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Posted 1/19/09
Hello. This is just 2 be friendly & start any talks or anything like that off. I'm the Creator of this Group "Talking Helps" My name is Andrew but please call me Faith, if u want. & yeah, get posting, talking, anything that u wanna even share, go for it.

peace ppls! ^__^

Enjoy, Help, have fun!
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Posted 1/20/09
Why isnt there anymore responses? XP
Well, Ill start by saying hey to everyone. ^^ Names Melissa, I go by Mel though from friends...usually though they call me different variations of melissa.... whatever you can think of, Ive been nicknamed. XDD
Anyways...Im currently a premed student in college, so unfortunatley I do not have much time for the internet..but I do try. ^^
Lolz...I think thats all you really need to know about me, anything else, just ask...and I look forward to chatting and getting to know everyone. ^^

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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
Hi y'll what should i say ??hmm ok my name is Mouna i live in my own world with my ideas and my convictions,I'd rather listen mor than talking That made me sensitive & can understand the others around me without talking ...I prefer To get hurt to hurt any one , i hate & despise who hurt ppl ,I like help others & listen to them might be talk can't change the fact but it is really can help us with one way or you see iam chatty kathy ,honest ,open gil too i like mess & be freeee...I like & love my CR familly &I am ready to sacrifice my life for them so fuck off on them this the only situation will make me to be bad gil lol ....opes that is all
thak you
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