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73 / F / your closet ! its...
Posted 3/28/09
Chapter Nine

*NOTE* *NOTE* *NOTE* (for the more squeamish among us…well SPOILER!)
There’s a bit of gay action in the last part of this chapter. Not hardcore play-by-play OH BABY style (ooh that might be coming though [no one heard that OwO]) but the beginning of…yeah. But not all out. Really. Just warning you guys :D!!!

"Sorry I...did that."

So now I'm apologizing. What am I supposed to do? I rubbed my temples and leaned in the doorway to his room.

"Did what?"

He got up and walked up to me, his eyes wide and blinking innocently; he had been taking a nap for the past few hours after the photoshoot.

"You didn' anything wrong..." he lifted his hand to place it reassuringly on my shoulder.

Instantly, I shook him off, with a force that surprised even me.

"God damn it, Yamada, I..."

I inhaled sharply, stressed. "I screamed at you for no reason, don't you remember?"

He let out a sad smile. “If it was your decision, I trust there was a good reason behind it…” Looking down, he continued, “You don’t have to tell me why if it makes it easier for you though…”

I slid down on the floor, my back against the wall. Forcing a smile, I tried to change the topic of the conversation. “…Whatever.” I bit my lip. “So, how many times has Yuto proposed to you today?”

Yamada brightened up, catching on to my lightening attitude.

“Five, maybe…no, six. Yeah, it was six. Honestly, what makes him think I’m gay?!”

He was joking, alright, but that was a bad topic choice. The guy IS…gay…
I let my eyes wander.


“Hmn?” I snapped back into focus, shaking my head. God…

“Where did everyone go?”

“Spa and karaoke. Why?”

“You didn’t go with them?”

“I felt like I had to stay until you woke up, you know?” I laughed, easing my tension.

“Takaki, you didn’t have to…”

“I wanted to.” I gulped back at the sound of my voice. It was carrying my words a bit further than I intended. When I looked back at Yamada, he was nervously swinging his legs, sitting on the edge of the futon.

“Is there…anything I could say…that would make you mad?” He paused. “Not like calling you `Takagi` but…is there anything…”

I sighed and leaned against the window. “I can’t imagine anything like it. Do you want to say something?” I smiled at him playfully. “Takaki Yuya at your service, I will listen any amount of time for your H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S!” I nudged him on the shoulder assuringly, but got no response.

“Eh? Yamada, you OK?”

He got up from the futon and stood close in front of where I was sitting, so close that our knees touched.

“Takaki, I’m not…I’m not alright, I’m not okay…” his voice quivered.

“Hey, tell me everything, what’s wrong?” I touched him arm, but inside my head, I didn’t know what to think at all.

“You WILL be mad at me…I can’t…” Yamada’s eyes glazed over with emotion.

“Say it, just say it,” I squeezed his arm again.

Without a word, he…

…fell into my arms. Weakly, helplessly, as if giving himself up to me. Stunned, I held him close, trying to console him.

“Yamada, damn it, what in the flipping world is WRONG?!”

“I am…” he whimpered between muffled sobs. “I’m wrong, I’m twisted, I’m dirty, I’m…I’m…”

“Shut the hell up, you’re the farthest thing from—“ I was interrupted when he whispered in a shaking voice into my neck:

“I’m in love with…you…”
I sat still, absolutely still. It was this. What all those months of companionship, laughter, smiles…it was this. And I couldn’t think anymore, couldn’t think of anything at all.


That was all I could say. Pathetic guy I was.

“Please don’t be angry…” Yamada pleaded.

“I’m not…angry…” I murmured, still shocked.

Pulling himself away from me, he furiously wiped his own tears. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m—“

I clapped my hand over his mouth.

“Stop.” I pulled his hands down and wiped the tears away for him. “You’ll hurt yourself wiping violently like that,” I smiled and put my hand on his cheek. “And no apologies.”

What was I thinking?

“No apologies,” I repeated.

“When you break my heart, THEN I’ll ask for an apology. But now…don’t you dare.” I touched his shoulder, my heart pounding.

“Break your heart?” he asked, eyes shining sorrowfully.

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied quietly. Would that mean…

My anxiety and confusion weren’t separate from my passions at all now. What am I doing, what am I going to do…my head spun. I’m talking without looking back or forward or…

“Takaki, I could never do that to you…” he almost began to let tears fall again.

Tipping his chin up so he would look at me, I shook my head. “No more tears…”

It was about then that I lost myself.

