with thing I like.
379. What’s a bad habit of yours?
Biting my lips
380. What’s your dominant arm? Leg?
I use chopsticks with my left hand. But I’m right handed with everything else. I can use both my legs fine.
381. What’s your eyesight?
Both are around 0-3. I normally wear contacts.
382. What’s you weak point?
I’m ticklish all over my body
383. What do you worry about related to your body?
I can’t fight against drowsiness
384. What style of underwear do you wear?
Boxers Kuri's note: Ahh here's the answer =P But what about that red underwear we saw in a magazine o_o that was HOT XD
385. How many times can you do a crunch?
Around 200
386. The clothes you wear when going to sleep are?
A tshirt and shorts or trousers
387. The pose you sleep in is?
Face up. My sleeping position is exciting.
388. How long do you spend in the bath?
15 minutes
389. What puts you at peace?*
Blueberries for my eyes
390. What impression are you good at?
Furuhata Ninzaburo
391. What cuisine are you good at?
Cup ramen
392. About how long do you sleep a day?
5~6 hours
393. Your shopping spot is?
Harajuku, Shibuya
394. What do you buy often at a convenience store?
Cafe Latte
395. What’s your ‘18 best’ at karaoke?
L’arc en ciel. But if I go with Massu, it’s a Kinki Kid’s festival!
396. Your secret to getting good at singing is?
Being in love with singing
397. What’s your highest score in bowling?
About 170
398. What’s your treasure?
The people who are my family, friends and fans
399. Saying it now, I’m sorry
I forgot my entrance at a KAT-TUN concert.
400. If you were to cosplay, what would it be?
A normal girl
401. What do you collect?
In the past I collected train tickets. Not special or memorable ones, just normal ones (lol). I wanted an expensive one, and got it for my birthday.
401. Something you wore in the past that is now embarrassing is?
Camouflage stuff. Kuri's note: WHAT Camouflage clothes are awesome! Well, just the hat
402. I would like to try this style of hair.
Long hair
403. What have you recently been into?
Of course it’s karaoke
404. What word do you like?
405. What song do you like?
All of L’arc en ciel’s songs
406. What color do you like?
Light blue Kuri's note: What I thought he likes pink.. wait this is 2004 XD
407. What movie do you like?
The Terminator Kuri's note: YESS Someone has taste in movies!
408. What season do you like?
409. What book do you like?
“Nishimura Keitaro-san’s mystry books”
410. What book have you read recently?
Nishimura’s “Sleeping train car murder case”
411. What manga do you like?
Dragonball Kuri's note: Haha I loved to watch the anime, I watched all seasons when I was in 10
412. What ramen do you like?
Tonkotsu stuff
413. What TV show do you like?
Music TV shows
414. What historical figure do you like?
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
415. What food do you like?
416. What food do you hate?
417. What emoji [emoticon] do you like?
418. What fall flavor do you like?
Pot [nabe] stuff
419. What thing are you most scared of?
In a haunted house, the people pretending to be ghosts
420. What did you recently cry about?
On “24 hour television” when Aiba-kun read a letter to ARASHI.
421. What did you recently laugh a lot about?
Yamashita-kun and Akanishi-kun’s conversation. They’re two cool friends and say stuff like “Idiottt” to each other that’s funny.
422. What recently made you angry?
I saw someone throwing up by the street.
423. What recently made you happy?
At the “SUMMARY” concert, people yell my name and cheer me on.
424. What dream did you have recently?
Three friends and I went into the forest searching for a house
425. What’s a good thing you’ve done recently?
Gave up my seat on a train
426. What news has peaked your interest recently?
In the Athens’ Olympics. It was too bad about the women’s volley ball.
427. What type of girl do you like?
One with big eyes and a earnest personality
428. What kind of girl’s hairstyle do you like?
If it’s not dirty it’s good. Straight is a winner.
429. What action by a girl will charm you?
It’s not an action, but the expression she makes when seriously thinks about something is good
430. Where would you like to go for a date?
A theme park
431. If we were to kiss, it’d be in this situation.
Anywhere, anytime (lol)
432. If you were to confess, it’d be these words.
No matter what happens I’ll protect you, so follow me
433. If you were going to be confessed to, it would be these words.
I like everything about you.
434. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?
Anything is OK
435. How many times have you had experience confessing?
3 times.
436. What fetish do you have?
When you talk about fetishes… her belly button is important. I wouldn’t want other guys to see it.
437. From what do you consider something ‘cheating’?
Meeting to hang out with guy friends in secret
438. Something you don’t want your girlfriend to do?
439. If you were getting a present for your girlfriend, what would it be?
An accessory we can have a pair of Kuri's note: Haha I've always loved paired items! :D
440. What words would make you happy to hear from your girlfriend?
Words of praise, of any kind. I’m the type who’s really moved by that.
441. What words from your girlfriend would shock you?
“Disgusting.” That would hurt more than “hate”.
442. Your girlfriend is late for a date. How long would you wait?
Until she contacts me
443. When was your first love?
It was in kindergarten
444. When was your first kiss?
