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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 7/4/09

Dark-ironoside vs Aitono Brast

Friday 30/01/2009

(In big and dark castle in other side of earth)
Shitoro - so let's see how is Ironoside.
(Hayo power’s user can see everything that happen in anywhere, but they must imagine that place in their mind and concentrate on it. now Shitoro and Ironohide is doing that)
Ironohide & Shitoro - oh no...
Shitoro - this is terrible Ironoside is going to use darkness’s power again
Ironohide - not again...
Shitoro - Ironohide I think I must go again. take care of your sister and your brother until I back...
Ironohide - no father please no
Shitoro - Ironohide...
Ironohide - don't leave. let me go this time please
Shitoro - {this is my first time I hear Ironohide say please}
Ironohide - let me go and stop the waves
Shitoro - but Ironohide ...
Ironohide - I know it's difficult for me to stop darkness’s power waves, but I will prevent it so please let me do that
Shitoro - as you like. You can go but remember don't push yourself too much.
Ironohide - thanks father
(Ironohide left the castle and he flew in the sky with high speed)
Ironohide - {from now on I won't let my father do all the works by himself I will aid him}
Shitoro - ...
(Forest Saiku kora & Toria Otara)
Otara - what is this feeling ?
Kora - what? What’s feeling? Did something happen to princess Shino?
Otara - I don't know I don't sense my sister any more
Kora - what you mean?
Otara – its… somehow I feel there are 3 persons now but I don't feel my sister is one of them.. it's like my sister is not there anymore, let's hurry up and find out what's going on there
Kora - ok
(In the same forest where Dark-ironoside was)
Brast - what the hell??
Dark-Ironoside - hahahahahahahahaha..
(Dark-Ironoside is going to stand up)
Dark-Ironoside - ...
(Dark-Ironoside stood up and he was in front of Brast)
Brast - how can you stand up again?!!!!!
Dark-Ironoside - ....
(Dark-Ironoside looked at his right hand that was frozen)
(Dark power from Dark-Ironoside's buddy come out and surrounded Ironoside's right hand and after second his hand become like before)
Brast - impossible how can this be happen?!!!!
Dark-Ironoside - shut up.
Brast - whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!
(Brast used all his power and the Ground under his legs starts to be freezing)
brast - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(The ground under Dark-Ironoside’s legs was freezing and Dark-Ironoside’s legs was going to be freeze too but black power was protecting his legs )
Brast - what is this black power?
Dark-Ironoside - something like fear power hahahaha..
Brast - are you making fun of me?
(Brast stopped using his power)
Brast - ..{what the hell is with his buddy he changed when I was kicking him but how kicking someone can make him strong?!!!
(Nora moved toward them)
Nora - Brast let me give you a hand
Brast - no. don't come near
(Nora stopped moving forward)
Brast - .. {I must find a way to kill this boy but I must destroy his black power first}
Nora - ...{I feel something bad is going to happen} dear be careful he is not normal person any more
Brast - {I know. huh!!!! black power??} hahahahaha
Dark-Ironoside - hmmm...
Brast - black power. I can't believe it.
Dark-Ironoside - what you don't believe
Brast - you have darkness power kid right?
Nora - what? Darkness power?
Dark-Ironoside - oh so earth people know about darkness power too?
Brast - how can we forget what is darkness power and what black blood did?
Dark-Ironoside - black blood? Oh the person that used a little of my power
Brast - a slight of your power?
Dark-Ironoside - yes you can say about 10% percent of my power
Brast & Nora - 10%???!!!
Brast - and how much of power you are using now?
Dark-Ironoside - hmmmm... you two want to know?
Brast & Nora - ...
Dark-Ironoside - it is about 50% hahahaha...
Brast & Nora - 5-0 p-e-r-c-e-n-t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter07

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
i like it , cant wait 2 read the next chapter
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
it was so great chapter man :D, oh the fight has began lolllllllllll now I will wait to see the broken bones and blood everywhere
thx ironoside ..keep going Mr evil ops I mean great writer lol
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Posted 5/14/10 , edited 5/14/10
im confused who is the bad guys here ??? !!

Anyway i still love the story ^^
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