Post Reply ~Introductions~
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/20/09
Here you introduce your self.Lemme start.

Hi everyone!My name is Naomi and its nice 2 meet all of you.
I love to listen to music and play the piano.
Heheh i like crunchyrolling.
I dont like stalkers or stuck up people.
Have fun!

1.State your name.
2.Topic sentence.
3.What you like.
4.What you hate.
5.ending sentence.
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/16/09
my name is ashya
i LOVE drawing and playing bass guitar and piano.
i LOVE sushi, matter of fact, im craving it right now
i hate elevators, boats, cars, and others that make me sick
and i hope to get along with you all
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