A kiss on the cheek of the first girl I loved
445. How many times have you lost in love?
All three times I’ve confessed it’s been complete defeat. They’d say “I already have someone I like”…
446. Frankly, passion/love [koi] is?
When people alone are searching to deeply be loved, that’s the situation!
447. If you were going to propose, you’d say this.
I will protect you for your whole life, please come with me
448. If you were going to get married, at what age?
25 years oldKuri's note: o_o fast
449. How many children would you like?
Any number is fine, but I want a son to join Johnny’s Juniors.
450. Please say something to your future wife.
Please be with me forever.
451. What name would you like to give your children?
A combination of my name and my wife’s name
452. What will your family call you?
453. What taste is your mother’s cooking?
Because it’s all delicious I can’t decide
454. What do you call your mother?
“Okaasan” or “Mama” depending on my mood
455. What’s the first memory of life you have?
At the aquarium, when I selfishly said I wanted to swim with the dolphins
456. What was your dream when you were younger?
To be a soccer player
457. What soccer player do you like?
Shunsuke Nakamura. The mocking faint he uses on the opposing teams it the best.
458. What’s a place you’ve traveled that’s moved you?
Hakone or Karuizawa. Both the air and scenery where clean/pretty.
459. What’s the biggest injury you’ve gotten?
During my second year of middle school [8th grade] I broke a bone. It was during a soccer match, I fell on my right hand and heard a noise like “PAKIN”.Kuri's note: O_O I broke my right.. ring finger, had a fight with my brother. haha, was never fixed o_o
460. When you have free time who do you spend it with?
People earnestly talking
461. What school lunch do you like?
Fried Dough ♥
462. What school lunch do you hate?
Nothing I particularly liked or disliked
463. What school subject do you like?
464. What school subject do you hate?
465. What athletic event day activities did you like?
Cavalry battle game.
466. What athletic event day activities did you dislike?
467. What kind of committee meetings have you done up until now?
I worked giving out school lunches. Our school did rotate who did this, there was a committee that gave them out. I was the president too.
468. Do you still do SKY WALK (Tegoshi’s original finger play)?
I forgot it in the dream of “SUMMARY”
469. What’s the longest phone call you’ve had?
2 and a half hours
470. How many text mail do you send a day?
On average 100
471. What’s your ringtone?
L’arc en ciel’s “Hitomi no juunin”
472. How big is your cell phone memory?
Stores about 150
473. What place would you like to go and see?
474. Who do you respect?
All my senpai. But from in them, I’ve liked Kimura-kun from long ago and was the person I entered this world after seeing. Someone near me, then it’s Yamashita-kun.
475. Right now, who do you want to meet the most?
TOKIO’s Nagase-kun. He’s manly, I always admire his dramas, and in a magazine he said “Again, you (referring to me), I ended up looking at your page again” and I was touched. Also, ARASHI’s Ohno-kun also. He said in a magazine “Next time, I have plans to go eat with Tegoshi”. Though it hasn’t happened yet (lol) I was happy.
476. What item do you want the most right now?
A portable DVD player
477. What senpai do you respect?
478. If you became the prime minister, what would you do?
Return the tax to 3%, make it easier to live
479. If you were a girl, what kind would you be?
480. If you had a one month break what would you do?
Go around to theme parks
481. If you won three hundred million yen in the lottery what would you do?
Buy a house for my parents as a present
482. If you hadn’t entered the entertainment world, what would you do?
I’d be aiming to be a soccer player
483. If you were to be reborn, what would you like to become?
I don’t want to be reborn!
484. If your home caught on fire, what item would you take out with you?
My dog
485. If you had a time machine, when would you go back to?
I would go 100 years into the future, and return home with the latest goods. Of course so I could boast (lol).
486. If it was the last day of the world, what would you do?
Spend it with my family or people important to me
487. What memory do you have of your first job?
Shooting for a magazine. My face got stiff.
488. Who’s the most perverted one of NEWS?
Uchi-kun. He radiates an adult aura.
489. What is your best memory of NEWS since they’ve formed?
Going around the country cheering on the volleyball tournament
490. What’s your number one goal for NEWS?
That everyone in Japan will know us
491. Who in NEWS is strongest at fighting?
492. Who in NEWS is weakest at fighting?
Kato-kun. Because he doesn’t have any fighting muscles.
493. NEWS’ biggest weak point is?
We’re still a little bad at communication possibly. From now own I’d like to deepen our relations.
494. NEWS’ biggest strong point is?
8 people are 8 colors.
495. If you were a female, what member of NEWS would you want to go out with most?
Nishikido-kun. He seems like he’d treat you importantly.
496. If the other members were girls, who would you want to go out with?
497. If you were to give yourself a stage name?
Princess Tegoshi. It just popped in my head right now for some reason. Kuri's note: LOL
498. What was your breakfast today?
Furikake Rice ball.
500. In 10 years, what will you be doing?
A member of the cool NEWS!

