Post Reply Would you go back on your word when give wrong advice to someone?
Posted 1/20/09
Depends on the situation
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Posted 1/21/09 , edited 1/23/09
of cours i would whatever.wherever & however because i dont wanna ppl get hurt or mistakes because of me

**I hate when i will be the cause of make any one sad or in trouble as this will make me sad**

I think that : this position will be a line between courage and coward .... when they would not ... It mean, you are cowardly and irresponsible persone have not The Sufficient Courag To Face &Caryin The ConsequencesOf yer Choices, which will give the others a bad image about you... who turn him back on time he will be turned by a thousand times may be will coming a day when you will let down the most important person in your life so present yourself to the path of confrontation and take whatever the outcome of your actions ..
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