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Horikita Maki, the next Sawajiri?
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/18/10
This is probably some pissed of girl thread. I find it funny you never see hate threads about actors only actress. Girl will flock to actress threads with insults if one bad thing about them comes out but if it's an actor you are a hater.

I like Maki.
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Posted 3/18/10
interesting topic
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Posted 4/30/11
I think ignorance can't be considered as an arrogant personality. Maybe there's a lot more reasons why someone do not response to others,,they might be tired, stressed, pre-occupied or just they didn't notice. I think we should understand and be more considerate, though no one wants to be ignored..
For me Horikita Maki is great, but nobody is perfect. We should see the goodness in everyone.
it could be hard also in Erika Sawajiri's part, maybe there's a reasonable reason behind it.
let's not judge by only what we heard, see or what other people said
maybe there's a story behind those stories that we don't really know.

I'm also a fan of Horikita Maki but don't worry I understand you.
Posted 4/30/11
I wanna do Maki.... I know she doesn't believe in marriage ( I don't either) but she says she wants a baby so i will give it to her no doubt..
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Posted 7/22/12
I doubt it. Maki being the next Sawajiri is a bit funny. I mean I entirely can't see that happening even if imagine to. Maybe because I can see the differences between the two actresses.
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Posted 7/28/12
i think she's just too stressed. we all know she has the most number of dramas in japan..^^
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