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Posted 1/16/09
There are a few ranks for anyone hu wants to sign up...

There are:

-Sky Principles << [Full] smexcii_tiger_loves_you, StrawberryShortCake_boy
-Avatar Making Students << They find one of the avatar makers or teachers to become their personal tutor, so they can get better at photoshop
-Event Organizers << Make up games, events, and any other fun thing in the group with permission from the Sky Principles
-Teachers << They have many skills in photoshop enough to teach other people
-Angel Guardians << They are the forum mods that keep the rules and make sure no one breaks rules, you must obey them if you are lower rank
-Avatar Makers << They are people who have photoshop and make your requests~
-Platinum Angel << Rank where members dont have to pay before getting their requests, more powerful in RP, and they are basically special members
-Chibi Angel <<Normal rank everyone starts from

Platinum Angels, Event Organizers, require the following

-Have your banner on your profile
-Have group website on your profile
-Favorite this group
-Been active in this group for 1 week+ already
-Upload 100 pictures
-Permission from Sky Principles (both them)

Avatar Makers, Teachers, must fill out the seperate form in FORUMS

Angel Guardians get your position in the "Heavenly Gate" forum

To be a Avatar Making Student, you have to pm the avatar maker or teacher in the group u want to teach you, and get your position from One of the Sky Principles
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