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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 7/4/09

Full Power Attack and Real Full Power Attack

Friday 06/02/2009

Brast - is this mean you are 5 times stronger than him?!
Dark-Ironoside - hmmm... why.. Is there any problem with that?
Brast - hey kid do you think I am idiot?
Dark-Ironoside - hmmm..
Brast - don't make me laugh, Black Blood was having 10% of darkness power and you have 50%?
Dark-Ironoside - yes
Brast - no one in earth had a chance to stand against black blood that time, and you say he was using 10% of your power? You mean there is a darkness power which is five times stronger then Black Blood and it’s your power? No no nooooo it's impossible.
Dark-Ironoside - believe or don’t believe it doesn't meter
Brast - hmmm I can't think this kind of power ever exists.
Dark-Ironoside – it's because earth’s people are weak
Brast - weak? Earth’s people?
Dark-Ironoside - yes and you are one of them, this is why you can’t believe there are such power in real
Brast - you think L3 of ice power is weak?
Dark-Ironoside - Level 3, hahaha
Brast - Nora stand back
Nora - Don’t tell me you are going to...
Brast - I don't know if this kid is telling the truth or not but I know he is strong and for killing this boy I will do anything
Nora - but using that technique will cost a lot of your power
Brast - I don't mind I will do anything to win this battle
Nora - but...
Brast - Nora shut up and stay back I won’t say that again
Nora - ...
(Nora took Ren and she went far from Brast and Dark-Ironoside)
Nora - {I hope nothing bad happen to him}
Dark-Ironoside - hmmm you two…are you trying to run away?
Brast - run away? hahaha from who? You ? A kid? hahaha
Dark-Ironoside - a kid?
Brast - yes a kid. Now I will show you a method that you ever saw something like it before
Dark-Ironoside - hmmm.. I wonder if it feels good
Brast – f- feel good???.
Dark-Ironoside - yes I like weak people attack me with all they have
Brast - I will show you a power will make you regret for starting a fight with me and for calling me a weak kid
Dark-Ironoside - I hope I will see something interesting
Brast - exciting? This is one of forbidden ways
Dark-Ironoside – oh ..prohibited techniques?
(Brast gather all of his power in certain place of his body)
Brast - yes illegal because it requests to use all the power that i have
Dark-Ironoside - means if you fail you can't protect yourself from my attack?
Brast – you are dreaming kid no buddy have a chance to be alive after this attack
(Brast stopped collecting his power)
Brast - Full Ice Power Attack
(and explosion happened which made all the trees around them plus Dark-Ironoside frozen)
(Nora moved from her place toward Brast)
(Brast fall on ground)
Brast - ...hehehe...
(Nora reached Brast and she cought Brast and helped Brast to get up)
Nora - are you alright?
Brast - hehehe ... fine I am good I am so good hehehe ...
Nora - I can't believe that kid had darkness power
Brast - Darkness...
Nora - anyway lets...
(They heard sounds that look like the frozen ice was started to split)
(They looked at the ice and they saw the ice was broken to parts and dark power was going out from split)
brast - impossible
Nora - oh no...
(and dark power started to vanish the ice)
Dark-Ironoside - it was excellent attack but not enough to kill me
Brast – I used all of my power that I had its impossible for a kid to survive
Dark-Ironoside - if your game play has over it’s my turn to attack
Brast -....
Dark-Ironoside - I will show you the real power of explosion of power
Nora- what do you mean?
Dark-Ironoside - your husband gathered all of his power and harassed me with that all he had the real using full power is explosion yourself with that power
brast - its impossible that you know this
(Dark-Ironoside started to congregate his power)
Dark-Ironoside - using full attack power in your way will cost a lot of power.. you can say its 100% of your power, but if you exploded your body with all of your power it means you used more than 100% of your power however that will cost your life
(Dark-Ironoside was ready to explosion himself)
Dark-Ironoside - any last wish or word left for you two before to meet each other in hell?
Nora & Brast - ....
Dark-Ironoside - so bye. Full Dark Power Explosion
( A big dark power explosion happened that everything was going to vanish with it)

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter08

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09
wow i like it this story is getting better and better each time i read it
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30 / F / i could be anywhe...
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
wow unbelievable . that was awesome . can't wait so hurry up.
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
Atsui . .Atsui . .Atsui ...
yuy oh this chapter with feeding my darkness's side of me
oh..that was so cool to see each Ironoside and Brast try to prove that he is stronger ( Bras: run a way man.and save your life )
oh good ending for the chapter....looking forward to read the next one
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
ohhh wow! =D
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Posted 5/14/10 , edited 5/14/10
Ohh... that was mean ...ironoside

but its intersting story ^^
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