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Posted 9/26/11 , edited 10/19/11
name: Luna Usakai
Hair: very dark purple (wavy) to middle of back
personality: shy, artistic, funny, nervous
Bust: 34B

color scheme: grey, red
Music: Depresing songs, love songs (ex: Grusome lovers)
Hair: very light grey, almost white
Eyes: blood red
Clothes: dark grey kimono w/ the tie thing around waist dark red
Others: smokey red ribbon that ties her hair up, nobody has ever seen her without it
Pesonality:Lonley, mean/rude, obbsesed with traditional japanese dancing
Food: apples

i might do a pic of my own just to try it out, if i do it i will keep it as my profile pic until you see it, tell me when you do please**
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Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/18/12
dont get that with human form :c

Name: Hide Misuyo
Number: 036
Color Scheme: light green and white
Type of Music: j-pop
Hair:light green and two white bows that holds in två pieces of hair on the sides and the rest of the hair is wavy
Eyes: neon green,blue
Clothes: long blue hoodie with bunny ears with teeths and eyes, white mini skirt and white socks(to the knee's) and school black shoes
Others: she always have a lolipop in her mounth
Relations with other Vocaloids: She stalks Oliver
Personalitie: playful, happy, jumpy, cute
Food: lolipops
Bust(breasts): small, like Rin kagamine's
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Posted 4/6/14 , edited 4/7/14
Human Form
Name: Jess
Hair: Mousy Blonde
Eyes: Greeny brown
Others: Shoulder length emo styled hair. Wears glesses, but looks better without.
Personalitie: Enjoys music, the complain of her cat and plants
Bust(breasts): 32DD

Vocaloid (real form)
Number: 08
Color Scheme: Black, Green, Purple and Blue
Type of Music: Screamo (Anything good in the charts)
Hair: Blonde, (sometimes: tips dried purple, Green and Blue (like Mayu))
Eyes: Jade Green
Clothes :Hoodie like Yuzuki Yukari but cat one, black and green. Outfit like IA, but green skirt
Others: Has spiderbits lip piercings and other ear piercings on both ears. Loves 96neko.
Relations with other Vocaloids: Keeps to herself, but once you get to know her she is easy to get along with, don't piss her off if you do you'll know about.
Personalitie: Shy and quite, loving, caring and funny. Very artistic, enjoys music, the complain of her cat and plants.
Character Item: Headphones, clip on cat ears, black teddy cat.
Bust(breasts): 32DD
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