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Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
Yamaki has such a huge fanbase, it's not even funny. Even when their characters don't end up together in Nobuta wo produce or Kurosagi, we know that there's an evident spark between them, love, crush, desire, any signs of "I WANT A PIECE OF THAT."

Akira loves Nobuta. Tsurara loves Kurosaki.

Nobuta cherishes her friendship with Akira.

Kurosaki, that stupid man, denies all sorts of affections for the one person who cares for him more than anyone else in the world, Yoshida (in this case, that would be sexual tension, staring with lustful eyes at her, HAHA).

And Yamaki are just pretty standing next to each other. They even get teased about their super awesome chemistry and cuteness. Well ok, Maki get's teased and is frequently asked if she loves Yamapi like her character loves Kurosaki (their respective roles for Kurosagi).

They just go together like peanut butter and jelly, no matter what. And we all love that about them. Yamaki's chemistry, the deep bond between their characters. THEIR CHARACTER'S SO CALLED RELATIONSHIP WAS WHAT WHAT MADE THE DRAMA SO AWESOME. Oh and because Yamapi is a Johnny and Johnny's attract everyone with their pretty face (and hot body) alone. T_T;

Anyway, now on to the point of this thread...You're a yamaki fan. And again, Yamaki has a huge fanbase. My question is...

Who are you, what's your background and where do you currently live, fellow Yamaki fan?

You'll be surprised what kind of Yamaki fans are fangirling over these two pretty idols.
So far, I found a few cool Vietnamese Yamaki fans from Livejournal.

My name is Mimi and I have a Vietnamese background. I was born and currently live in the U.S.

Oh and I guess you could also say how you got into the Yamaki fandom as well.

For me, it started when I first watched Kurosagi. The characters looked awfully familiar (because I saw NWP first a while back, recommended by a friend) that I went off to do some research on them (as well as looking up the rest of the episodes for Kurosagi) and stumbled upon the Yamaki forum. As I kept going through the Yamaki forum, I found so many interesting things about them, cute things, awesome fic, trailers, rumors, EVERYTHING, that I slowly fell in love the the two...and eventually fell in love with asian dramas.

I blame dramas for letting my anime fandom fade away. All my anime friends are like, "OH NOES, SHE WENT TO THE DARK SIDE!!!" But haha, all my friends are slowly drifting towards the dark side. I got one hooked on Hana-kimi JP, which stars our pretty Horikita Maki. She's (my BFF) is totally in love with Toma, who played Nakatsu. HAHA.

Wow, that was a long introduction. But yes, play along, please? It'll be awesome to know what kind of fans are out there. ^_^ <33
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Posted 1/16/09
Konni! ~ =)

Who are you, what's your background and where do you currently live, fellow Yamaki fan?

Hi guys! I'm May, aka MissieMae.. Mae...etc.

I am a filipina residing in Orlando, FL. There aren't too many fans (that i know at least) here in the Florida, i can probably recall one or two that I don't even know personally. So if you're from my area -- please let me know! i'm looking for some people to "kyaa" with!

Hmmm... how i fell in love with YAMAKI?
Well i am an anime/manga lover who converted to dramas, and since i loved Hana Kimi(the manga), I looked it up and found that there was a live action version from Japan. So I definitely had to check it out, and fell in love with it. Of course, because of my interest, I was totally smitten with Maki-chan and had to see more of her (yes a girl crush) and I found Nobuta Wo Produce and Kurosagi. So I watched Nobuta Wo Produce and Kurosagi nearly at the same time. I focused more on Kurosagi. And HELLO who didn't see their chemistry, they were on fire. And then I realized that the same actor was also in Nobuta Wo Produce and immediately took more interest to it and fell in love with Akira. Therefore my fandom for Yamapi exploded. I wanted to see more and more, so I looked up Behind the Scenes, Promos and everything unraveled. Being an avid fan of fanfcition (xcry ...), I fell more and more in love. And was totally happy that so many people were loving the same things I did. And now here I am, crazy about them and praying, wishing, hoping, (knowing) that they will work again together and actually fall in love.

x333 it'd be the greatest.
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