Post Reply Anyone Want to be Moderator?
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
I won't be on alot Cause I'm been busy at school and Reading. You probably think I'm crazy but I stopped watching animes.
So If you want to be a moderator
A moderator has to:

First: You have to find the cutest couples and then find a picture of it and then added on the list where all the cutest couples are. But Don't put too much cause I'll be full. If they have 20 couples then That's enough.

Second: Upload couples photos

Third: Change the Media song Every week or month if you want

Fourth:Add Lots of Forum and make lots of idead

Fifth: never delete the Couple list

Sixth:Invite lots of people to the group

Seventh: You can upload the Default picture Every month if It is already a month then change it but If Someone already changed it then don't change it the Default picture again.(The Picture can be edited)

Eighth: Change the page if you want but only Every month. Like I said If someone already changed it don't change it like again

But I'll let anybody be a moderator unless They do those things in the top.
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