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1000 Swords-Man & Dark-Ironoside Turn

Friday 23/01/2009

Brast - hmm doesn’t she become more gorgeous now?
Nora - very attractive now
Ironoside - youuuu...
Brast - Don't be anxious she is alive, I just wanted to make sure that she won’t escapee when I fight with you
Ironoside - ...
Brast – But before that where did you gain knowledge of how to fight kid?
Ironoside - hmmmm
Brast - Hmmm??? Is this mean you don't want to say?
(Ironoside throw one of his swords toward Brast )
Brast - haa!!!
(Brast moved his head to circumvent the sword, he saw the sword hitting the tree so he turned his head toward Ironoside,yet he noticed that there is a sword in his neck)
(Ironoside was in front of him and he put his another sword in Brast neck )
Ironoside - Next time don't let your guard down
Brast - hahahaha
Ironoside - What is humorous???
Brast - you know why I wanted to fight with you?
Ironoside - ...
Brast - First because you had the chance to attack Nora, as you know Nora is a master of ultimate power and she is strong but you could assault her without she notices you so I wanted to battle with you
Ironoside - ...
Brast - But now I became interesting on you.
Ironoside - why?
Brast - 50 years ago 1000 Swords-man stand in front of me exactly the same way like you do now.
Ironoside - 1000 Swords-man?
Brast - yes 1000 Swords-man. The only man i hate him in word so much and i wanted to kill him
(Brast catch Ironoside’s sword, and the sword slowly slowly turned to ice..)
Ironoside - what the....
(Ironoside let the sword go and step back)
(When Brast completed frozen the sword he throw it)
Brast - What you can make now little kid?
(Ironoside run toward the other sword that was in the tree)
(Ironoside catch the sword and pull it back from the tree, subsequently he runs toward Brast to attack him)
Ironoside - yaaaaaa...
(Ironoside attack Brast with his sword, Brast stopped the sword with his hand and turned to ice slowly )
(Ironoside let the sword go like before and step aside)
(Brast after frozen the sword completely he let the sword and it fall on the grand )
Brast - So now with what you want to attack now?
Ironoside - yaaaaaaaaaaa
(Ironoside attack Brast with punch but Brast catch his punch)
(Brast started slowly slowly to turn ironoside’s hand to ice )
Ironoside - yaaaaaaaaa
(Brast after turning Ironoside right hand completely to ice he let it go)
Brast - so how you feel right now??
Ironoside - he he he ...
Nora - that's enough Brast lets go.
Brast - no no no he gazed at me as the same as that man look.
Nora - that man? you mean 1000 Swords-man?
Brast - i fight with 1000 Swords-man two times and he defeated me but the thing that made me hate him so much was the way that he looked at me I wanted to get revenge but he died and then I didn't have time to prove it to him that I can beat him.
Ironoside - !!!
Brast - and today a boy look like him status in front on front of me, has the same eyes as 1000 Swords-man
Nora - oh dear I know you hate 1000 Swords-man but he is different person
Brast - he has the same eyes of 1000 swords-man and I wont forgive anyone who stare at me like this.
Ironoside - so what? You want to kill me?
Brast - killing you!!! if I wanted that I would kill you from the beginning kid
(Brast punch Ironoside’s face and Ironoside fall on the ground)
Brast - I want to show you how I felt but in different way
(Brast start kicking Ironoside with his leg)
(in big and dark castle in other side of earth)
(Ironohide's father back to his castle)
Ironohide - welcome back father
Hayo Shitoro - thanks Ironohide. Where is Kagomi?
Ironohide -there is a fight and Ironoside is in that fight so she went to help him
Shitoro - fight?
(Ironohide started to explain)
(Back to forest)
(Brast was kicking Ironoside)
Brast - so how it feels kid is it;s good hahahahaha...
(A voice come out that just Ironoside can hear)
Darkness - what are you doing kid?
(Ironoside answered )
Ironoside - ah you again, what you want now?
Darkness - I want to assist you and I will show you what is the real power means?
Ironoside - ha? You think with your power I can kill those two?
Darkness - yes
Ironoside - why you want to help me? How can I trust you?
Darkness - I don’t want you to die and if you died then you can't find your past so?
Ironoside- right, now I don't have any choice just remember if you do anything wrong I will kill you
Darkness - ...
(Brast stopped kicking)
Brast - so how it feel?
Dark-Ironoside (Ironoside under darkness control) - hahahahahahahahah..............

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter06

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/23/09
keep em coming ironoside. they're awesome
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
cant wait 2 read the next chapter i want 2 see what kind of power does the darkness have i'm sure its powerful than me
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30 / F / i could be anywhe...
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/25/09
awesome . keep them coming. i can't wait 4 the nest chapter.
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
Omedeto gozaimasu ironosdie , now offcially you well became under Darkness'power for ever ..ops ..i'm not helping to comfort you lol. .............oh ..better for me to stop talking then .......however , thx writer it was awsome chapter as i thought . ...
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
ohhh its soo good! =3
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your an inspiration dude ....
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