Translation Notes
* Should be in the text, linked out. Feel free to ask anything!
* “Princess Tegoshi” is written in “english”. PURINSESU Tegoshi, not Tegoshi-hime.
* Sorry the numbering got messed up again, I missed one somewhere haha. If you notice which number is out of place, feel free to share so I can fix it.

Personal Comments
♣ Tegoshi would like to be with Ryo, but would date Massu. This cracks me up a lot.
♣ Little!Tegoshi wanting to swim with the dolphins sounds a bit cute, if annoying.
♣ Tegoshi! Hitomi no juunin is good, but there are better songs from SMILE album :O Haha.
♣ Poor Tegoshi, getting the “My heart is already taken” line.
♣ He’s the type who would be ticklish, isn’t he XD;

Confessions of "Badness" June 2008

Tegoshi Yuya
● In second grade I was really out of hand… I flipped up skirts, kissed girls on the cheek, my homeroom teacher got mad at me a lot. Thinking about it now, I think I really was a problem child. But when I was young I thought that kind of communication between girls and boys was normal. I didn’t have judgment of what was ‘bad’. Well, but I got chocolate from the girls I was mean to on valentine’s day, so whether that was really bad…. I don’t know (lol).
● I’m the type of person who if I develop someone I like even if I start thinking of everyone else as rivals and I just think I have to do something to get her heart. For example, if I fell in love with the same girl my best friend likes, I wouldn’t spread bad rumors about him. If it’s a girl I really like, I have confidence I won’t think of other girls, and I think it’s bad to become a total victim of love. So I say, but this is if there was a girl I had been able to fall that hard for… Kuri's comment: o_o So he's only loyal when he REALLY likes a girl, but not to any others? o.o" Would REALLY like include 'love'? :3

Translator's notes:

* I think Tegoshi is saying like, even if you like someone you and think of others as rivals- he focuses on the girl, not defeating the rivals. That kinda thing.

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omt i think the girls he kissed on the cheeks fell in love with him hahahahaa.. lucky tegoshi-sama lol.. im planning on making chocolates for this guy that i might like.. but thats out of the topic here lol. and.. tegoshi-sama is kinda. umm. unlike himself for saying that he would only concentrate on the girl lol.. he's the type that will kill his way through to get what he wants lol. XDDD (or thats what it think. ) his makenai spirit is scary lol. XDDD
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