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Post Reply How long does it take for u the relize u r gay/lez/bi?
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Posted 6/10/16

Vokisa wrote:

I was in denial over it for a long time. Took me 4 years after I accepted that I was sexually attracted to women to realize that I'm a lesbian. You'd think that it would have been obvious (and it was), but I'm panromantic, meaning that I can fall in love with anyone regardless of if I find them attractive. And when I do fall in love I overlook appearances. I also grew up being taught that you could only marry and have kids with a man. So I didn't want to consider the fact that I may prefer women. I kept rationalizing it. It was obvious I found women very attractive, but I just thought, "I wouldn't be in a relationship with one, so I'm not bisexual." Eventually I accepted the fact, but I still had mostly only let myself fall for guys at the time, so it was hard for me to admit that I was a lesbian. But by the end of my last relationship with a man, I knew that I was. I knew a relationship with a man couldn't work when I didn't have sexual chemistry with them. And I also just wanted to be with women so badly by that point, romantically and physically. Women are wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. Being in a relationship with a woman now, I feel so free and like I wish I'd realized this sooner and had just been true to myself from the beginning. I think back to highschool and how I could have been going on dates with some of the girls there instead of being with disgusting guys. But alas, we can't change our past. I've got a great girlfriend now and am happier than ever, so I can look towards the future. :)

I feel like we went through kinda the same thing.
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Posted 12/20/16
Literally known it ever since first grade since I liked to sit behind boys who had their underwear showing, I even had an imaginary checklist of guys whose underwear I'd seen and my goal for first grade was to see the underwear of every guy in class.

How long it took me to accept it is a different matter.
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