Drama section in CR is not as strict as the Anime Section
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Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
i thought i could share this...
i just visited the drama forums..
i saw a lot of wrong threads in the drama section but the MODS don't seem to mind it..not good at all..
while here in Anime section, one little wrong move and your busted...
soo wrong is the Drama section...tsk..tsk..
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Posted 1/17/09
Nothing is wrong in the Anime section
Posted 1/17/09
Not all mods are specialized in every section. If you don't report it, we won't know it (unless someone who is specialized in that part shows up). Some of us know nothing about Anime, some don't know about music, and I can guarantee know nothing about drama. If you don't report it, we cannot do anything about it.

Besides, do you know how many threads are being made per day? In addition, not all mods are from the same country. Some of us live in America, some in Europe, and some in Asia.

This is a complaining thread. Therefore, please ask questions in the chat with mods thread

Chat with the Mods!

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