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29 / F / ...Floating away.
Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/20/09
Human Form
Name: Mimi Hoshizakaya
Hair: Sky Blue
Eyes: Red
Others: Carries around a teddy bear she's had since she was seven
Personalitie: acts sort of like a cat, caring, nice, not usually mean.
Bust(breasts): 35B
Age: 19

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: 09
Color Scheme: Black, Yellow, white.
Type of Music: J-Pop
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Clothes: Yellow polo tee, black shorts, black bow on left arm, white thigh-high stockings, black loafers.
Others: Still carries around same teddy bear,
Relations with other Vocaloids: Not social around girls so doesn't make very many girl friends.
Personalitie: Very Outgoing around boys, flirty, jealous at times, gets angry easily.
Character Item: Mirror
Bust(breasts): 36C
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77 / F
Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/18/09
Human Form
Hair:two long pig to her hips
Others:likes pocky
Personalitie:fun,energetictalkative,hyper,cheerfull but can get really dark and mad

Vocaloid (real form)

Color Scheme:magenta,purple ,and black
Type of Music:techno,anime,pop and rock
Hair:long pigtails with bangs that go to her eyebrows (color: darkdark brown)
Clothes:top:a vest thingy like mikus with a tie and her colors. bottoms:a skirt like hatune miku but in her colors. headphones:magenta headphones shoes:boots that go a littel above her single black glove on he right hand.
Others:has a ribbon choker around her neck
Relations with other Vocaloids:she very sweet when she wants to be but if someone crosses the line she'll blow
Personalitie:swwet,cheerfull,lazy,fun,hype,mean when she wants to be
Character Item:pocky or lolipop
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23 / F
Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/28/09
Human Form
Name: Lin Suzune
Hair: little longer than shulder length black hair, always plays and experiments with different hairstyles, mostly in a half up half down style...or just down...
Eyes: purpleish
Others: loves lollipops (any other candy) pandas and other cute things!
Personalitie: cutesy, fun, shy around those shes just met, can become really evil like when bothered, and is VERY sarcastic and random!
Bust(breasts): 32A
Age: 14

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: 04
Color Scheme: purple, black and grey
Type of Music: techno, pop, rock, electro pop, enka, dance
Hair: the same as when in human form, different hairstyles on special occasions occasionally in half do or down.... has clips in her bangs
Eyes: purple
top: grey purple and black sailor uniform shirt
bottom: a dress cut up the thigh (purple) with a black and purple striped belt.
headphones: sometimes they're the classic headphones in black or black ones that are shaped kinda like elf ears! :)
shoes: legwarmers (black) with purple shoes or knee length black boots with thigh high black socks.
Others: sometimes wears a black, purple or white scarf. wears a black headband with a ribbon/bow on it!
Relations with other Vocaloids: if shes just met them, shy and sttutery but =once she gets comfortable around them, she comes out a little more, being sarcastic, louder and more hyper.
Personalitie: doesnt like being centre of attention so she mostly sings in groups or duets. is quiet and shy around some ppl or energetic around others...
Character Item: any kinda candy or sweets (mostly lollipops or popsicles) panda items (bags or hats or stuffed animals) or something cute like that!
Bust(breasts): 32A again

heres a picture...its the girl on the right tying her hair p! thats technically what my character looks like!
Posted 11/28/09 , edited 12/18/09
Human Form
Name: Mumu
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Others: was born in amirice then moved to japan and went to school to high school singer
Personalitie: loves to draw sings a lot and love to have fun
Age: 12

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: 13 (its my lucky number)
Color Scheme: blue sky
Type of Music: pop rock
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Clothes: green and black
Others: the beast drawer and creation person ever
Relations with other Vocaloids: the smartest and funnyest person in group
Personalities: love to be funny :3
food: sushi all the time
Bust(breasts): 30a

