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AUTHOR'S NOTE:I haven't added any stories for a long time! So, since I have gotten good reviews for this story on I decided to share it all with you! Isn't that nice? LoL. This story will contain 7 chapters all-in-all. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to writing the last two chapters (I'm lazy, I know) you will have to wait! =D

If there are any grammar/spelling mistakes, please inform me! Because I proofread it myself and I'm doubt I did it flawlessly. XD Anyway, before I continue with the story, here's the short description of the plot:

SUMMARY: Hino Kahoko is torn between these three guys: Yunoki Azuma (her Date), Tsukimori Len (her Partner), and finally Hihara Kazuki (her Confidant). She only had till the Winter Ball to decide to whom her heart truly belonged to. Who will be Her Choice?

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-//-Her Choice-//- Chapter 1: Her Date

DISCLAIMER:If I say I owned La Corda D'oro, the people in black suits would come over to my house and take me away! -cries- So, all I own for this is the plot. And the same goes for all other chapters.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon - the perfect time for Hino Kahoko, the red-haired teen, to practice her violin on the rooftop. In fairness to Kahoko, she was getting really good at an incredible pace. She didn't need the magic to produce wonderful music anymore. As she realized this, she smiled warmly. She closed her golden eyes then, surrendering herself to the melancholy melody. This was a new song she'd just recently learned.

Meanwhile, Hihara Kazuki, with his forest green hair in a slightly tousled do, stood behind the rooftop door. He was frozen. Till this moment, he was debating with himself on whether he should go ask her or run while he still could.

"She's too busy now. Maybe I should wait till she finishes. . . ." his soft-spoken side stated (only in his mind), trying to convince Kazuki to just give up.

"If not now, when? When other guys get the chance to ask her? That would be too late!" his more courageous side countered, unwilling to lose again.

This was not the first time Hihara Kazuki stood in that same spot, arguing with himself. Yesterday and also the day before that, he'd been there too. Only, his cowardly side won on both accounts. Well, this time it was going to be different. As they say, third time's the charm!

"I can do this," it sounded more like a question rather than a declaration.

"Yu-yunoki-se-senpai?!" Hino Kahoko exclaimed, rather surprised.

His worst assumptions were beginning to become reality.

"Ah, Kahoko." indeed, it was the ever-calm Yunoki Azuma with the girl.

"Go-gomenasai! I didn't think anyone was here." it was not difficult to imagine why Kahoko felt so flustered. She was talking to the Yunoki Azuma after all.

"Don't fret. I didn't hear anything so unpleasant. Your sound just isn't as beautiful as you, Kahoko." Azuma whispered in the most alluring tone Kahoko had ever heard him use.

"Not re-really." Kahoko couldn't manage to avoid stuttering her response.

The highly revered senior laughed, so amused by Kahoko. It seemed to be his favorite past-time to toy with her girlish emotions on a constant basis. She was aware of that much.

"You're so annoying." he muttered suddenly, smirking again.

Till now, Kahoko still could not comprehend how his rather cynical mind worked. He was always so confusing.

"Is there something you need, Yunoki-senpai?" Kahoko questioned after a long moment of silence when she regained a bit of composure.

Azuma's grin widened significantly. Kahoko knew she wouldn't be so happy with the reply his upperclassman was about to give and she gulped.

"I actually need you to do me a favor, Kahoko." he answered rather smoothly.

The girl in question blushed at the fact that he mentioned her name with so much (fake) affection. Yunoki Azuma could be so charming if he really wanted to be (and even if he didn't try so hard). Too charming, Kahoko thought. It was only common courtesy that pushed her into asking, "What is it?"

"Go to the dance with me." he said it as if it was final - not a question but an order.

"WHAT? ME? GO TO THE DANCE WITH YUNOKI-SENPAI?!" she was alarmed, to say the least.

Having heard nothing much from their conversation, that last proclamation took him by surprise. Hihara Kazuki felt fain, numb in the literal sense. He needed to run away from this - his worst nightmare!
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