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Posted 1/22/09
Ok, I think it'll b good if there was a charictor here for u guys. So if u could fill in the application here.

Student name: (DON'T put your real name please)
Student nickname: (This is optional)
Student Age: (this doesn't have to be your real age)

This is mine and can also be used as an example.

Student name: Kasume
Student nickname: Kasu
Student Age: 14
Personality: A quiet girl who keeps herself to herself. She's kind but when you hurt her or her friends a fiery temper is found underneath (though she can control it). Generally she's calm and helpfull.
Description: She's got silver hair and blue/purple eyes but they change colour depending on her mood. She doesn't talk about her background.
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Posted 1/25/09
Username: Slikea
Student name: Mikazuki
Student nickname: Miki
Student Age: 14
Personality: A girl who has a double personality.
1st personality -She is quiet, intelligent, sneaky and when messed with her skin turns brown, her hair becomes black and her blades are out (but when she is in this personality, get on her good side and you will be ok). Also she is in love with practicings all types of martial arts and is aiming to be one of the most strongest women ninjas in the world. This personality only comes out when she wants it to or when she is extremely angry.
2nd personality - The sencond personality is her real self. She is bubbly laid-back and easy going. She still has the same goal as personality no.1. This one is witty and very knowledgable when it comes to helping people out.
Description: Personality 1 - Floor-length black hair, Brown skin and icy blue eyes.
Personality 2 - Medium length steel blue hair, ginger eyes and normal light peach skin.

Personality 1 -

Personality 2 -

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Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/17/10
Username: SensuallyYours
Student name: Neil and Lyle Dylandy
Student nickname:
Neil: Lockon (Due to the fact that he's in the archery club[ Is there one?] and always gets his shot on bull's eye)
Lyle: Stratos (Likes to be in the air)
Student Age: 16
Personality: Understanding, calm, nice, friendly, funny, kind, caring
Description: Turquoise eyes, shoulder length brown hair.
Posted 9/27/10
Username: SexiiBunniie
Student name: Miyo Cheng
Student nickname: Miyo-chan , Mi-chan
Student Age: 14
Personality: cute, funny, caring, shy, loving, playful
Description: she became a singer when she was only 12 years old. Her parents were completely famous. Her mother is living with her while her father goes around the world becoming a business man. I have 2 best friends from Hong kOng. we always send letters.
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