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22 / F / Mexico
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
Human Form
Name: Airi Miyahara
Hair: one pig tail. Black hair
Eyes: One's Black.(left) One's White. (Right)
Others: one pony tail in her hair she is medium and cute. ^-^ and with her Black eye she can see twenty miles from where she is standing. Her white eye lets her see behind her. ^-^
Personalitie: Mean and Nice.
Bust(breasts): 34B
Age: 14

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: 03 (it's my fave number)
Color Scheme: Black (for Bad). White (for good)
Type of Music: Rap and Techno
Hair: one side is Black and one side is White.
Eyes: Same.
Clothes: A Black dress with a White star in the middle and Black Boots.
Others: She has Star powers.
Relations with other Vocaloids: She is related to some of my other Vocaloids.
Personalitie: Mean when her outfit turns Black. Nice when her Outfit turns White.
Character Item: a Sword.
Bust(breasts): 34B (she can change it to Bigger xD)
Age: 19 (looks 16 though)

She can transform into her human form and Regular form.

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22 / F
Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/23/09
Human Form
Name: Miyara Natsumi (Last to first how to pernouce Miyara Me-r-ya)
Hair: Brown Hair two pig tails
Eyes: one black one dark green
Personalities: Nice
Bust(breasts): 35B
Age: 15
Single or Taken: Single
Dates: Only Humans.

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: 973
Color Scheme: Black
Type of Music: Techno the most
Hair: Black long Pig tales
Eyes: Full Black
Clothes: Tie,Black Boots,Black Long Sleeve Shirt,Black Skirt.
Others: Her tie lets her talk to anyone from where it is
Relations with other Vocaloids:
Personalities: Nice
Character Item: Mic,Sword.
Bust(breasts): 35B
Single or Taken: Single
Dates: Only Vocaloids

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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10

emerald_alchemist wrote:

Name: Mizuki
Hair: Blond & Wavy. Wears a yellow ribbon in here hair.

Eyes: Blue

Others: Was born in America, but has been raised in Japan since she was 5, so she has always been interested by Japanese Anime,specifically magical girls.
Personalitie: Fun,Caring,Loving,Airheaded but smart, Obsessed with anime.
Bust(breasts): 36B
Age: 14


Number: 04
Color Scheme: yellow and black
Type of Music: J-pop, J-rock, Anime OP.
Hair: Same as in human form, but in two long pigtails with yellow ribbons.
Eyes: same blue

Others: When she's in her vocaloid form she can read minds, but can tune them out.
Relations with other Vocaloids: Nice to everyone. Has a huuuge crush on Len Kagamine!
Personalitie: same as human personality.
Food: onigiri
Bust(breasts): 36B
Age: 14


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28 / F
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/8/10
Human Form
Name: Yumi
Hair:Dark brown with pink wavy
Eyes:one blue and one pink
Others:born in america loves shiny stuff x] and neko's she also loves anything that has to do with japan
Personalitie: sweet and childish sometimes mean if she gets annoyed

Vocaloid (real form)

Color Scheme:pink and blue
Type of Music: J-pop, J-rock, Anime OP
Hair: same as human but with a ribbon

Eyes:same as human
you can chose
Others:she can fly and can imitate anyone and anything
Relations with other Vocaloids: loves any vocaloid she mets and loves Len and akaito
Personalitie:super childish and clumsy when she sees Len or akaito
Character Item:rose(s)
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21 / F / In yur closet O_O
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
Human Form
Name:Chizune Akami
Hair:white and goes to elbows
Others:a model and actress when not singing
Personality:playfully-mischievous ,childish,playful(hitting xD),stubborn

Vocaloid (real form)

Color Scheme:light pink,gray,black,white
Type of Music:j-rock,j-pop,visual kei,r&B techno,electronica
Hair:light pink/white goes to knees

Others: can change pitch and tone of voice and is very obsessed with lolita,punk,goth fashion
Relations with other Vocaloids: friendly because she feels they understand her more
Personalitie: same as human personality
Character Item: frilly lolita parisol/umbrella
Bust(breasts):35 B (lol)
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21 / F
Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/5/10

Hair:long & soft blonde
Eyes:Soft Brown
Other:Wears cute hats depends on her mood & outfit
Personality:Although looks shy, really very outgoing. Teaches her vocaloid how to sing
Bust:no bust size

