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The Crunchyroll Manifesto!
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18 / M / yamaku
Posted 1/25/09
All i read was what you wrote at the very end. And I'm not going to subscribee. You can't tell meh what to do
Posted 1/26/09
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29 / F / Morocco
Posted 1/27/09
why making such a big deal of loving anime & asian entertainement???let's keep it simple!!
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23 / Singapore
Posted 2/6/09
Okay dude,
please summarize.
Too long. x_x
Posted 2/7/09

luckme10 wrote:

I'm bringing this thread over here because they thought it was too long in General Discussion.

The Crunchyroll Manifesto

Often times, from a Western perspective, we as a society have a tendency to stigmatize the cultural development of Western countries from that of their Asian counterparts. This innovative West vs East discursive dualism has led to many contested structural debates about what is the Orient, and in effect, polarizing and exaggerating the homogenization of Japan's social, economic and political endeavors against western ideologies. (See Hawk vs Dove, 'Lifetime' Employment, Death of the Salary man, Nihonjinron, etc) Yet through this discursive dichotomies we are able to utilize one of the happiest inventions of recent times, soft power.

Since the election of Former Prime Minister Koizumi 7 years ago, the use of Soft Power has spread Japanese culture thoughout East Asia and much of the world while intricately working to improve "Japan's Gross National Cool". And during his political term, Koizumi was able to achieve up to a 90% popularity rating and re-establishing key US relations.

Next to the Middle East, East Asia is considered to be the most unstable region in the world. This can be reflected by: the rising superpower of China and it's vested interests in Taiwan, the investment of US forces in Okinawa, and the recent nuclear testing of North Korea.
Furthermore, Japan relations with their neighbor states on their politically domestic level have caused considerable damage to their reputation amongst their East Asian counterparts--the renewing obsession over North Korean abductions in the late 1970s, Koizumi's visits to the Yasukuni Shrine (which hold remains over 1000 war criminals), and other political comments such as former Prime Minister Abe's response about comfort women all cause skepticism about Japanese sincerity for it's
regret of world war 2 atrocities.

Economically, skepticism amongst other East Asian countries is only reinforced with long standing refusals to lift the protectionist measures in key agricultural sectors while hypocritically persisting advocation of international patent rights though techno-national based industries. Despite its GDP and development, Japan was unable to create the APEC, ASEAN, or East Asian Summit organizations, having to rely on other countries to take the initiative. However more recently, Japan has begun pursuing Free Trade bilateral pacts with nations such as Singapore and Mexico, even at the expense of lifting tariffs, quotas, and subsidies on their agricultural sector. Such development and improvement in such a short period of time can be partially attributed to improved public opinion.

Culturally, Japan's media has come along ways since Rashomon(1950) put Japan 'on the world map.' It has been quite a spectacle to witness the gradual dissemination of Japanese Soft Power. Since 2002, the idea of Japan as a "Cool" country has been a great way for East Asia and the rest of the world to overlook current political tensions.
The creation of Crunchyroll has summoned the underground yet prominent community of diverse individuals who are mesmerized by the guise of Japan's soft power. Manipulation of our ideals has helped disperse a glorified image of what we believe to be 'traditional' and 'modern' Japan, projecting our western fantasies through our European categories and norms, and failure to recognize and respect differences(ie. distaste of 'Women's Language'). While dreams of sharing anime and Asian videos to our newfound friends has allowed us to depart our symbolic 'Ship of Fools.'

So I implore all of you not to be discouraged by recent meager frustrations, such as the recent 'book burning' of our most favorite, historical and diverse animes. For they will be replaced with popular titles that you know you'll enjoy because they are this week's 'crunchiest' of Crunchyroll. User-participation (such as uploading creative content) have been holding us back because it doesn't have corporate permission... but don't worry, this site will flourish. Look at Napster! Japanese media will also continue to release more popular anime that has been surveyed and tested and guaranteed to draw attention away from other issues. And soon we'll experience selective amnesia and forget that the other titles had not existed.

Join us! In fact, consider purchasing stock in Crunchyroll. After all, when we go public there is potential to be a very profitable company, and it is necessary for Crunchyroll to build stronger relationships with the publishers to establish a proper firm. Crunchyroll now has over 25 publisher partners putting content up and there will be over 130 titles come January! Naruto Shippuden!!! Never mind that you can go to the top 200 anime indexed pages to see, 174 dead links of formerly unenforced unlicensed anime and 23 removal upon request licensed animes. That 2 links you will find of live streaming has the option of having really nice quality and access not purposely delayed, with your paid membership of 7$ a month, regional restrictions applied. The day will soon come when the Japanese government will subsidize the global anime industry, but that day is not today. So subscribe to Crunchyroll now and join the Revolution! One day, people will look back in marvel at our legacy!

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