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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09

ShakuganYawen25 wrote:

**Well! Plz! Introduce ur character before doin something else**

Name : lily

Age :13

Year :1st year

Class :1-A

Bio :
lilys parents split up when she was 3 and she lives with her grandma shes really sweet and kind she love 2 talk and wishes she could fall in love and part fariy part cat and she supper cute

Example :

Name : Rukia

Age : 13

Year : 2nd year

Class : 2-A

Bio : when Rukia was a child her parents were killed by pure vampires..until that day she became very lonely and quiet..she has no relatives or friends..but somehow a unknown cat boy appeared.. he told rukia to join him in this academy that will make her happier than ever.. in this case she has no where to go so she was glad to joined....
secret : she has unknown powers hiding inside her...

Name : zero

Age : 15

Year : 3nd year

Class : 3-Z

Bio : he's a half cat demon and a half pure vampire...he knows wat actally happened on the day when rukia's parents died but he couldn't tell her .. its was so cruel that he was affraid of one day she will left him alone if he told her ...
sometimes , hes really mean and rude but when u gets to know him well then you will notice that he is actally nice

Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/20/09
Name : Yume Kairi (Aka. Hikari)

Age : 15

Year : 1st Year

Class : Class 2a

Bio : Hikari was introduced to the world on December 21st. Hikari was born in a family who did not love her. The parents wanted a boy instead of a girl, so they abandonded Hikari. Hikari was forced to live on her own at the age of 3 and she was raised by a group of wolves. Hikari can speak English, but she can talk to wolves too. She left the wolf pack at the age of 10 and was capable in many things. Hikari was always a sweet and kind girl who was oblivious and carefree at many times. She attended an academy which she enjoyed, and able to learn things now, at the age of 13, she was able to buy her own apartment outside of the academy. Though Hikari may seem sweet, she can never fall in love because of a curse put on by her parents when she was young. She was also forced to lose her memory in a car accident one day, so Hikari hopes to remember her past and how to break the unloving spell. Hikari had been put under a spell at age 14 which caused her to grow neko ears and tails, but apparently, they only appear when she's feeling unsecure.


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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/4/09
Name : aerith
year : 2nd
class : 2 A
Bio : Aerith was born in a very rich family but she doesn't have any siblings... her mom died in a car crash on her birthday when she was 5... now, she is living with her father and grandparents... she has blue eyes and long black hair tied to a big blue ribbon.... she entered this academy so that she has more friends...she is very friendly and loves to draw, sleep and eat...
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Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
Name :Miki
Age :13
Year: 2
Class :2B
Bio :She has a blue(left) eye and red eye (right). She is half vampire(dad) and human(mom). Her parents died when Miki was at age 2. And in there will it was said for her to go to school once she was 12.In her old school that she went to most kids was scared of her because of her 2 different eye colors. But no one knew about her vampire side because then there will be great danger that awaits them. She lives with her grandparents along with her older brother Rani. Miki holds vampire magic inside her. But Miki doesnt know this because she was only 2 and knew very little about her parents besides the fact that they were human and vampire.And before her parents death Rani knew about the fact that Miki has this vampire magic from her dad and wasnt allow to tell anyone unless it was for Miki's own good. But, Miki is very hyper,loves chocolate, loves animals, and food. She hopes to start a new life here and make friends.
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