Color Scheme:Pink & White (except bunnies)
Type of Music:Depends on her mood
Hair:Cute Pink
Clothes:simple white outfit with a hint of japanese uniform,pink bow on hips,& two bunnies in hair for headphones
Other:She goes to school with her human
Relationship:she doesn't know very many vocaloids because she goes to school
Personality:Complete air-head,sweet & agrees with everyone
Posted 4/13/10 , edited 4/14/10
Human Form
Eyes:dark brown
Others:long hair in pigtails
Personalitie:shy and quiet
Bust(breasts):i dont know

Vocaloid (real form)

Color Scheme:light blue and white
Type of Music:soft acoustic,violin and piano
Hair:light blue
Others:white and blue dress with bows
Relations with other Vocaloids:doesnt talk to them much.pretty secretive.
Personality:quiet and secretive
Character Item:violin

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22 / F
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/17/10
Human Form
Name: Ri Kuro
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Others: Maid outfit
Personalitie: Shy, Girlish, Loveing, has kindof a sense of humor
Bust(breasts): Its a boy
Age: 15

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: -00
Color Scheme: Blue, Black and Gray
Type of Music: Rock, pop, emo
Hair: Gary
Eyes: Blue

Others: has a cane and a black rose
Relations with other Vocaloids: He is some what bossy
Personalitie: Bossy and acts like a king but can be very sweet and caring
Character Item: Candy
Bust(breasts): Its a boy
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22 / F / Your Nightmares
Posted 6/28/10 , edited 6/28/10

Human Form
Name:Xavier Blood but goes by 3RR0R
Hair:Black with Red coon tail down to her waist
Eyes:Red and Blue
Others:a very tiny, neko with bat wings name 6UMM1((Gummi))
Personalitie:Shy, quiet, mysterious, sly, can be evil..and is bi
Relationship Satus:single

Vocaloid (real form)

Number:665 1/2
Color Scheme:Black,red,White
Type of Music:screamo,rock,or j-pop
Hair:black with coontail down to her thighs
Eyes:Blue and red or golden and red
Clothes:look at picture
Others:Has an "x" head phone on one headphone and a skull on the other has a a very small neko/bat named 664
Relations with other Vocaloids: she wishes
Personalitie:shy quiet mysterious and sly sometimes evil and is bi
Character Item:sythe/gun
Relationship Status:single

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24 / F
Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/9/10
Human Form
Name:Haneko Onadashi
Others:Likes to doodle and is an odd one.
Personalitie:An artistic one who has a crazy mind and is energetic.
Bust(breasts):*cough* I dunno......

Vocaloid (real form)
Color Scheme:Lavender
Type of Music:Pop
Eyes:(by your view) Left is blue and right is red
Clothes:in the picture
Others:A frequent day dreamer and an odd one.
Relations with other Vocaloids:Whoever she meets....
Personalitie:A kind and caring person. She is much like an ordinary person....or vocaloid.....
Character Item:Flute
Bust(breasts):*cough* I dunno.......
Appearance:The one in the 2nd row, from left to right the 3rd one
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24 / F
Posted 7/25/10 , edited 7/25/10

Human Form
Name: Chīzu shinkyoku
Hair: redish orange and short
Eyes: blue
Others: wears school girl outfit
Personalitie: shy, clumsy
Bust(breasts): 36a?

Vocaloid (real form)

Number: -13
Color Scheme: red and white
Type of Music: ievan polka style
Hair: red ish orange pigtails with 1 green bang and HUGE ahoge
Eyes: one blue one yellow
Clothes: kindof kaito's coat but with red instead of blue, shorts underneath and no sleeves
Others: CHEESE
Relations with other Vocaloids: has a crush on my fan made boy vocaloid, Kurai kyoku, and has a big sister, hatuyo shinkyoku
Personalitie: see miku hachune
Character Item: CHEESE / ball on a string
Bust(breasts): none
age: 5

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