Banner competition~
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/17/09
Hi everyone this is a competition for all members, helpers and moderators. you will be making a banner and see who's the winner at last! the judge will be me Naomi885 the creator of this group and this competition is starting today (Jan. 16) until Feb. 14 which is valentines day! The winner's work will be post in the group's profile! so follow the rules below and lets start the competition!

1. You have to make the banner by yourself
2. On your banner it have to have the group's name on it (-avatar workshop-)
3. You have to put your username on it incase you steal it from some1 else
4. No stealing other people's work
5. Size can be any
6. The theme will be Cardcaptor sakura

Now let us begin!
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