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Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
hey i'm doing some research about drama and anime
and so i'm looking for a certain kind of anime
if u can help me
i'm looking for stories with a girl
u know the kind of stories where the guy A likes the beautiful and popular girl B
i'm not making researches about this girl, no i'm studying the other girl C, the one not so popular, very cool, hanging around with guys a lot (for ex for the guy A, like bestfriends or something...falling in love at the end is also strongly probable^^) and so i'm making some researches about this kind of animes to watch (movies and dramas also^^)
i am not very in fond of animes, but i open my horizons right?

some clues:
she's very tought
not really beautiful
hard and undescribable past
like sports or arts or anything else not restraigning to conform to others...
u see?
so please if u watched some (the C girl can even be some tomboyish girl )
anyway hope u see what i mean...
and help me :D

take careeee !!!!

(crunchyroll communauty ruless )
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Posted 1/16/09
No personal threads, please. You can ask for help, in general, in the Drama Help Thread.

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