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I am Keal .
Turning 15 this year(2009)
Like to play sports
Idiotic and crazy at times
Love hamsters and other pets . (haha?)
Love making friends ? hmmm ..
Hate school
Take things casually
Funny at times .

Whats yours ?
Describe about yourself .
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My real name is very difficult to pronounce so call me MAya
be 14 on the 2nd day of march
not good at sports but drawing though
Love cats and dogs and also my lil cousins
My friends say I got so many jokes hiding on my sleeves
and Im wierd at tyms and if needed..
I want to be fair and square to everybody that surrounds me
I so lyk anime and I lyk to day dream
Hate someone at school
and LOve my friends here on CR very much and also in the real world
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my real name is...well, hmm,just call me Riane XDDD (sorry, can't tell)
hmm, I'm energetic. Hyper. Crazy. moody. weird
I love to have fun
I hate those people who takes people for granted
I only go to school because of my friends XD

hmmm, that's all XD sorry.
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I'm...... Shiki
Nothing much is known about me.

I'm a human. (for those who doesn't know)

I'm 14, 16 or 19 this year. (choose the appropriate age)
I was born on 31st Oct

Someone told me that I look like a Japanese . I don't look like one at all.
This is what I look like....

I'm really bad in sports. I can manage my arts. I used to like drawing now I prefer singing. I can't live without music.
Strange, weird, funny are words to describe me.
95% of the time always smiling, 5% laughing. Cheerful!
I'm carefree, easygoing and indifferent.
My fav subject is maths. Not a nerd but I wear glasses (sometimes)
I like the colors.. black, white and red.

For those who wanna know more, just ask. u can add me, I won't reject.. but.. please take the initiative to talk to me.
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F / Somewhere in ASIA
Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
Should I still introduce myself here? Keal u already know me.. should I still INTRODUCE myself? just say yes or no.. if yes then I'll intro myself.. if not. then I won't lol...
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09

I am no one
I am tooo told to be true
I am wierd
I am mean
I am ugly
i am someone that doesnt need to exist
please everyone... dont talk to this wierdo
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21 / F / Super Junior's he...
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
I am kotomi/ juliet/ sundae/ yurui...etc...etc

I am 12 years old!! =D turning 13 on da 18th of december

I am a christian and Jesus rawks!! woo!!

I've joined bowling as my cca. its expensive but fun!!

I got my first ever MC juz recently!!

I love colours!! and animals!! and sweet things!! especialy pocky!! and i love my family!! and my crazy friends!! and anime!! and CR!! and keal-kun of course

Im weird, scatterbrained, think school counsellors are busy bodies [so kaypo!! ], dumb, still cant cook for nyow, hates chinese, loves english, likes to read [a bookworm]...etc...etc...
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okey when i readed this girls (the one who posted after me) i kinda remembered to intruduce myself propperly xD

I am... call me Yume
I am... i have no age
I am... asian / vietnamese
I am very very very wierd, have many moodswings, crazy a little, and very wierd, and yeah just wierd... and crazy
I live in sweden (not a funny country but oh what the heck.. wont complain...
I am a little racist (i'm not really racist...i just hate people who critisize other people with other colour... and so on)

I hate school (when i say hate, i really HATE it), I hate my life, I hate myself, I hate people who lie to much
I love the colour green, I love music, I love my friends,I love hippies, I love art
I love.... someone or no one xD
Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/3/09
I am Alicia. I am 14 years old.(2009) I am a chinese. I live in Malaysia. I am a carefree person, hv no feelings anymore...(joking joking). I hate homeworks...gv me headache...hee hee...tats all u need to know...
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27 / F / A place where onl...
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
I am Sakura .
Turning 14
Like to play instrument
japanese and chinese mix
Love monkey and lots more animals
Love doing nothing
Hate life (life sux!!! ) <---my logo
Take things seriously only if i want to score it
emoing dam cheerful..frens say that... XDDDD


Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/12/09
i am hannah
A:dumbo,zi lian person,out going,always happy
i am one quater australian
i am in the sch band and plays the clarinet .
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26 / F / Malaysia,Sarawak+...
Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/17/09
Hi,My name is Athirah..........but juz call me Mintz........... ^_^
I'm half Malay n Half Chinese.......................................... ^_^
I'm born on 30th October....................................... ^_^
I love making new friends.................................... ^_^
I LOVE Music soooooooooo much,can't live without music! ^_^
I can dance n sing 2! ^_^
I'm friendly,weird,crazy n etc.............................................. ^_^

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26 / Not from this wor...
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I'm...wait who am I? *look at Shiki and point accused finger at him* You stole my memories!!!!
I'm a human, I think
Shiki: of course! duhhhh

I'm turning 17 this year or the year after, take your pick
Shiki: or 3rd option: 71 this year.

I'm do ok in sports, unlike a certain someone xD. I love singing and dancing, try take away my music for one day, I'll turn into a corpse. I also have a habit of making people sing, esp who with great voice*look at Akai*.
Shiki: bleh stop making me sing for u.

I also a fan of animals except human race since I'm sick of them .
Shiki: an animal lover and a human abuser.

I dunno how to describe myself too many things to list , but imo, i'm weird, easy to get distract from something, jumpy, crazy, over-exciting or over-depressing over random stuffs , having moodswing all the times, did I mention I'm crazy yet? . I'm good with most, everything is fine with me, as long as it not disturb me, too much .
Shiki: yeah yeah. crazy XD beware.

I don't like school much, ask my teachers for reason. I absolutely hate annoying people racist and spoiled brats, really can't stand those.
I love all the color in the world except the bright neon pink, and anything too bright like yellow

That's all :D

Proudly Edited by Shiki. ( You know I'll kill you for this right akai? ^w^)
Shiki: uh.. no? XD
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/22/10
I'm Sakura Mizuki. Misa for short. (;
My English name is hard to pronounce so I just use my Japanese name here. XD
I'm 13 this exact year 2010. Born on 25th of July.
I'm pure Chinese from the Han Clan.
I like music more than anything. I can communicate better in music.
I am in the sch choir also a soloist. I am a vocalist.
I LOVE slacking<3
Like: Cute stuffs, cool clothes, JACKETS<3, being with friends, bowling, and love songs!
Hate!: Bitches, jerks, dull colors, boring people, thieves, liars and people who criticize your work because they think it's lame since they are the ones who doesn't have any style.

I am weird and crazy so all weird and crazy people, please add me and I'm sure we'll get along! XDD
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