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Which Version Of Hana Yori Dango Do You Like Best?
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24 / F
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
i like japanese version but i also like the new korean one! cause im on this great part so awesome even though i know the the korean ppl kinda mixed it upits still great whatch the korean one sooo awesome
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F / in a very far awa...
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
among the three, the best

tsukasa domyouji: Korea's Lee Min Hoo
rui hanazawa: Japan's Shun Oguri (though TW's Vic is the coolest for me)
soujirou: Korea (i don't know his real name)
akira: Korea (i don't know his real name)
tsukushi makino: Japan's Inoue Mao (she's the best)

this is my own opinion offense
the best story: Japan
the funniest: korea
the most addictive: japan
the most fabulous: korea
the hottest f4: korea
the best ost: japan
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29 / F / Upstate Ny
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
hmmmm except for vanness wu in tw i didn't like JAP WAS DA SHIT........Korean i like it bt it's a total copy of hana yori dango i wanted it to be unique guess not bt am still watching it
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27 / F / Pearl Sapphire Bl...
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
even though the korean casts are handsome as they say :D, i'll still go with HYD.

why? cause Domyouji Tsukasa[Matsujun] captured my heart the best.
and also, not to mention Shun. :))

HYD always.
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26 / F / in my room
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
Here's my unbiased opinion. I just noticed that most users here in crunchyroll favor Japanese dramas more than Taiwanese or Korean dramas and this doesn't have anything to do with how great or how good the drama is by the way. They're favoring the Japanese versions just because it's JAPANESE. I think it's really unfair for Korea's, Taiwan's or any other countries' part.

Okay so for the Hana Yori Dango versions

Taiwan (Meteor Garden)- This version was the most faithful to the manga. It's one of the best dramas I've seen, although it's kinda old since this was like produced and filmed between 2000-2001. I get really upset when people bash this drama. They haven't even watched past episode 1 or 2 and they're already judging this drama by whole and hello?! Why keep comparing this to the Japanese version? Of course after having seen MG, Japan would try making their version a whole lot better. I actually enjoyed and preferred this more than the Japanese version. I think this version was the most unique and original.

Japan- I'm not implying that this version was bad. I gotta admit I also enjoyed watching this drama but could this drama get any more CORNIER ? The ending of season 2 was bad and the movie was even worst. It was soooo cheesy. But I like how they did with the filming and cinematography. The F4 actors weren't also that good-looking.

Korea- Okay, so I was a bit negative when I watched the raw episode 1 of BOF.... but I was patient... and waited for the subs of ep 1 and 2. One thing I have to say, don't judge this drama just by watching EPISODE 1 , I assure you that IT WILL GET BETTER . Watch episode 2 and you'll start liking and getting hooked on this drama. This version had the BEST CASTING EVER . I didn't like the girl at first because she's not that pretty, but thinking it over I realized that Tsukushi shouldn't be really too pretty. She's a commoner and she's plain, but she still managed to make the leader of F4 fall in love with her. Jandi has her charms and the guy playing Domyuji was really HAWT.

My Rating.
1. Korea
2. Taiwan
3. Japan
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29 / F
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
their cast was awesome~~
Korean was all right
but it doesn't attract me
to watch it everyday
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
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31 / F
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
hmm... i think it is way.. too early to judge which series is better rite now. I mean BBF is just starting. i think everyone should just wait for it to decide first. and people shouldn't choose BBF just b/c the F4 cast are HOTTER. but that's their own opinions so i won't bother it just annoys me that peepz are choosing it b/c F4 are hotter.

i mean you gotta think which one really brings the story to life, which one matches the anime/manga. and of course which ones truly capture your heart.

but then again it's pointless deciding which series is better b/c the stories for each series will change and they are not all going to be the same. everyone should just stop judging be watch it and be entertained by it.
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09

eternitytofu wrote:

japanese version = the best
taiwanese version = alright
korean version = shit
mainland china version in the making = shit x 1000000000
filipino version in the making = shit x 10000000000000000000000000

you've have read what's on my mind
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32 / F / los angeles
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
watched meteor garden when it first came out...the acting was bad although the guys and barbie were mighty fione to look at. i can safely say that it was really entertaining although i was a little turned off by the sound of the language at first. but...mandarin (or was it canto?) has a way of growing on you once you get to know the characters.
the japanese version was okay, nothing special in my opinion. everybody keeps going on and on how pretty the girl who plays makino is. yeah hell no. i remember watching the drama and wondering whether they picked the most plain looking girl possible to cast as "the commoner."-cause hot damn that's what she is cause she plays the role pretty well. the production of the film was lacking in vibrancy...i think the only thing that saved the film was the guy domiyoji and all of his adorably wackness.
the korean version feels a little orchestrated. there doesn't seem to be too much fluidity from scene to scene. but otherwise, i will wait until i finish watching the rest of the drama like i did for the other hana yoris.

shuttlehux-you're right..ppl in this community love even the crappiest japanese dramas just because it's japanese. i would read through some of these forums looking for good dramas to watch and fall into the trap of actually watching some overrated dramas only to feel like i wasted my time. it's bafflingly maddening!
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24 / F
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
the KOREAN version
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25 / F / Japan/Korea..*sig...
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
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Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09
jp version was best. i love the characters and all the funny scenes. sucessfully both poignant and humorous. Makino was the best one here no doubt! 5 stars to Mao. p.s. i admit to it being a lil cheesy but that's part of the charm : the honesty.
So far I hate Makino in kr version, she's annoying, you don't see the strong hard working ethic of Makino in this one, she's loud angry and rude to her parents this does not equal being strong! Domyouji in this one is just a sissy, he's just all talk no actions and afraid of bees? i know it's comedy relief but that just ruined the character.
they should fire the director of the kr version, the angles, the cinematic so scattered and non engaging. It look like shit and cheap to me.
nev seen the taiwan version.
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23 / F / Ikemen Paradise~
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/21/09
japanese version all the way!!
no one can beat jun && mao's chemistry~
plus i love the unique story compared to the other ones.
i love the way makino punched domyouji in season 1 compared to the korean version where the girl just kicked the boy and it was totally fake. (no offense, it's my opinion so respect it XD)
the way shizuka spilled wine on the three lilies wherein the korean version shizuka( han chae young~ even though she's beautiful) just said somewhat words of wisdom...
plus... i love the way oguri shun played the role hanazawa rui where he was quiet && (i don't know how to explain) even though the guy in the korean version was handsome :)
YEA~ i love everything about the JAPANESE VERSION... the doki-doki moments.
the theme songs.
the CAST made it even more PERFECT
matsujun as domyouji played the best && inoue mao as makino played the best.
and... and... jkhfyreihikghdyrgfbr (i'm all out of words)
sorry about always comparing the korean one on the japanese, i just don't get it why people love it so much.
PEACE.OUT korean fans. :D

my ranking:
1- JAPAN!!
2- taiwan
3- korea
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25 / F / ask me :)
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
Japanese version for now
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