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uber SWEET~

igh... I WANT MORE~!
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74 / F / your closet ! its...
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hello geh-san.
dirujump told me to tell you that...
she is just peachy and you better be too! (:

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74 / F / your closet ! its...
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Chapter Five: Goodbye, you who I loved yesterday

I returned to the changing room, panting. "Good job, guys," Yabu clapped as we pulled our stuff out of the lockers. "Good job," all the members repeated.

Today was the 10th day of Yamada's absence, and also the day of the concert. The fans were hysterical when they found out he was away, but the rest of us gave it our all to make it a good night.

"Damn, Yama-chan...not even a call or anything..."

Chii blew his bangs out of his face.

"Honestly, Takaki, blow the secret. What's happening?"

I squeezed his cheeks. "Listen up kiddo, it's man-to-man business. So in-betweens like you can't know." I winked to finish the effect.

I strutted out the room real slick, Takaki-style, sniggering at the members' faces as all 8 present sat with their mouths wide open. Ah, boys, boys... I checked myself in the mirror, posed, and flexed. I'm so manly, don't cha think?


~ I really wanna touch myself ~

I heard my ringtone go off as the 9 of us rested in the lounge. Gosh, Purple Line was such a great song. I mean, look at those lyrics. Erm...unknown caller, huh? Anyway...

"Takaki Yuya here, what's up?"

There was a pause at the end of the other line.

"Hello~ moshi moshi~"

I was about to hang up when I heard a faint sound.


I sat up, immediately suspecting the owner of the voice.

"Where in God's name are you?"

"Suite 326."
I was right. It was him.

"Damn it, Yamada...a—"

"Takaki, I'm on a pay phone, we only have a few seconds..."

I silenced myself.

"He's weak...the time is coming, we all know...and the past few days were the saddest paradise...and I just—"


The connection cut off. Exhaling, I massaged my hands. Do I have any idea...

Getting up, I shut myself in my room, flung myself onto the bed and looked at the ceiling. There were sticker stars, glowing in the dark. One, two, three, four, five...

One of them fell to the ground, fading on the floor.

My knees shaking, I got up again and paced nervously around the room. I looked up at the ceiling, hoping to God that no more would drop down.


"Incoming train. The current time is 2:23 am, JST. All passengers please stand at a safe distance."

I felt my hair blow out of my eyes.

...And with it, my hesitation.


"Welcome to Yokohama General Hospital, may I help you?"

I turned around, rubbing my eyes. I had arrived just before 4 am, but finding no one at the reception desk, I had started flipping through magazines and newspapers, both old and new. It was bright already...Huh? I looked at my watch. What?! 8 in the morning already? I pushed back my bangs and took my sunglasses off to face the pretty employee.

"Ah, Suite 326..."

Her eyes lowered to the ground, she said,

"It'll be to your right on the third floor, I'll call Yamada Keisuke-sama to let him know you're here. Your name, please?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she looked up to face me.

"No, no, no." I stumbled back, shaking my head. "No way. It can't be."

She looked into my eyes then dropped her clipboard with shaking hands, immediately bolting from the spot to get into the back room.


I chased after her, finally catching up when one of her heels gave way and she collapsed, panting, through the door of the hospital records room.

"Yuya, go away, please..."

She pushed herself up against the wall, tears in her eyes.

"You were here all along? Do you know how long I searched for you? What are you doing now? Rubi..."

I helped her up and cornered her against the wall.

"It's my fault, Rubi..."

She shook her head.

"It's no one's fault but the one who found those photos and posted them up. We just weren't meant for each other, Yuya. I'm going to college after this internship and I'm going to be a nurse, I had a good time being in 9nine but this might be for the best. So please...go your way...and I'll support you still, not as your girlfriend, but as your fan."

"No, Rubi, we're getting back together...You're mine forever, don’t you remember our promise?"

My head was spinning now, the ground was shifting and I gripped her shoulders tighter.

"It's different now, Yuya, I can't see you anymo—"

Enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I slammed my body into hers and silenced her painful gasp with my lips. Her arms first tried to push me away, hit me, gripped my wrists, but it was all in vain. I wrapped my arms her waist and slid my hands up her back, not taking my lips off hers for even a second. I bit her bottom lip until she opened her mouth to let out a little cry, and forced my tongue between her lips without giving her a chance to retaliate.
When I finally pulled away, Rubi was crying, her chest heaving up and down, her hair a mess, her shirt unbuttoned, and her lip a tiny bit bloody from when I had bitten it.

