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Posted 1/22/09
What were your feelings after you finished any of the Final Fantasy games?
Were you glad and happy, it's over and you could leave all this behind without trying to find and discover all the hidden secrets in the game or went you on until there was no challenge. If so, and you were ready to finish it 100%, how many hours did you spend?
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Posted 1/23/09
well..not exactly..only a few final fantasy can make me FEEL really satisfied..and of all of em..i think..i am most Satisfied with IX and terms of Story..though..every final fantasy will make me play the game at least twice..
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
What were your feelings after you finished any of the Final Fantasy games?

After playing FFX:
"Oh my god Jecht owns"

After playing Dissidia:
"Oh my god Jecht owns"

After playing FFXII:
"What's Van in the game for?"

After playing Tactics:

After playing FFVIII:
"Wow there's impressive technological marvels in this game! Hope I can see mechas in the upcoming series"

After playing FFIX:
"I don't wanna see man-thongs, give me my mecha"
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
I'll go in the order I played my ffs.

Ff8 : This game is just beautiful. The 100 hours I spent collecting cards and maxing stats was very satisfying, not to mention seeing Zell stuffing his mouth with hot dogs in the end :P

Ff9 : Great graphics and characters. Dint quite enjoy the game very much tho, guess the battle wasnt as good.

FfX : Beautiful graphics considering it was the first Ps2 Ff. Nice story and turn based battle system. Liked the fact that the stats could have been maxed (my hps were 85k+ ) and beating Penance in the end after an hour long fight was very satisfying.

Ff7 : This was supposed to be the legendary ff so gave it a go. Graphics arent its strong point, was hard going back from ffx. But the story was amazing. Sephiroth is a legend, way he floats across the screen is so cool. Anyway, beating all weapons was fun, ruby was cool. The final battle with Jenova and Sephiroth is a classic.

Ff7- Dirge Of Cerberus : I just played this game so that I could see all the cool cg cutscenes. The gameplay was pretty ordinary. The cgs were pretty cool tho and worth playing the game, or you can just download them

Ff12 : I got this game in Oct 15th 2007 and I had this completed by december considering my limited time. The new gambit system was interesting and the fact that you can see the monsters running around was very good, nice that they are keeping it in ff13. This game was the longest ff I have ever played, took me 140 hrs to beat every single boss and having had my time mucking around. Beating that freaking Yiasmat (3.5 hrs) and Omega (just lots of battles) was the most satisfying out of all these.

Ff7- Crisis Core: Wow, this game is on the psp and it owns. Beautiful graphics and cutscenes and a great battle system. Getting to see Sephiroth in his prime was amazing. Beating Minerva in the end of it all was really satisfying, wait... the ending was more satisfying
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/25/09
FFX: Loved the story, it was soo good!! It was really hard to beat Jecht though, it took me forever to complete the game! I was stuck on Jecht for so long, I went back n got all the secret aeons (Yojimbo, Anima n Magus Sisters) n then I finally beat Jecht n was so happy XD

FFX-2: Loved this game too, but beatin the Magus Sisters was really hard, I kept gettin KO'd by their special attack thingy XD N I still haven't got 100% on it >< But when I pressed X while I was in the Farplane n Tidus appeared, I was like "OMG O_O" even though I knew he was gonna appear XD

FFVII: DoC: This game was really fun n I've completed it 2 or 3 times XD The story was good too n Vincent was cool as ever <3 lol N his Chaos form was totally awesome! =D
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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
FFV - I'm at the last place. Almost done with it.

FFVI - This was the best FF for me! Story and Characters and battles and side quests and two worlds were all great.

FFVII - Had a nice atmosphere, even though I hate city kinda places it was good!

FVIII- I just liked the Romance the most. *sniff* It was beautiful!

FFIX - I lost the remaining discs so I couldn't finish it.

FFX - The places you go was the best. Great Music and atmosphere. Battles were good and you could do 99,999 damage.

FF X-2 - Didn't finish, cause well kinda boring xD
Posted 1/27/09
hmmm i'm playing now FF7 crisis core,. actually i already finished it,. i just play it again coz i need 2 collect all the the DBW matrix thing,.
i was so sad after i finished it coz zack died,. funny but i cried while playing the last battle haha,. while fighting the hundreds of soldiers, i was like, wtf.? he's still fighting.? XD,. the ending was really sad,.
but still i love this game^^ especially the part where angeal died, and zack was in the church crying and then aerith hugged him from the back waaaaah so cute^^ the battle thing is cool^^,.

FF7 - i want 2 play it again but i don't have the cd ,.

FF8 - i really love this game,. irvine is so cool^^ haha,. the ending was so cute^^ especially irvine dancing in front of quistis && xell's mouth was full && then he chocked XD so funny,.

FF9 - i couldn't finish it coz we need to migrate here in the other world i mean in switzerland lol,. so well yeah XD,.

FF10-2 - was cute^^ especially rikku,.

FF12 - i can't finish iiiiiit this game is really hard,.
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