Pushing him onto the futon, I pressed his shoulders down and back into the pillows. “Takaki…” he gasped. I didn’t respond, straddling his legs and hovering over him. “Just don’t say a word…” I heard myself say. Tracing his collarbone down into the low cut of his shirt, I slowly lowered my body onto his. Stunned, he could only raise his arms above his head in submission. Slipping my hand under his shirt, I pressed my hips into his, feeling him stir. I couldn’t think of anything else as I swept the hair out of my face, looked intensely into the depths of his eyes, and pressed down on his jeans as I slid down the zipper…
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Posted 3/29/09


dang, this is really submission~!!
*applause for the new couple!!!*

and yeah, I know, I have a dirty mind

and I'm okay with it~!
*waves banner*
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73 / F / your closet ! its...
Posted 4/20/09
Chapter 10

I hooked my fingers into the loops of his pants, about ready to tear them off while he watched me with anxious, passionate eyes. I took in a deep breath—


Damn it. F*ck it all! Why the hell did this have to happen NOW?!

I flung myself off of Yamada's bed and sat in the armchair facing the window, gripping the sides of the chair in an attempt to cool the burning sensation in my pants. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Yamada gingerly pull up his zipper and slide up into a half-sitting position on the bed, still trembling.


Hikaru popped his head in the door, curious.

"What were you guys up to?"

Yamada answered, "games....then we got tired, I guess."

I let out an inaudible sigh and turned around to face Hikaru. "So was it fun?"

He nodded vigorously. "There was a really hot masseuse there, and she put her hands all over my body and it felt so...good..."

I smacked him. "ERO!!"

He scrunched up his face in retaliation. "You would have liked to get that massage too, man..." "I doubt it, pervert..." "You should have seen Yuto though, the second he saw her he went bright red and almost ran out of the building naked!" "Sexy. I would have raped him."

"WHAT?!" a wide-eyed Yuto appeared in the doorway. "Takaki, you want to WHAT me?!" "I said..." I leaned in his ear. "You're on my TO DO list." I smirked and sat back down, listening to the boy scream and sprint away from the room.

"Whatever," Hikaru laughed. "I'm hungry..." "Sucks for you, make some ramen or something." "That's cold...I want your special ozoni~" "Nah, sorry, I..." I glanced at Yamada. "I have somewhere to go with this guy." He sat up when he heard my words.

"OK then," Hikaru nodded unsuspectingly, and left the area.

Taking the chance, I grabbed Yamada's wrist and yanked him out of the apartment.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere, I don't know, just somewhere!"

His eyes stirred. "Takaki, this can't be a dream..."

I pushed the button for the elevator. "It's not, idiot."

"Make me believe it!"

"What? How am I supposed to do that?"

"I don't know, it just feels like you're going to slip away, I—"

Tears began to form in his eyes again.

I couldn't take it, watching his pearly tears fall from his perfect face. "Look—"

I pulled him onto the elevator and shoved him into the corner. "This is real, Ryo-chan..."

I bit the soft spot on his neck and listened to him whimper at the little bit of pain. It probably wasn't enough for him, least that's what I thought. I licked the place where I bit and sucked slowly, intoxicated by the scent and the feel of him on my tongue.

Pulling away, but just a little, I put my forehead against his and asked, "Was that enough to convince you?

"No, never..."

I smirked, crashing my lips into his, not hesitating to pry them open with my tongue and explore every last bit of his delicious mouth.

"We're going to have fun tonight," I whispered in his ear.

"Just the two of us, I'll take you anywhere you long as it's with me."

I caressed his cheek once before taking his hand and stepping out of the elevator.

Neither of us noticed the little black, round, shiny thing in the corner of it.
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22 / F / Morimoto Ryutaro...
Posted 4/20/09
kyaaaaaa !! gomen if I read it just now :)
I'll read the other chappies soon
and MORE onegaishimasu~

-- oh . you can read my fic too . It's title is Bench-chan

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26 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 4/20/09
uwaa! finally i caught up!!

this is just soo awesome yao-ish fic man!!!
that takayama pair was pure love!
ooh they'll be having fun later!
waiting for the next chappie now!
oh yeah
it would be better if
it's yamajima!

uwaa! yuu chan! where in the world are you?!

oh sorry i haven't get the time to reply back to your msg in aim!
damn i missed you like crazzy!!!
when will you ever come back here in CR?!
*pokes pokes pokes*
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Posted 4/20/09



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