"Yuya, stop...we can' need to find someone else a long time from now, it doesn't matter how much I love you, just have to..."

Her last words to me took the heart out of me. Whipping out my sunglasses and putting them on to conceal the tears starting to form in my eyes, I turned around, listening to her pitiful sobs fade as I made my way up to Suite 326.

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Kato Rubi?! WTF?!

shucks... this is getting more and more interesting~~
please, I WANT MORE~!!!

hhmmm... *I wonder, how does HSJ's lips taste like??* XDD! LoLz!
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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1oo_Dork wrote:

hello geh-san.
dirujump told me to tell you that...
she is just peachy and you better be too! (:

hehe really?...oh tell her I'm getting crazier every minute...LOL!
anyway, can you send me via pm her ead?..pls pls pls..pretty pls?
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Chapter Six


I leaned against the wall, weak. Rubi was in the lobby. Yamada was on the other side of the wall. My god, what am I supposed to be thinking?!

“How are you feeling today, Uncle?”

I heard Yamada’s voice. I recognized that tone—he was trying to sound cheerful. Trying. Immediately my thoughts snapped back to Rubi, the way she was fighting her tears before I left her. Then, Yamada’s voice again.

“Uncle, I brought some strawberries for you…”

“Thanks, Ryo-chan.”

Yamada’s uncle’s voice was gentle and soothing, relaxing my tense shoulders as I pressed my ear to the door. Inescapably, Rubi’s voice echoed in my head.

“We’re just not meant for each other, Yuya.”

My eyes flitted from place to place, unable to focus anywhere. I slid to the ground as a small cry escaped my lips.

“What makes these things happen…” I whispered to myself, hugging my knees to my chest. Why did cancer have to take a gentle man away? Why is the only girl I’ll ever love separated from me forever? Why did this boy with the purest smile in the world have to experience a death? Why was I wedged between two worlds, both of them falling apart? I sighed and dropped my head.

“Ryo-chan, my stomach hurts a little…will you arrange my covers for me a bit?”

I stared blankly ahead and listened to what followed.

“Sure, uncle.”

“You’re a big help, you know that?”

“Not big enough…” I heard his voice falter.

“Don’t say that…everyone tried their best. And when the best isn’t enough, it means, well…” I heard him sigh.

“You told me long ago, right? When someone dies, it’s because there’s no happiness left for them in life…”

“But Ryo-chan, that might’ve been untrue. Ever since you came, I’ve been looking forward to each day without worrying about how much time was going by. That’s one thing I’ll regret, leaving you behind…”

I heard the sound of Yamada’s uncle exhaling through the respirator.

“Ryosuke, I love you very, very much.”

“I love you too, uncle.”

There was a pause.

Then, my heart stopped.



I shot up, my knees shaking, first slowly turning the handle of the door, then bursting in the room.


My whole body, I frantically rushed over to the bed and applied pressure several times to Yamada’s Uncle’s chest. Please wake up, o-san, WAKE UP!! I felt sweat roll down my face and my cheeks burned, my eyes welling with shocked tears. I watched my sweat and tears drop onto the white covers and disappear, hearing my own heartbeat in my ears as I tried to revive his. The beeping in the background had never sounded so hopeless. My breath came in gasps with the immense effort.

“Takaki, save him, save him…”

Yamada was frantic, not even questioning why I was here. Seeing his terrified countenance, I pressed harder, forgetting myself.

“Step aside, please!”

An authoritative-looking man rushed into the room with several nurses, applying electric pads to Yamada’s uncle’s chest.

“1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3!”

I looked to the ceiling. This was always the part where a little blip in the monitor came up and the patient’s heartbeat started again. This was the part where it happened! My eyes snapped to the screen, searching for any activity. The flat line never changed. The doctor is here! The nurses are here! He’s supposed to live! I held my head in my hands, only able to wait for what was to be.


“Yokohama General Hospital, Patient 5257, Yamada Keisuke is dead. 9:38 am, Sunday, February 8th, 2009.”

I heard Yamada drop his good-luck charm on the floor as he looked dead straight ahead, with an indescribable expression on his face.

Unable to control myself any longer, I swung open the door and flung myself onto the balcony, where I could see the whole world, the whole damn world. I bit my lip until I could feel the blood come down and looked up at the sun, shining so brightly. On this kind of day, when everything fell…the sun dared to shine so brightly.

