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26 / M / ENGLAND
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
Well i guess ill start

* Nick. Cad or Chris

* Age. 17

* Where are you from? Manchester, England

* In school or do you have a job? At collage atm, no job atm waaay to busy with other things!

* Do you have a pet? 2 cats, and a fish

* How many languages do you know? Fluent in English and know a bit of German

* What is your favourite Anime? Naruto!!

* Which is your favorite character? Sage Naruto, EPIC

* Anything else you wish to tell us about yourself? My hobbies include swimming, hockey and meeting new people, if you ever need anything feel free to ask

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22 / M / United States
Posted 1/16/09
my nickname is jin
age 13
i'm from california, san diego
i'm in middle school
i dont have a pet
i know english and tagalog
i have a lot of favorite anime
my favorite characters are a lot like naruto, ichigo, reborn and so on
i like meeting new people math and reading, obviously anime
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Posted 1/17/09
Nick: People just play with my name. Diff people call me differently... so... yea... Well, a few egs are Aurii, Rioca, Rio, Scary Old Lady and many others.

Age: 15

Where: Singapore, have you ever heard of it? I hope so.

Occupation: Student in secondary school. On rare days, a part-time promoter.

Pets: None.

Languages: English cum Chinese (you can ignore the chinese though, I only got a B3 for it)

Anime: ARIA (I have been typing this for the third time in this group...)

Favourite Character: Ciel from Kuroshitsuji ((Like a cute little brother (And no, I am not saying all little brothers are cute)))

Others: Hello!

Posted 2/5/09
Hi!Lets start to introduce myself^^
Name:you can call me seki-chan
Passion:student in a secondary school(PROBABLY GOING TO HIGHSCHOOL)
Languages I have known:english,hindi,bengali,french,italian and little bit urdu^^
Fav.anime:I mean all!
Fav.character:cannot decide,I think all
Hobies-reading all kinds of comics,drawing mangas etc.
I just want to say that I love to meet new peoples and be-friends with them^^
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Posted 2/7/09
I probably won't state everything, but oh well. :]
Hello!! You can call me Blue. ^_^
I'm from California.
I'm in school.
No pets.
English(obviously) + Chinese.
Favorite anime: Cardcaptor Sakura, Bleach, Soul Eater, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Shugo Chara!, Toradora!, Inuyasha, + others.
Favorite characters: I've quite a lot, so I'm not going to name them all. XP
Posted 2/19/09
Hey you can call JT
I'm 18
I'm Canadian eh!
I'm working in a music store.
I have a dog.
Fluent in English and French
My favorite anime: Beck
My favorite character: I have no idea. sorry!

A little about me well I like to keep things simple I'm go with the flow and Music is my life!
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23 / F / My Safe Haven
Posted 2/23/09
ohaiyou!!!!!!! i'm nicole but you can also call me nicky or nicky chan or which ever you like
I'm 14 years old
I'm half filipino and half chinese
I'm a student
I don't have a pet
i can speak in english,filipino, chinese and little japanese
My favorite anime: i don't know yet sorry!!
My favorite character: I don't know also very sorry!!!!
A little about me well I can adapt quickly to my environment. i attracted to everything or anyuthing cute . i like to make friends. this is all i can say right now sorry. you are free to stop by my profile .
Posted 3/28/09

Name: Hanako

Age: 16

Location: Australia...

School: 4th year of high school

Pets: 3 dogs 2 cats soon be have a Ferret...

languages: English and little Japanese

Favorite anime: to many to chose

Favorite character: Lucy(Fairy tail) Elie 'n' Plue (rave master) Maka,Blair, Liz,Patty (soul eater)

About self: I'm a vampire Neko, i loves animals, Anime and Manga. Im a horse rider, play soccer,hockey and heaps of other sports. I'm Anime Club President at my school i love my friends and making them im trying to make a big as CR family because i love making friends and i think of all my friends as family.....

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