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25 / F / Dartmouth
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/21/09
Character - Ezra
Status - Queen of the Elite Vampires
(What Ezra looks like)

Other Outfits

Bio - Ezra is one of a kind, Brought in by humans she has grown a strong bond towards them, She does not wish to harm a hunter due to their mortality but will do so if they become a threat to her clan, She wishes for nothing more than to be at peace with the rest of the clans and the werewolves also. She isn't particularily found of the wolves because of their strong scent and their rash decicions, she thinks that they need to control their rage more or they will surely be a large threat to the other clans. Ezra is known as more of a child than a queen but she thinks that her childish attitude brings life to those around her and she thinks of it as a wonderful trait than a flaw.

Ezra has one familier that is as loyal as ever to her. His name is, Shade a dark colored wolf that does her hunting and feeds her imformation about the other clans when she is busy with meetings.

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26 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 1/21/09 , edited 1/26/09
Characters name - Shiro
States - Queen of the Wind Clan
Outfits and looks

Summary - Shiro is named after her pure white hair. Her parents disowned her at a young age because she was different but Shiro never blame dthem and instead she believed that she would have a chance to live as a family with them once more. Shiro is famous for her healing and scouting abilities, she is also very strong when it comes to controlling the winds. At the age of 12 she became a healer in training, 14 she completally finished her healing course with flying colours, a year after that she was exsepted into a group of warriors, She ranked youngest in the group and just barely missed becoming the first captain. Years later she was reconized as "white tiger" because she was as fast and stealthy as a tiger themselves. When she was only 17 she became the youngest queen known in the Wind Clan. She is still reconized as a child because of her young age (19 human years) and because of her height. Shiro being the queen of the wind clan thinks it is best to try and council out problems before taking action, she is kind at heart but deep down she has another side that is released whenever she hasn't eaten in days, the only way for her to regain control is physical contact with a mortal or a very powerful binding spell
Her preferred weapons in battle are; speed, her fists, A small dagger made of bronze and a simple Shuriken with sakura petals painted on the blades.

Familier Name - Jin
Jin has three forms
Kitten(baby) form

Tiger form

Human Form

Summary - Jin is like Shiro's other hal. he is the more calm and collected one of the two and is said to be much more dependent when it comes to work than she is. He is said to treat Shiro as if she were his daughter and is always looking out for her. He insists that Shiro being queen should not go spy on others and that she should leave it to him.Shiro thinks of him as a party pooper and so do a lot of others, but they also admire his seriousness.
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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/23/09
Characters name - Vincent
States - Prince of The Elite Vampires

Description:Vincent is a kind and polite gentlemen from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Vincent is very skilled with his elemental attacks and uses them efficiently in battle. Vincent has been able to import many books from china and has taught himself kung fu.
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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/22/09
OOOH... Looks good.

Name: Sapphira (Named for blue eyes, but they change every now and then to black or red)
Status: Princess of the Vampire Elite (Adopted though but the first)
Outfits and looks:

Summary: Sapphira loves a lot of things, especially reading. She always sits with a new book everyday. She doesn't like to fight but when she must battle she shows her dark side (Rarely shown). But that's when its completely dire. She weeps for memory because they found her walking around a forbidden forest looking for something when she was like... 2 years old. The queen took her in and named her for her blue eyes. She's smart, stratigic and strong. She is vampire but something about her is different from all the vampires, an aura of some sorts. :)

Familiar: Johnis the mysterious
Can turn into any form (he's an unknown creature, no one or anything knows where he came from)

But prefers to be a human teen or cat:

Summary: Johnis is a mysterious creature. He can turn into anything or anyone. He's an unknown creature from beyond. Sapphira found him as a teen boy then transformed in front of her into an injured cat then went berserk! He changed to anything. As soon as he stopped at a cat Sapphira healed him at the castle and he became her familiar.

Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
Character - Celeste
Status - Queen of the Shadow Vampires
(What Celeste looks like)

Other looks:

Celeste is not your normal queen,Yes sure she's responsible,kind and caring for her people but she had other plans in life....(sadly royalty in shadow reign is declared by bloodline so she had no choice)
She as the code of the shadow coven demands was separated from her parents at the age of four and
was put in special training regime,she is quite proficient in the vampire art.
As the most of her coven she has silver hair,but she also has mystifying silver eyes ,that become crimson red when in contact with human blood or in the full moon(which makes her look really scary).
Her personality is really strange, most of the time she acts like a irresponsible rebellious child but in fact is really intelligent and wise,she also seems to be the possessor of a temper, she can be very scary if angered.
Her mood changes on a whim so there were a few legends of her bloodthirsty nature !
The small amount of things that actually interest her are: books,fencing and poker..
But the thing she likes the most is the moon...(when her powers are at their highest)
another interesting thing about her is that she sleeps in water filled casket...
Her familiar is simply her old trusty bat.
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
character: Vivi
state: warrior/princess from Elite Clan
here's how Vivi looks like:

other looks:

Bio: Vivi was seperated with her parents by the hunters. She grew up with them until the Elite clan came. They took her away and declared her as a second princess. She soon grew tired of sitting down and studying everyday so decided to go out and explore. She managed to sneak into the human world and learn a thing or two about them. When she turned 14 she became the first girl warrior. She portects her clan from anything. She is always alone but is super cheerful. She fears of losing the one she loves. She only trusts her familier, Zero, a wolf who is rumored to kill anything or anyone with no mercy that is a thread to him and Vivi.


Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/25/09
Character - Cheng, People call her Cheng-Chan
Status - Princess 1 of Water Clan

Picture of Cheng when she was small (and while growing):

Cheng was from a very rich family when she was small she was walking once she was walking in the woods, she went down the stream and notice she was lost,she went around to look for the way back but she found this place..........the water clans,She was actually was gonna run,but she stayed and grew up as a princess, She was very happy though she miss her parents.
Since now she was a princess she should train on protecting herself as day passed by Cheng go to the rainforest to train her skills all she could use to cast her skill was practice with water,
Day grew longer to her she masterd the water.

Cheng also have a familiar, Her name is Xianti
Xianti would protect her owner Cheng so she always by her side. Xianti also have a human form to not scare others, Xianti is a very nice girl but she is very fierce if an enemy attacks her or Cheng her owner
Human Form:

Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Characters name: Flame
States: Fire Clan Princess (twin of Blaze)
Bio: Flame was seperated from her twin Blaze when they where born. When they found each other again there first physical touch sent an emormous blast of fire into the sky. Marking the reunion of the powerful fire twins Blaze and Flame. Flame only really trust her sister Blaze and is the only one she respects. They can feel each others pain and when the other is in danger. She is cold toward most people, reckless, dangerous, and wild. She is good at close combat fighting and useing a sword. She has two different colored eyes. one black and one red. Her eyes allow her to kill people if she chooses or heal them.(kinda like a curse)

When Flame and Blaze had there first physical touch the flames that shoot into the air formed a dragon. They decied to keep him as a pet and named him Phoenix. He protects them from everything and only likes Flame and Blaze.

Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Character name: Blaze
Status: Fire Clan Princess (twin to Flame)
Bio: Blaze has a twin, she is Flame. When they were born, they were seperated, and when they found each other, their 1st physical touch, an enormous fire shoot into the sky. Together, their powers is unbelievably powerful. They are always together, and they really love each other. They can sense each others pain or in danger. Blaze is very fiesty and loves to fight. She sparks fire out of her finger tips and burns everything in her path.


The flame that shoot into the sky during their 1st touch transformed into a dragon, Phoenix. He is very powerful, and protects only Flame and Blaze (pic on my twins character profile)
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38 / M / TN United States
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Both KeeKee13 and rocawear93 need to post in the thread "Which clan do you want to be in?"
Please be active in this group.
I will go ahead and update the front page.
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Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/25/09
Character: Kamina Kuro
Status: Lead Male Hunter
Age: 16
Bio: Often praised as the king of the hunters, Kuro has proven himself worthy as the male lead hunter ever since he was young, despite his young age, the other hunters very well respects him and listens to his commands. However, he does not have enough experince with vampires, thus lacking some of the cold attitudes that Hunters usually have.

Weapons/Skills: Kuro uses the same equipment as all hunters does, his main weapon is a sword that is made of concentrated silver as well as energy from the sun making it specially vulrunable to Vampires and Werewolves, he has extraordinary skill with his physical abilities as well as mastery over ninja arts
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/27/09
character: Haden\
status: Alpha male of werewolves
age: 14
bio: Haden was abandoned when his parents found out of his status ( werewolf). He fended for himself and became stronger as the years rolled by. He eventually found the werewolf pack, challenged and killed the old alpha. And became the new one....

weapon/skill: He is really good with his two guns.... and he uses his physical strength and his ability to change into a wolf.
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/25/09
Name: Fujin
Status: Wind Clan King
Bio: King of the Wind Clan, he abandoned all of the healing arts of his people and was blessed with nature's control over wind by the Greek wind god Boreas after demonstrating his tranquil mind and his tremendous concentration by walking through a field of snakes without protection. Since then, he is known as the Vampire of the Cold North Wind, and rarely uses his powers for his own gain.
Ever since then, he swore an oath to protect and to strike anything that threatens the gentle vampires of the Wind.
His only weapon is his Great Claymore, Stribog (on his back), which is longer than Fujinn himself and is blessed with the power of the wind, making the sword lighter than air, but by compressing the air around it, can have the force of an army.

His most cherished companion (except his queen) is his wind dragon, Sturm, which Fujinn has been raising Sturm ever since the dragon was still in his egg.

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