I screamed.

Until I coughed and tiny drops of blood showed on my hand, I screamed.

The worst part was, no one was there to stop me. No one wanted to stop me. No one cared to stop me.

I was alone, screaming as if my heart was on fire, screaming as the Yokohama sun’s rays beat down on the city, ignoring me.

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so DAMN SAD...

So So SAD~~
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23 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
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hey i wan the next part pls(:
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Chapter Seven

March 1st, 2009.


It had been almost a month since the incident, and things were just about back to normal. I smiled faintly, kicking up the dust. Life goes on.


What the hell?


Oh damn, that hurt, that hurt, that hurt~~~ I looked up.

"Takaki, you idiot, I said get out of the way five times and you randomly smile and shuffle and this is what you get..."

Yamada helped me up and brushed me off, the soccer ball in one hand. He spent an uncommonly long time brushing off my ass. Little pimp.

"What's for lunch, puni-puni poppe-kun?" I asked, pinching his chubby cheeks.

"It's muscle, Takaki."

"In your cheeks?"

"Just shut up, will you?" Studying my face for a few more seconds, he made a comeback. "Lunch today is yakisoba, single eyelids-chan!"

I was pricked. "Single is beautiful, fat insolent child!" Yamada pouted. "You look like the cross-product of a fish and Akanishi-senpai!" This guy needs to remember his age when he comes up with these things...or maybe 15 year olds have gotten littler in the brain? Might as well return it. "Gremlin and Yoda had a secret child, you know. Then they sold it to the Yamada family, and as far as we know today, they named him Ryosuke. Ever heard of him?"

I successfully earned myself another slap on the ass. Man, he likes to touch my ass. Not that I blame him. It's a pretty damn fine ass. Wanna see?

"This is the best yakisoba ever. My god, this is effing good yakisoba. Mmmmf nom nom nom."

Yamada, Hikaru, Yuto, and Chii all stared at me. (What is this, the Y group? Yamada-Yaotome-Yuto-Yuuri-Yuya? YAKISOBA?!)


They all blinked simultaneously.

"It's true! Where'd you get this? Tell whoever made it I want them to marry me."

Yuto giggled. Hikaru nodded authoritatively and said, "Takaki, we accept you."


"GAY PRIDE!" Chii leapt over the table and sat on my lap.

"No, Chii, I like fact I like them very" I tried to push him off my lap but the damn monkey was just about stuck there forever. Oh dear.

"Yama-chan made the yakisoba, you know...but you're going to have to fight me for him..." Yuto put an arm around Yamada jokingly.

"Get off, you're being gross~" Yamada whined. I poked Chii. "If you want to go to the gay parade or something, there's someone right across the table that's dying to go with you, it seems...and Yamada...tell me more about this older sister of yours...Chihiro, was it?" I winked at him playfully. "Her boyfriend will murder you, don't think about it," he laughed. Hikaru nudged me, saying, "I guess you'll just have to settle for the next best thing...isn't that right, Yamada?"

Yamada blushed and laughed. "Come on..." There was something in his voice though. Was it worth knowing? Sure...but maybe not...

"Alright." I devoured the last noodle on my plate and took out my notebook. "Photoshoot at 5 pm. I guess it's naptime until then, boys..." I stretched and walked around the picnic bench. Finally, a break.

"I'll...settle for here..." Yamada lay himself down under a big willow tree while Hikaru and Yuto were swordfighting with branches and Chii was doing cartwheels. The amazing sleep boy Yamada has done it again: asleep in 3:13 minutes and seconds. I could hear his even breathing in no time at all. I poked him with a twig. Yes sir, he is asleep. What a guy.

I heard him mumbling. Huh? He talks in his sleep? That's cute. I chuckled to myself and lay down on my belly next to him, playing with the blades of grass around me.
That was when I heard it.

Between breaths, I could barely make out what he was saying...but what I could hear made the whole world go silent.

"Takaki...stay with me forever, don't leave me..."

The next words forced the air out of my lungs and froze my eyes in place.

"Could you ever love me the way I love you?"

A single tear rolled down his cheek and formed a little pearl of water on the grass.

I can't breathe. My god, I can't breathe.

