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Posted 1/16/09
Okay people, so I surfed around pretty much ALL of CR. And i got to say that to actually beable to OFFICIALLY support the dramas and anime i have been watching, is GREAT. Did you ever think that all the shows you love, and actors you love deserve what they worked so hard to produce, yep that means money.

And now with the help of Shinji you can? You can buy that membership, but on the flip side like with this drama as an example you can't watch it because of where your located. That is what really sucks. But while he IS still trying to work out kinks and get the region blocks this drama and other anime and dramas in the other ways you know best.. :cough-Cough: illegal ways :cough:. But don't keep complaining. So you lost one site for others but they still have some good stuff here and coming. So go to the other sites to get the other ones you love. BECAUSE they ARE so many sites to watch every drama and anime your heart desires. XD

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