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anime that you never finish coz it..........
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Posted 1/21/09
Bleach - Boring plot
interesting fact : main charac [ichigo] who always bleeds a lot never dies o.O
Posted 1/21/09
Bleach - Too long.
Earl and Fairy - i dun get the story.
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Posted 1/21/09
I dont know alot of Anime but....

InuYasha- I already know what is going to happen in the end
Naruto- Didn't give a care
Bleach- Didn't get what anything was about. 0.0
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Posted 1/21/09

spazing_dragon wrote:

Naruto- long and stupid

Bleach- long and stupid


and also code geass <<< death note with differnt faces

and ... i don't remember what else
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Posted 1/21/09
Detectiv Conan (uhh its like pokemon. ALWAYS the same thing)
Dragonball GT (yeah really..)
Digimon (omg i rlly watched it! Yeah the old ones were good but the new ones are... how to say it... )
Shugo Chara
Doremi (I am a girl! So i was allowed to watch it!!)
i think i am gonna to stop watching Bleach (and reading)
yeah and some other ones too...
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Posted 1/21/09
They've been stated; but here they are again:

+ Pokemon.
Was cool; til you had to catch 1,000,000,000,000,000 of those little stupid things. What happened to the first 150??

+ Naruto and One Piece:
I'm sorry; Bleach is my limit of fillers/random story arcs that has nothing to do with the story overall. Thanks; but no thanks.

+ Deathnote:
Mainly didn't finish because of all the AMVs...and name drops.....and forum posts.... and google ads about what happened to Light Yagami and L. I guess there's no point reading past book 4; IS THERE?!?! >.<
Posted 1/21/09
naruto, bleach, vampire knight... so long or so over rated.
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Posted 1/21/09
Gintama.... I just don't like alians+old style+new style combined (it's funny yeah, but it freaks me out)
Naruto... it's just too stupid (I'm a Itachi and Madara fan but the story is just boring I mean "believe it!" come on that is just .... I don't want to say it *shudders*)
Vampire Knight... the drawings are good but the story lacks that special something
Death Note... L died and Light went crazy. That alone is a good enough reason for me to stop watching it
Onmyo Taisenki... I'm sure you know why after you saw the first episode
Violonist of Hamelin... is that even an anime? the graphic is crap
Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom thief... got bored with it

that were the ones pretty much on the end of my 'like-list' in the 'I can't survive looking more episodes-part'
Posted 1/21/09
bleach is a long one
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26 / M / From The Depth's...
Posted 1/21/09
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Posted 1/21/09

Death Note >> LOST INTEREST (( But i still LOVE it ))

Code Geass >> SAME (( But i still LOVE it ))

Naruto >> mmm well right now im watching another anime so - NO i want to Consintrate on ONE THING

Bleach >> mmm im on my way

Gintama >> had to finish another anime

Zero No Tsukaima >> wasn't in the MOOD

Shining Tears X Wind >> same (( wasn't in the MOOD ))

*sry 4 the SPELLING mistakes XP*

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Posted 2/4/09
some cuz the moment i see the graphics i gave up almost immediately
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25 / F / In your heart
Posted 2/4/09
oh.. uhm, yeah I agree with some person here-- Naruto and Bleach. gaah~! maybe the reason I never finished it is there are no more place online where can I watch the latest episodes so.. yeah. I'm planning to buy a DVD but it always ended up that there is no more stocks available
Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/4/09
a Tales of Melodies
not because it was boring it was because i dropped all my anime

One piece
it became a little too long for me to follow it and everyone spoiled it aswell >__>

Death Note
because everyone spoiled that someone died in the end and it has a too big fanbase

Black Cat
Because the manga is better

i admit i've watched it too it was fine untill it became boring with sasuke >_> and toooo many fillers

because this arc is totally retarded not that i liked bleach before
but its to repetitive too

Samurai Kyo
it was cool until mah hard drive became too full

rurouni kenshin
same like ^

Shaman King
because the manga is better

Ragnarok the animation
it burned my eyes it was too boring and that protagonist sucked

Code Geass
i watched it untill some retards in crunchyroll spoiled the whole anime

and a lot more but i'll add that a another time >_>
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23 / F / LOL world. haha!
Posted 2/7/09
Air and Clannad --> so boriiiiiinggg..
Naruto --> too Loooooongggg...
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