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yuu-chan.... O_O
ano... takaki and yamada....
hehehe... as usual that's great ne!!! >w<
can't wait for the next chapters!!!
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O-O omg!!!~ it was funny and sad at the same time!!!! takayama ne~ my friend will be uber uber happy after reading this x33

cant wait for the next chappie!! :3
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Takaki && Yamada = TAKAYAMA!!!!

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74 / F / your closet ! its...
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Chapter Eight!

I tore my eyes from his face and lay down on my back, paralyzed. What? I smiled to myself in absolute disbelief. He can't love me. Not LOVE me. Yamada, that's means you're...I slid my back up the trunk of the willow tree, assuming a half-sitting position. My chest was heaving and I could feel the blood pounding in my temples.


He has to be pulling a joke on me. He must be waiting for my reaction, just waiting to tell the group that I'm gay. That's got to be it. I took a deep breath and threw a twig at him.


He stirred, frowned, then went back into a deep sleep. What? He was asleep? No, no...I shook him.

"Yamada! Oi, Yamada!"

He squinted and propped himself up on his elbows, barely awake.

"What is it..."

"You were...asleep?"

"Yeah...wasn't that obvious?" He rubbed his eyes and smoothed back his hair.

"Uh...I don't know..." I sighed.

"Don't know what?"

I could feel my face flushing red. Oh, damn...DAMN!


I sprang up, stumbled forward, and sprinted out of the park. No way! No way in hell! Yamada wasn't gay! He wasn't! And...and...

I desperately thought of Rubi, trying to recall the burning sensation in my chest. Thinking of her...last week, thinking of her would have made me cry. Would have made me furious, made me want to hit any random passerby in the street. But tried, tried so hard to think only of her, and nothing. I felt nothing. I could only hear Yamada's whispers...

"Could you ever love me the way I love you?"

Yamada, no! Don't love me...not me...why me...someone like

I staggered into the train and blinked back confused tears. As it pulled out of the station, I could see out of the train windows some advertisements on the boarding area. My mouth hung slightly open as I saw a familiar sight on the lighted boards.

The Mona Lisa, again...


"I'm sorry," I mumbled indefinitely. "So...sorry." The pictures moved faster and faster, whipping by. Wouldn't they listen to my apology? I said I'm sorry, idiot...for being this way...

I slumped in a seat next to two confused schoolgirls. Who cares if they recognized me or not? I'm Maybe I should just say it aloud and kill my reputation. Just maybe. Because maybe a boy named Yamada Ryosuke just confessed his love for me in his sleep. To me, Takaki Yuya. And all Japan will flip. Everyone will gossip, some girls will scream, my parents will disown me...I'll lose my job...and all that glamour and glory...the name...

I put my head in my hands. But no. Because I'm just a boy. I'm just an eighteen-year-old boy. I live in the same world as everyone else. I breathe the same air, look at the same sky, walk the same streets...I have a mind, a body, a soul...And I have a heart that hurts once in a while.

But why was this so tragic? Why did anything stop me from loving at all? Rubi, and now Yamada...every day, I want to walk the streets, I want to sit in the park; I want to smile without a hat and sunglasses on so the world can look on me freely.

But no. Because even if I'm only a boy...I'm this person. Because all the world sees only Takaki Yuya the idol star. Barely anyone sees I'm only human, I'm only a lost kid...

I repeated it over and over in my head. For the public to see me like this would be shocking, no doubt. Since I'm always smiling, laughing, happy...

...but I'm only...


Hey hey hey ME HERE~

That'd be YUU. Like, diruJUMP. (yes, I'm still alive. xD!)

So just popped in to say...hi? LMAO! Aiights and to all the readers, thanks for reading~ and feedback is welcome, even if im a CR zombie, im alive on the net, I can see ur comments~!

And shieLdebLem (is that ur username? Girl ur caps are messing up my brain xD) I just read ur YUTO oneshot and it pretty much knocked my lights out and sent me to heaven LMAO! (I might be writing takayama but im still a die-hard yuto die-hard I mean like ASDFOUQWBIKSDOSVKASJHSDIUSNEWL!!!!!!!)

:DDDDDDD so now that im done with my yuto-gasm (oh my!) I must conclude tranquilly~

ENJOY, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(tranquil went out the window~)



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1oo_Dork wrote:

I guess my CAPS does mess up your brain~! XD!
thanx for reading my Yuto OS!


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omg!!! TAKAYAMAAA!!!!~ <333333 must write more!! *o* this ishh soooooooo good!!~ :O
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