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28 / F / at home
Posted 4/20/09
User Name-ladytsu
Species-part vampier/part dark cat neko
Personality-im really sweet but just dont get me angry cause then you'll be sorry
Posted 4/24/09
User Name-animevampiregirl
Name- Hime Akayami
Species- pureblood vampire
Personality- Hime is very happy and clumsy but her wild vampire side is cruel,powerful and a killer
B-Day- 27 March
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105 / F / Buried under book...
Posted 5/12/09
User Name-Cza-chan
Name- czarina
Species- pureblood vampire
Personality- im a lazy, quiet and stubborn little vampire but when it comes to job,, count on me.. oh yeah, i am fierce and MERCILESS too.. wanna try me.?
B-Day- dec 12
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22 / F / lost & found
Posted 5/17/09
User Name- himeko6645
Name- Maki Takazawa
Species- pureblood vampire
Personality- kind and very secretive (jobs she has and her past mainly) ,hides feelings from most,cold at times,strong
B-Day- April 3
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21 / F
Posted 5/20/09
User Name- Yukki98
Species- Pureblood Vampire
Personality- A little dark...sometimes cheerful and funny..don't really know how to smile..unless joked or someone did something funny...helpful...loving..
B-Day- 25 Aug
Posted 5/23/09
User Name-BlackRose99
Name- Tiara/Rose
Species- Neko/ Vampire
Personality- Dark and emo/goth. Independent and strong
B-Day- September 28th
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