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Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/23/09
Welcome to the Happy Bee Mall!!!

Fill this out

Which Color do you want:
What idem:
Have u paid:

Upload Pictures in the rite album
Dont pretend u have paid even though you havent
Pay the FULL Price
Dont claim anything as ours

How do i pay?
Invite you buddies
Upload some pictures in the Payment Album
Partipate in Happy Bee Academy Activies

Invite 3 of buddies

Upload 5 pictures

Invite 5 Buddies

Upload 3 Pics in Payment Album

Invite 9 Buddies

Short Sleeve Shirts
Write in 3 Forums
Save the Planet Tee

Dancing Monkey Tee
Write in 5 Forums

Doggie Tee
Sign Up to be a Teacher or Student

Cupcake Graphic Tee
10 Pictures in Payment Album

Cookie Tee
Partipate in 5 Forums

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