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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/22/09
I don't think I have what it takes to make a good action game. I think I'm better at telling at story, says Hironobu Sakaguchi

Final Fantasy games are always supposed to be strong-based on story. If so, just imagine that all ps-nindendo Final Fantasy games would be on same top graphic ps3 level and that only thing depending on is the story include characters and ff world. What game would be your favourite in this case and how would change your chart top 5 ?

Posted 1/22/09
Favourite: Final Fantasy X

Chart Top 5
1. Final Fantasy X
2. Final Fantasy IX
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. Final Fantasy III
5. Final Fantasy VIII
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Posted 1/30/09
My top 5 gotta be:

FF 7
FF 6
FF 8
FF 4
FF 9
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