ELLA, Ariel Lin, Jolin Tsai
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Posted 1/21/09
Note : Please credits syyang of Baidu Ella Forum and Ella AF Forum for the translations provided . Do not edit any part of this translated artcle and please quote it in it's entirety including this disclamer if transferred elsewhere. Thank you for your full co-operation.

ELLA, Ariel Lin, Jolin Tsai – Netizens Look Forward to Romances Blossom [16.01.2009]

Idol’s romances have always been the focus of viewers. But as public figures, every action from the artistes is very often under the exposure of the spotlights and the scrutiny of paparazzi, hence artistes find it hard to be involved in romances! This also triggered off concerns and panic among fans with regard to their idols’ marriage.

An interesting online poll initiated by the media – “Who would find Mr / Miss Right in 2009?”, listed current male and female pop idols such as Jay Chou, Jolina Tsai, Wu Chun, Rainie Yang, SHE etc amongst the voting choices. As revealed on 16/1, amongst the female artistes, netizens wish for pop heavenly group’s SHE - ELLA’s romance to blossom. While the media is concerned on who exactly is ELLA’s rumoured boyfriend, fans on the other hand, wish for her to find the destined one soon. Touted as “Joe Cheng’s Most Compatible Wife” – Ariel Lin; and always revolved in “Jay’s romances” – Heavenly queen Jolin Tsai came in as the 2nd and 3rd placing respectively as netizens’ choice of female artistes for romances to blossom in 2009.

Meanwhile for male artistes, Wu Chun who was once rumoured to be with ELLA, topped the chart as netizens’ favourite choice for “marital good news” to dawn. As to who the most compatible Miss Right for Wu Chun may be - whether it could be ELLA, who topped the chart for the female artistes’ category, it leaves much to one’s speculation.
Posted 8/2/09
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