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Post Reply How long does it take for u the relize u r gay/lez/bi?
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Posted 6/10/16

Vokisa wrote:

I was in denial over it for a long time. Took me 4 years after I accepted that I was sexually attracted to women to realize that I'm a lesbian. You'd think that it would have been obvious (and it was), but I'm panromantic, meaning that I can fall in love with anyone regardless of if I find them attractive. And when I do fall in love I overlook appearances. I also grew up being taught that you could only marry and have kids with a man. So I didn't want to consider the fact that I may prefer women. I kept rationalizing it. It was obvious I found women very attractive, but I just thought, "I wouldn't be in a relationship with one, so I'm not bisexual." Eventually I accepted the fact, but I still had mostly only let myself fall for guys at the time, so it was hard for me to admit that I was a lesbian. But by the end of my last relationship with a man, I knew that I was. I knew a relationship with a man couldn't work when I didn't have sexual chemistry with them. And I also just wanted to be with women so badly by that point, romantically and physically. Women are wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. Being in a relationship with a woman now, I feel so free and like I wish I'd realized this sooner and had just been true to myself from the beginning. I think back to highschool and how I could have been going on dates with some of the girls there instead of being with disgusting guys. But alas, we can't change our past. I've got a great girlfriend now and am happier than ever, so I can look towards the future. :)

I feel like we went through kinda the same thing.
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