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Who do you think should be our BANANA TEGOIST of the month?
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22 / F / Ryutaro Morimoto
Posted 2/7/09

TeSsHi-AmY wrote:

miss_lovely wrote:

TeSsHi-AmY wrote:

Look at the picture..

Tegoshi-sama is eating a banana, isnt he? (Or more like touching it with his lips)

Well.. for an ero-ouji to be eating a banana.. We all know the implications of that.. So i have decided to come up with the title
BANANA TEGOIST to honor Tegoshi-sama. XD

Minna-san! Please vote for the Tegoist whom you think fits the role the best.

EDITTED:Voting will end on 14 February 2009(Yesh!u've got it...VALENTINE'S DAY~!!!!)


i would LOVE to be that banana

This time we'll name the winner "Miss Valentine Banana"

That's a nice name.
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