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A/N: Hi readers. Thanks for the comments. Lolz. Please tell me what you like or dislike about the story if you have any so I can make it better. Anyways, I decided to write my story, so I sat on the couch and it took me about 40 mins to finish writing this chapter. Thus, now I'm going to update my chapter.
SCENE: At the Park

YL: Gui Gui! Gui Gui!! Where are you? Come Out!!

-Suddenly, Arron spotted a girl sitting on the swings, crying. He walked over slowly.

YL: Gui Gui. (said her name in a soft, low tone)

-Gui Gui looked up with her red, swollen eyes, but didn't say anything. She just looked at him, sadly. They were almost like puppy eyes, but she didn't mean to make then, it;s just what she does naturally when she's sad. She looked down. Arron bent down to look at her.

YL: Gui Gui...I'm sorry, but what did I do?

-Gui Gui kept silent. Suddenly, there was music coming from no where. The music caught Gui Gui's attention. It sounded so familiar. She looked around to see where it came from, and she did. It was from the ice cream truck. She kept starying at the ice cream truck.

YL: Do you want some ice cream? I'll buy one for you.

-Gui Gui nodded.

YL: What flavor?

-Gui Gui kept quiet again.

YL: Chocolate?

-Gui Gui shook her head.

YL: Vanilla?

-Gui Gui shook her head.

YL: Strawberry?

-Gui Gui nodded slowly. Arron quickly ran to the ice cream truck. Gui Gui sat on the swing.

~~3 mins later~~

YL: Gui Gui's strawberry ice cream is here.

-Arron gave her the ice cream, on his other hand was vanilla ice cream for himself. He sat on the swing next to Gui Gui.



YL: Gui Gui, can I ask you why are you afrai-

GG: It was about 13 years ago. That year, I was only 5 years old. I love to play with my dad. We loved each other. One day, he decided to buy me new shoes, so we went in the morning. When we ewre on the way to the shoe store, we passed by a pet store. In the pet store, there were a lot of little kitties and cats. I've always thought that they were cute and wanted tons of them at home. I told my dad that I wanted at least 10 of them. The next day, when I came back from school, I got home and saw cats everywhere. I was really happy.

-Arron smiled.

YL:He loves you.

GG: He loves me too much.

-Arron stopped smiling.

GG: I remember that day when he left me forever, leaving me and my mom.

-Gui Gui paused for a second. Tears filled her eyes. She continued.

GG: It was at night. He said he wants to bring me somewhere. I said I want to bring all ten cats with me. He said okay. For some reason, he looked really sad that day. He brought me to a theatre, and we watched "Finding Nemo". The movie was 2 hrs long. When it was done, everyone left, but I told him I wanted to stay longer and finish my popcorns. A few minutes later, he got a call from someone. He told me he would be back in a few minutes. 30 mins passed, and he wasn't back. I started to get scared. Suddenly, the lights went out, the door was locked. I screamed for dad, but there was no one to help me. I could only feel the furry stuffs touching me. It felt like it was going to harm me. I got really scared. A few hours later, the doore opened. I saw mom running to me. I asked her "Where did daddy go?" she told me he died in a car crash, and the last words he said was to tell mom that I was in the theatre by myself.

-Gui Gui started to cry, but she wipe her tears and continued to talk.

GG: He wasn't worried about himself but me instead when he was about to die.

YL: Is this why you are afraid of cats.

-Gui Gui nodded.

YL: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

GG: It's ok.

YL: But it's very surprising. You look so tough, I never knew you were afraid of anything.

GG: There are always something about someone that is surprising, just like you.

YL: Me? What is so surprising about me?

GG: I've never seen you smile just like how you did 30 mins ago. Also, you are so nice at this moment, compared to yesterday. Isn't that surprising? You're not cold blooded, you just don't know how to express yourself.

YL: You'll never know.

-They both laughed.

YL: Come on, I'll bring you home.


-A few mins later, Arron and Gui Gui arrived to her house. When Gui Gui got into her bedroom, she got a text message.

Txt Message:
Hey Gui! It's Arron. Come to my house tomorrow. I have something important to give you, and we'll continue our project. While you're on the way here, go buy me a sandwich. Thx. BYE!

GG: What? Sandwich? Why don't he ask his 146 chefs at home to make him some. Gosh, so rich, so greedy.


END OF THE CHAPTER!!that took me about 20 mins to type up. anyways.. PLEASE COMMENT!!

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